Mark Ruffalo, you are so adorable. Why can’t you do more romantic comedies, as a favor to me? Just Like Heaven is a romantic comedy with a twist, in that boy meets girl, girl walks through walls, boy hires exorcists to get rid of girl, etc. Mark Ruffalo plays David Abbott, a recent widower who moves into a furnished apartment that is haunted by the previous tenant, Elizabeth Masterson (Reese Witherspoon). David tries everything to get rid of her, and Elizabeth tries everything to make his existence as miserable as possible. Finally, they come to the realization that they can accomplish more if they work together, and discover that Elizabeth is not dead, but in a coma.

Reese is persnickety but endearing and Mark Ruffalo is positively adorable. Jon Heder (he of Napoleon Dynamite fame, or is it infamy?) makes a cameo as the owner of an occult bookstore who gives David supernatural advice. A bit of casting genius is Dina Waters (aka the director’s wife) as Elizabeth’s sister Abby (if I didn’t know any better, I would say she and Reese really were sisters…). Casting director’s never seem to take appearance into consideration when casting for siblings. (Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta-Jones as sisters in America’s Sweethearts? Puh-lease.)

This movie didn’t make much a of a blip when it originally came out, but I had read the book it was based on (Marc Levy’s If Only It Were True–a ho-hum read) so I was curious enough to see it in theaters. And I wasn’t disappointed. Better than the book and surprisingly funny.

Nubar’s Paradise is a very pretty pink-gold shimmer. This was a very sheer polish (3 coats in this picture and my nail line is still visible) but it was beautiful on my fingers. I think OPI’s Will You Mari-achi Me might be a very similar color, but I’d have to hold them next to each other to find out for sure (and I’m just too lazy to do it right now). ~K