National Treasure 2

The second National Treasure movie is very much like the first:  Benjamin Gates (Nicholas Cage) follows many clues leading to a ginormous treasure, Abigail Chase (Diane Krueger) follows him and harangues him, misbegotten Riley (Justin Bartha) comes along for tech support, and they drag Patrick Gates (Jon Voight) into the thick of things. Also, there’s a bad guy out to swipe the treasure out from under Ben’s nose, only this time it’s Ed Harris as a ruthless mercenary. Another difference is that Ben’s mom, Emily (Helen Mirren) puts in an appearance as an expert on obscure, pre-Columbian American cultures.

Book of Secrets is pretty much a rehash of the first movie, but I don’t mind at all. Both movies are fun and exciting and allow Nicholas Cage to loosen up a bit. In fact, the scene he causes at Buckingham Palace is the funniest I’ve seen him since Raising Arizona (which is a brilliant little movie, check it out if you get the chance). All of the other actors seem to be having a blast as well, especially Helen Mirren, who is awesome in everything.

I almost think of the National Treasures as one long movie, the second is such a natural continuation of the first. That is a rare thing indeed for a sequel. This isn’t a masterpiece, but it is definitely a fun diversion.

Nubar Gold Feather

This picture is 4 (!) coats of Nubar’s Gold Feather, an orange-pink-brown/green duochrome. A very sheer formula, but also a very interesting color. ~K