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If Hercules is my favorite animated Disney movie, than Beauty and the Beast would probably have to be my second favorite.   There have been some really terrific Disney movies released in recent years, including The Princess and the Frog and Tangled, but I still just love Belle, the Beast, and all of their crazy, should be inanimate but are not, friends.

There’s a reason this was the first animated movie to be nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award (and the only one when the category was limited to five films).  It’s a timeless tale with unforgettable characters and the animation is just beautiful.  I am still in awe of the ballroom scene, with Belle and the Beast whirling and twirling around the room.

Belle is a bookish beauty, who has gained the attention of the town superstar, Gaston.  Too bad for him that she is interested in more than just a handsome husband.  When her father gets lost in the woods, she goes out to find him and gets entangled in a magical world where the head of the household is a clock, the housekeeper is a teapot, and the valet is a candelabra.  The master of the house is a bitter beast, transformed as a young man because of his selfishness.  Over the years, he became even more selfish and unpleasant.

In exchange for her father’s freedom, Belle agrees to stay at the castle.  Everyone hopes she and the Beast will fall in love, which will break the spell.  Unfortunately, Belle can be just as stubborn as the Beast.  Eventually, they come to friendly terms, but can Belle really fall in love with a Beast?  And what will Gaston have to say about it?  I’m thinking you can all guess the answers, but the ride is pretty fun, even if it is totally predictable.

Like I said, Belle’s true passion is books, so All That Glitters’ Book Smart Beauty is a lovely fit.  In addition, it is a lovely polish.  It is a shimmery, pinkish-orange polish with pink and shiny gold glitter.  This picture is three coats, with two layers of top coat, just to even everything out.  Although this polish is very shiny, it was surprisingly subtle.

If you think Belle is a beauty, you should give Book Smart Beauty a try! ~E

All That Glitters nail polishes are available here.

If you were to ask what my favorite animated Disney film was, I would not hesitate, nor would any of my family, to tell you that it is Hercules. I know, it isn’t one of their more famous movies and there aren’t any superstars doing the voices, but it is just so gosh darn fun that it has always stuck with me. I remember seeing trailers for it and being horrified by the stylized animation, but it only took one viewing to convince me I was wrong. I also know there were many people who were upset about all the changes to the actual story of Hercules, but I don’t mind that either, and I was pretty big into Greek Mythology back in the day.

Hercules is the son of Zesus and Hera, making him a God. Hades is the keeper of the Underworld, but desperately wants to overthrow Zesus and rule everything. The three Fates confirm that Hades’ “hostile takeover bid” will be successful, with the caveat that Hercules can’t be in the fight. Zeus sends his minions, Pain and Panic, to kidnap the infant Hercules, force him to drink a potion that will turn him mortal, and then kill him. Pain and Panic aren’t very dependable, so they don’t end up killing the baby. He also doesn’t drink every last drop of the potion, so he keeps his God-like strength.

Fast-forward a few years and Hercules is a teenager struggling to figure out where he fits in this big old world (sound familiar to anyone else out there?). He visits Zeus’ temple and finds out that a) he is Zeus son, b) his godhood can be restored after he proves himself to be a true hero, and c) he has a pet pegasus (aptly named Pegasus). Zeus sends Hercules to Philoctetes for hero training. Phil’s a little reluctant based on bad experiences in the past (Achilles and
his “farshlugginer heel”), but he eventually agrees.

This summary is already too long, and I’m barely halfway through the movie (I told you I love it and I just can’t help myself), so suffice it to say, there’s a lot of action, laughs, romance, and betrayal. I have to mention that the love interest in the movie, Meg, is one of my all-time favorite Disney heroines. She’s full of sass and spunk. As she says, “I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day.”

Sassy Lacquer’s Pegasus Plasma is a lovely little top coat. It kind of reminds me of the scenes on Mt. Olympus in this movie because it is so shiny and glow-y (I know, not a word). This top coat, at least I used it as a top coat, was a greenish, orange duochrome shimmer. That is a lousy description, but you can see how beautiful it is.

