Sorry for the hiatus, folks. Both E and I have been suffering from some serious nail malfunctions and we’re finally getting back to a point where we can varnish up again.

So, to get back in review mode…I have Steven Spielberg’s epic tearjerker, War Horse. My previous reviews were all movies I’ve seen hundreds of times, but this was the first time I’d seen WH. (No, I didn’t see it in the theater. Yes, it’s because I didn’t want to pay to see it.)

I’m a sucker for boy-and-his-pet movies, and this one started out as such, but quickly evolved into your typical war movie (something I don’t like because it makes me sad and angry at the stupidity of the human race in general…and men specifically). The acting was top notch and the cinematography completely breathtaking. I admit to getting a little misty-eyed at several parts, though I never actually cried (the same cannot be said for E).

The thing I was most excited about–the presence of two of my boys (Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston)–was disappointing, as their – amounted to no more than ten minutes tops (not nearly enough Ben and Tom for my tastes).

Picking a polish for this film was tricky, considering I’d never seen it before, and my first thought was Color Club’s Wild and Willing. However, after just a few minutes of watching that beautiful horse and the care he takes of his humans and fellow equines, I changed my pick to Sinful Colors Rich in Heart.

The polish has a black base with deep reddish brown flecks of shimmer that glow like embers in the right light. It was totally opaque in two coats, but I found the formula to be thick and slow-drying with a severe case of the bubbles. Make sure you wait for that first coat to dry a bit before you apply the next one.

Rich in Heart is a beautiful color, but probably not worth the trouble, unlike Joey the horse, who truly is rich in heart. I don’t think I’ll watch War Horse again any time soon (once was enough for me) but it was definitely a worthwhile view. ~K