Move over Chris Pine…It’s time to talk about the other Chris!

Snow White and the Huntsman is a(nother) retelling of the Snow White story (wicked queen, mirror, poisoned apple, rousing kiss, etc.) by way of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy (belligerent dwarfs, chain mail, dour landscapes, rousing speeches, etc.). Kristen Stewart plays Princess Snow White, an innocent girl kept prisoner by her murderous stepmother, Ravenna (Charlize Theron). When Snow White escapes, the Queen convinces a widowed huntsman (played by the incredibly handsome Chris Hemsworth) to fetch the girl back with promises of resurrecting his dead wife. When he learns that Ravenna’s promises are lies, he joins with Snow White to bring the Queen down. Oh, and along the way, they pick up a band of seven dwarfs, a subplot that, although vital in the original Grimm fairytale feels tacked on and almost unnecessary here.

Also along for a ride on the eye candy train is Sam Claflin as Snow White’s childhood friend and possible rival for her affections, William. I have to say, I was pretty disappointed with the romance quotient in this movie. Snow White and the huntsman rarely talk to each other about their feelings, even though there is ample opportunity for them to do so as they spend most of the movie together. The chemistry between Kristen and Chris is almost non-existent, although I blame the writers more than the actors. Sam’s character fares a little better, but then his one romantic scene (spoilers!) turns out to be a ruse by the queen to get Snow to eat that darn poisoned apple.

Another complaint I had was the superimposing of regularly sized actors’ heads on the bodies of little people. It was creepy to think about and unsettling to watch. (I experienced that same feeling of unease during The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Captain America.)

Mirror Mirror was kind of a silly movie, but it exuded a joy that is entirely lacking in Snow White and the Huntsman. If you have to watch just one Snow White movie (and let’s be honest, wouldn’t you rather watch Beauty and the Beast anyway?) I would go with Mirror MirrorAt least you’ll get a few chuckles from that one, but that’s just my opinion.

I felt that this movie focused a lot on the wicked queen (and I don’t just mean her naked body, although there was a lot of attention fixed there), even more so than it did on the title characters. So rather than picking up my bottle of Zoya’s Snow White, I went for L’Oreal’s The Queen’s Ambition from their Project Runway Collection for Fall. It is a black base with different sized pieces of silver glitter. This picture is two coats with an additional two coats of topcoat to achieve a glassy finish. If you look really closely, you’ll also notice little flecks of multicolored shimmer that aren’t very noticeable. This is a gorgeous polish, but I wish the brush had been a little easier to work with and, as with all glitter polishes, it was a beast to remove. ~K