I loved Xanadu.  It was a little weird, but completely hilarious.  Oh, sorry, did you think I was talking about the movie?  Yeah, no.  I was talking about the Broadway musical based on the movie, which was about a million times better than the movie.  I mean, for a movie that has an animated sequence where the two main characters turn into fishes and then birds (yeah, you heard that right—birds and fishes), it took itself a little too seriously.  That was the main reason I loved the musical and the movie left me feeling sort of meh.  The musical understood that the plot was absurd and the characters were kind of obnoxious, but they made it work by sort of winking at the audience the entire time.

Okay, so I didn’t hate the movie Xanadu.  I loved the music, and I was surprised to find that I knew a lot of the songs already (I have since found out that my parents used to listen to the soundtrack when I was young).  Olivia Newton-John was adorable, and Gene Kelly, even at 68 was all charm and finesse, dancing all over the place.  As for the leading man, Michael Beck was laughably bad.  I’m pretty sure they could have found someone who could act and had at least a little charisma to play Sonny Malone.

As for the plot, Sonny Malone is an artist, struggling to find inspiration.  Enter Kira, a beautiful woman who turns his world upside down and encourages him to help his new friend Danny (Gene Kelly) open a nightclub named Xanadu.  Eventually, we find out that Kira is a muse who comes to Earth to help inspire creativity in artists, including Danny when he was a young musician.  Despite her best efforts, Kira falls in love with Sonny, but it’s up to a higher power to decide if they will ever get to be together.

L'Oreal The Muse's Inspiration 2

L’Oreal’s The Muse’s Inspiration was too perfect of a fit for this movie to pass up.  I’m not usually a big fan of orange, but I quite liked this polish.  It’s an orange base with gold shimmer.  The formula was pretty nice, and this picture is only two coats, which is lovely for an impatient person like me. ~E