What can I say about Hugo?  It is a movie about movies directed by Mr. Movie himself, Martin Scorsese.  I guess I can say that the trailers for this movie were a bit misleading.  I thought this movie was going to be more about Hugo and his automaton and less about the cranky toy shop owner, but what do I know?  It did seem odd that Mr. Scorsese would make a movie about a kid running around a train station if there wasn’t another angle to it (and I assumed it wouldn’t end up being about gangsters, not with that PG rating).

Anyway, I liked Hugo.  I really did, but it was a little long.  In fact, I might have fallen asleep for just a few minutes, but I did like it.  Who knows, maybe I would have loved it if I’d seen it in the theater with that uber fancy 3-D all the kids are talking about these days.

The cast was quite good.  I particularly liked Sacha Baron Cohen as the Station Inspector.  It was nice to see him as more of a real person than a caricature (I’m looking at you Bruno).  I thought it was sweet the way he was so in love with the little flower shop girl, but always lost his nerve when talking to her.  And even though all the orphans were terrified of him, and for good reason, he totally saved Hugo’s life.

Asa Butterfield was good as Hugo, but to be honest, he kind of creeps me out.  I think it’s those eyes.  They are just so blue.   Hopefully he’ll grow out of the creepy phase and look something akin to Matt Bomer (Mr. Beautiful Blue Eyes himself).  Chloe Moretz was appropriately adorable, and Ben Kingsley was good as Georges Melies, the cranky toy shop owner and master filmmaker of the silent film era.

In honor of Hugo’s automaton, I chose to use The Ten Man from China Glaze’s Wizard of Ooh Ahz collection.  This was my first China Glaze, and I was quite impressed with the color.  It is a nice silver polish with silver glitter.  In this picture, I put on three coats.  Because of the glitter, I highly recommend a top coat to help smooth the nail surface.

I do have to mention that as with most glitter polishes, this one was a beast to get off.  I personally like my polish to go on smooth and come off the same.

Like I said, I liked Hugo, and I liked The Ten Man, but I can’t say that I really loved either. ~E