I would like to give the casting director for We Bought a Zoo a high five. If I didn’t know any better, I would say that Matt Damon fathered those children (played by Colin Ford and Maggie Elizabeth Jones). The once and future Jason Bourne plays a widower and struggling dad who (you guessed it) buys a down on its luck zoo. With a lot of hard work and expense he manages to revive the zoo (and the quirky staff that came along with it).

I  really enjoyed the supporting cast in this one, notable Angus Macfadyen as the alcohol-soaked Scotsman who designed the zoo, Thomas Hayden Church as Matt’s bad advice giving brother, and John Michael Higgins as a ca-razy zoo inspector. Even Scarlett Johansson is quite good as a put upon zookeeper. (I’m not jealous of her or anything. Not at all.)

I chose Orly’s Sweet Peacock (from the Birds of a Feather Collection) for this movie because there are a bunch of peacocks in it and I don’t seem to have a lot of animal themed polishes. (Also, I apologize for the writing on my hand in the picture. Totally by coincidence, I wrote a note to remind myself to take my charges to the zoo.) Sweet Peacock was a nice blue foil that was totally opaque in two coats. The real problem came at removal time when it stained my nails and cuticles a lovely blue. ~K