In this picture, I used Wet N’ Wild’s Black Pearl and Avon’s Luxe Lavender for base coasts, mainly to compare Pegasus on a lighter color and a dark color. Personally, I liked the purple better than the black—the black looked a little too Halloweeny.  This picture is two coats of Pegasus Plasma and I think one would have been sufficient, but the extra coat just added a bit more sparkle.

Although Pegasus Plasma was awesome, it can’t compare to Hercules!

Sassy Lacquer is available here: http://sassylacquer.storenvy.com/

Watching this, I forgot how much I enjoy Disney’s Peter Pan. Sure, Captain Hook is more entertaining than threatening, but I get such a kick out of watching him run (swim) away from that crocodile, that I don’t so much mind that the only real danger in this film is the wrath of Tinkerbell.

This is your basic Peter Pan story–with the boy who won’t grow up, Wendy and her brothers, Neverland, Lost Boys, Pixies, Pirates, Indians and Mermaids. The animation is quite good and the vocal performances are great (my only quibble being that they got a boy–Bobby Driscoll–whose voice had already changed to play Peter). Some of the the songs are pretty snoozeworthy and the Native American scenes are decidedly not PC, but this is still a worthwhile watch…even if it’s just to watch the shenanigans of Captain Hook and Smee.

This is 2 coats of Jesse’s Girl’s Mermaid’s Lagoon, a lovely deep turquoise with orange shimmer. This was very nearly a 1 coater, but I had a little problem with the brush (too stiff) and so I needed 2. A very gorgeous polish. ~K

It’s impossible to be sure, but I think that the first time I saw the Ichabod part of this double feature, is when my love of the macabre began. That chase scene through the cemetery scared the snot out of me…and I loved every minute of it. You all probably know the story of the headless horseman and the scaredy cat schoolmaster, but the comedic elements are really kicked up a notch in this retelling. The rivalry between Ichabod and Brom for the affection of fair Katrina Van Tassel culminates in some pretty hilarious slapstick, what with trapdoors, flying horseshoes and a chubby brunette who just wants to dance. Bing Crosby as the narrator and voice of the two male leads is very funny and obviously having a blast.

And as for the Mr. Toad portion of the film, Basil Rathbone narrates and lends some gravitas (maybe too much?) to the Wind in the Willows story of a toad who just wants a motor car of his very own. This pursuit gets him into all sorts of trouble, but fortunately, Mr. Toad has good friends who help to get him out of the several jams he finds himself in.

Both of these short films are good fun and completely entertaining (unlike some of the older full-length Disney features that I could name…but won’t). There are plenty of laughs and catchy tunes. A definite holiday must.

My polish today is Cirque’s Dark Horse, a very cool glitter polish (it looks holographic, but it’s not) that flashes every color in a black glitter base. This picture is 4 coats (although 3 would have been enough, but I messed up and needed 4 to even things out) plus 2 coats of topcoat to smooth it out. The picture below is without topcoat, and you can see how grainy it is. Another cool thing about this polish is that it smells lovely, kind of a mix between fruity and flowery. So awesome. I can’t stop looking at it…and I don’t want to. ~K

Hocus Pocus & Disney Forever Young

Hocus Pocus is one of the movies that scared me when I was little (but in an “I’m scared but fascinated” kind of way) and now I watch and wonder why (like Beetlejuice or Sleeping Beauty). This movie is so campy the actors are practically winking into the camera, but I love it and in my family it’s a Halloween tradition.

It starts off with the legend of the three Sanderson sisters, Winnie (Bette Midler, having sooo much fun), Mary (Kathy Najimy) and Sarah (Sarah Jessica Parker), a group of witches whose goal is to suck the life out of children (apparently are quite tasty) and live forever. A monkey wrench is thrown into their plans when they are hung for witchcraft by the family of a boy they turned into a black cat (voiced by Jason Marsden), but Winnie’s evil spellbook reveals a prophecy that they will return to life when a virgin lights a certain candle…and, well, you can see where this is going.

