As I may have mentioned, I like animated movies.  Even animated movies that are a wee bit on the silly side.  Like Igor.  It’s a fun little movie, but kind of goofy.  I think the most interesting aspect of this movie is how lively John Cusack sounds.  Although he’s no Keanu Reeves, John seems to be a little bored in most of his roles.  As an Igor dreaming of being an evil scientist, Mr. Cusack seems to be having a good time.

In fact, most of the cast seems to be enjoying themselves.  Molly Shannon plays Igor’s “monster”, who turns out not to be so monstrous and has dreams of her own.  King Malpert, voiced by Jay Leno, initiates the Evil Science Fair to allow the evil scientists to demonstrate their evil inventions.  Eddie Izard voices Dr. Schadenfreude, the reigning evil science fair champion with kingly ambitions.  Jennifer Coolidge is his shape-shifting girlfriend who helps him steal the best evil inventions from the other scientists so Dr. Schadenfreude always wins.  Steve Buscemi and Sean Hayes are pretty hilarious as Igor’s sidekicks, a rabbit that cannot be killed and a dim-witted brain in a jar.

After creating life, in the form of a giant woman who takes the name Eva, Igor attempts to activate her evil bone by giving her an evil “brain wash.”  Instead, she decides she wants to become an actress and her dream role is the plucky little orphan Annie.  Igor helps Eva with her audition, secretly directing her to take out all the other evil inventions while singing “Tomorrow.”  In honor of Eva’s starring moment, OPI’s Sweet As Annie-thing seemed like a good polish.

This polish (from the Valentine’s Day 2009 90210 Collection) had great coverage; it only took two coats.  Even though it has a bit of a shimmer in it, the drying time was still a lot longer than I would have liked.  The brush was also a little bigger than I would have liked, as anyone who reads these blogs probably already knows.  As for the color, it was pretty red, which is far from my norm, but I still kind of liked it.  There’s just something about having super red nails that amps up the wow factor. ~E