A Month By the Lake

I really didn’t like A Month by the Lake. I mean, I didn’t have super high hopes, since it is a film I had never heard of before I saw it at the library and usually, word spreads about good movies. On occasion, you can find a little-known gem, but those are less common than finding little-known time wasters.

The story opens with Miss Bentley (Vanessa Redgrave) at an Italian villa on Lake Como. She and her father used to stay there for a month every year, but since her father has recently died, she is the only English guest. That is until Major Wilshaw arrives and he (or rather his ears) catch Ms. Bentley’s attention. Uma Thurman comes to the villa as a nanny, and she catches Major Wilshaw’s attention.

For being considered a romantic comedy, this movie isn’t very funny. Not only that, it’s confusing. It was difficult to understand anyone’s motivation. Why does Miss Bentley like Major Wilshaw so much when he treats her so terribly? Same goes for Major Wilshaw and Ms. Beaumont (Uma). The story was hard to follow, and it just wasn’t interesting. If I was Miss Bentley, I would have paid a lot more attention to the young and attractive Italian fellow that followed her around like a puppy dog. So much better looking than the major, plus he was totally smitten.

Watching this movie just made me wish I was watching another Vanessa Redgrave in Italy movie, Letters to Juliet, which is by no means the best of the best. It was just a lot more fun than this movie. I will admit that the locations for this movie were incredible, and for Star Wars fans, you might be able to pick out locations from Attack of the Clones, as this is the same area that stood in for the lake country in Naboo.

a-england Lady of the Lake

On the other hand, I absolutely adored a-england’s Lady of the Lake.  This is a purple holographic polish that has a subtle gold shimmer.  The formula was great and this picture is two coats.  It dried nicely and it is just so pretty! ~E