Jump 300 hundred years into the future and a certain teenage virgin, Max (Omri Katz) lights the candle to impress a girl (Vinessa Shaw) and scare his little sister, Dani (Thora Birch). The witches appear and resume their evil plans while Max and his posse try to stop them.

Historical inaccuracies aside, it is so much fun to watch the three witches bumble through the 20th century (i.e. paved roads, sprinkler systems, daylight savings time). Bette (of course) gets her own glitzy musical number when she puts a dancing spell on all of the grownups while Sarah and Mary sing backup. (Having two sisters myself, we quote this movie all of the time.) Doug Jones (he of Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy awesomeness) puts in an appearance as a zombie who was once Winnie’s boyfriend, but got all deadified for “sporting” with sister Sarah.

So, not great cinema per se, but a lot of fun (and maybe a scare or two) that the whole family can enjoy.

Disney Villains Varnish Forever Young (from the 2012 Villains Designer Collection) is a deep maroon creme (although it’s kind of sheer, like a jelly) that looks very vampy. This is actually Mother Gothel’s (from Tangled) polish, and since she’s a witch and the Sanderson Sisters are witches and they all want to be eternally young, I figured this one worked on several levels. This picture is 2 coats (I should have done 3 to get rid of the bald spots) and a topcoat. Application was really good and although this wasn’t my favorite from the collection, it definitely captures that witchy look I was going for. ~K

Listed least favorite to favorite 🙂

(6) Disney’s Villains Varnish Fashion’s Wild Card is a deep gold shimmer w/gold glitter (3 coats)

(5) Disney’s Villains Varnish Stylish Sea Witch is a pale pink/purple frost with flecks of silver glitter (2 coats)

(4) Disney’s Villains Varnish Forever Young is a vampy burgundy creme (2 coats). For more info, check out my review of Hocus Pocus.

(3) Disney’s Villains Varnish Devilish Diva is a bright red creme (1 coat)

(2) Disney’s Villains Varnish The Real Fairest of Them All is a deep purple (almost brown-black) base with fuchsia glitter (2 coats)



(1) Disney’s Villains Varnish Original Goth is a green/blue/purple duochrome shimmer (3 coats)

This collection is kind of hit and miss with a few surprises. The Evil Queen’s color is pretty unique and a lot more glittery than my picture shows. Unfortunately, Ursula’s and the Queen of Hearts’ colors are frosty…and frosty with glitter doesn’t really work. The cremes are good, but kinda predictable. Though I will say that Cruella’s 1 coater polish is awesome.

I like cartoons and I am not going to apologize for it.  I mean, they are not all created equally.  If you have ever seen The Magic Voyage, you know that cartoons can be a little underwhelming.  Mostly though, Disney is pretty reliable…at least recently.  Not all of them are financially successful, but that doesn’t necessarily equate a stellar movie in my opinion.  Some of my favorites barely made a blip on the pop culture radar.

I don’t know if Treasure Planet falls into that category, but I do thoroughly enjoy it.  It is an intergalactic retelling of Robert Louis Stevens’ Treasure Island.  Jim Hawkins is a teenager being raised by his mother and he seems a little lost.  He is super intelligent, but keeps getting into trouble.  After coming across a map leading to the legendary “Treasure Planet”, Jim begins an adventure that includes pirates, treasure, and becoming a man.

This was back when Joseph Gordon Leavitt was that kid from Third Rock From the Sun and 10 Things I Hate About You, and although he is younger, you can still tell it’s him.  He does a nice job, but he’s kind of the straight-man to everyone else’s craziness.  My two favorites are Captain Amelia (voiced by the inspired Emma Thompson) and Dr. Doppler, the sponsor of the voyage and Jim’s sort of guardian (voiced by David Hyde Pierce, who is absolutely wonderful as well).  Martin Short’s voice makes an appearance towards the end of the movie as marooned robot, BEN, and he is as reliable as ever.


