I’m a sucker for maudlin love stories, just ask E. And What Dreams May Come is about as maudlin as a movie can get (and still have a happy ending). Robin Williams stars as Chris Nielsen, a doctor whose two children die in a car crash and Annabella Sciorra plays his emotionally fragile wife, Annie. When Chris also perishes in a car accident, he goes to a breathtaking, paint-filled heaven where he is shown the ropes by Albert (Cuba Gooding, Jr.), some sort of heavenly guide. Unfortunately, while Chris is getting the hang of the afterlife, Annie commits suicide and goes straight to Hell (do not pass GO, do not collect $200). The second half of the movie is Chris’ quest to find his lost soulmate and bring her back to Paradise.

The acting is pretty good here, especially from RW and AS. What makes this movie truly worth the watch is the amazing special effects that bring Heaven and Hell to life in a way never seen before (or since). The music is equally affecting and one of my all-time favorite scores (I find that Michael Kamen rarely lets me down). This probably isn’t the movie for you if you need cheering up (both E and I got a little misty-eyed by the end), but if you want a good sniffle…you know where to go.

Nubar’s Dreamer’s Island is a mauve polish with a shimmery, iridescent green flash. This picture is three coats and it’s still a little sheer. Aside from that, the formula is good and the color is gorgeous. This is a really neat polish, but maybe next time I’ll give it a petticoat color to really make the duochrome pop. ~K