National Treasure

I have always been a history buff, particularly American history.  I’m pretty sure I can thank my parents for that, since my family spent several weeks of the summer before I turned 10 years old visiting several of the bigger Civil War battle sites.  We then spent several weeks of the summer before I turned 15 roaming around New England and visiting several of the Revolutionary War battle sites.  Not to mention, last September my father finally achieved his goal of visiting all of the Presidents’ graves when he made it to Grant’s Tomb in New York City.  With parents like that, it was kind of a given that their kids would grow up to be history nuts.

This background is to give you a bit of an understanding of why I love the National Treasure movies so much.  Not only do they have quite a bit of history in them (both real and fantastical), but I have been to many of the places they visit in the movies.  They are also a whole lot of fun and full of amazing adventures, plus the cast all seem to be enjoying themselves.  I particularly love Justin Bartha.  He’s great in both, but particularly the first one.

Nicholas Cage plays Benjamin Franklin Gates, part of a family of historians who have spent their lives looking for a treasure hidden by the freemason founding fathers of America.  He partners up with Ian (Sean Bean) and Riley (Justin Bartha), but when the next clue leads to the Declaration of Independence, Ian turns on Ben and Riley.  In order to save the Declaration, Ben and Riley decide they have to steal it first, which doesn’t make Ian and his gang very happy.  Dr. Abigail Chase, (Dianne Kruger) from the National Archives is eventually pulled into the craziness, as is Ben’s father, Patrick Henry Gates (Jon Voight).  Eventually, Ian catches up with Ben and gang-presses him into helping to find the treasure.

Nubar Treasure

I am super excited to debut my first Nubar polish, which is aptly called Treasure.  It’s a very pretty purple holographic polish and I’m pretty sure I love it.  The formula was lovely and it went on quite well.  This picture is three coats and I skipped the top coat because K says it can ruin the holo effect. ~E