Like E, I too am a sucker for all things Holmesian (probably more so, but don’t tell her I said any such thing). I loved the first Sherlock Holmes and was so excited for the sequel, it’s kind if ridiculous. Game of Shadows reunites the fantabulous duo of Robert Downey Jr. (Ilovehimilovehimilovehim) and Jude law (love him too), whose chemistry is the stuff of bromance legend. The boys continue to impress as they are pitted against evil genius Professor Moriarty (played by the always creepy Jared Harris), and assisted by a lovely gypsy (Noomi Rapace). Although I loved this instalment, I think it fell short of the original in several respects. Rachel McAdams is criminally underused (see what I did there?) as the delightful Irene Adler, while Inspector Lestrade is reduced to a ten second cameo. Stephen Fry is fun as Sherlock’s smarter older brother, but I didn’t need to see that much 0f his naked body. As I said, Jared Harris is creepy, but I very rarely got the feeling that his Moriarty was crazy enough to go the distance. (For an example of what Moriarty should be, check out Andrew Scott in BBC’s Sherlock. Brrr. He’s crazy.) And last, but not least, the drawn out running-in-slow-motion-through-the-woods-while-bullets-and-cannon-balls-whizz-past scene. It probably lasted only five minutes, but it felt like hours. The technical aspects of it were neat, but I was ready to get back to the plot after just a few seconds.

My polish choice is kind of a no brainer: OPI’s Mystery (from the Designer Series). A very dark purple (almost black) base with large flecks of gold shimmer. This one had a thick formula, which made it kind of tricky, but opaque in two coats. And the end result? Breathtaking. This is one of those don’t judge a polish by its bottle instances. ~K