Natural Light

For this movie, I did a super cool polish from Girly Bits (I love that name!) called Cosmic Ocean.  This picture is two coats over one coat of Wet and Wild’s Black Pearl with a top coat.  I loved it over the black.  It was kind of crazy how in certain light the glitter was most definitely green and then in other light I would swear it was blue.  I think that’s what I liked most about this polish, its ability to be completely different but still awesome.  I kind of wonder what it would be like on top of a different color polish, maybe a white.  It will be fun to experiment! ~E

When we were little, we used to go to a video rental store called Video Heaven.  K always wanted to rent Sleeping Beauty.  Always.  The best part was that it terrified her, so she would only watch it if someone else would watch it with her.  That person was usually me.  Since I was still pretty young at the time, it scared me as well.  Maleficent was super scary.  I mean, she’s green for Heaven’s sake.  While watching this most recent time, K and I decided that part of the reason this movie is so scary is the music. (Go Tchaikovsky!)

That being said, this is one of my favorite animated Disney films, and definitely the best of the older princess movies (Snow White and Cinderella are not even close).  The animation is stunning, almost like a Gothic tapestry.  The voice work is also fantastic.  I think Prince Phillip might have been my first crush, mostly because of his dreamy voice (and don’t judge, there are some very attractive animated men out there).  Eleanor Audley plays Maleficient to terrifying perfection, and Mary Costa has the voice of an angel, especially when compared to Snow White’s grating vibratto.  Ugh!

By far the best part of the movie is the three good fairies: Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.  They are adorably clueless, especially with gems like “There’s got to be a hole in the bottom” “That’s for the feet to go through” while making the dress, or “It will be thicker once it’s baked” in reference to the drippy cake that Fauna has already put candles on.  I also love the “Make it pink” “Make it blue” war that Flora and Merryweather have probably been fighting their entire lives.  Since there are three sisters in our family, we long ago decided that we are the three fairies (I’m Fauna, if anyone was wondering).

I also have to mention the scene where the two kings get drunk celebrating the marriage of their children, and then come to blows because they don’t know if the crazy kids will even like each other, since they haven’t met since Aurora’s birth.  I didn’t really get that they were drunk when I was little, but I still always thought it was funny.

Sleeping Beauty has two names in this movie: Aurora is the name her parents gave her and Briar Rose (which I always thought was kind of a weird name) is the name her fairy guardians gave her.  Therefore, Sephora + Pantone Universe’s Rose Dawn seemed like a fantastic polish for this movie.

So, I love this color.  It is a beautiful metallic pink/gold.  After painting my first nail, I was smitten.  It was smooth and super easy to apply.  Then, I moved on to the next nail and this polish did a complete 180.  It was gloopy and dried way too fast.  I really wanted to completely love this polish, but after the application debacle, I think I can only give it a so-so review.  This picture is two coats and a top coat.  I wouldn’t say the polish was necessarily dull, but the top coat definitely brought out the shine. ~E

Cinderella is not my favorite fairytale. She’s like the whimpiest princess there is (except for maybe Snow White…but that’s for another day). She allows herself to be made a virtual slave in her own house, something she puts up with for years. Then, when she doesn’t get to go to the ball, she blubbers like a baby until a deus ex machina (aka fairy godmother) appears and gets her all dolled up. The only brave thing Cinderella does is show up at the ball, which I admit, I probably wouldn’t have the guts to do. (Everybody was staring right at her, for Pete’s sake!) Anyway, the Prince is wooden and has maybe two lines of dialogue (Prince Phillip he is not!). The King and the Grand Duke are by far my favorite part of this movie (which is funny, because I didn’t understand them when I was little…back then, I thought the mice were the funniest parts).

Overall, not my favorite Disney, probably because I was overexposed to it as a child (along with Bambi, Lady and the Tramp and Pinocchio). Lady Tremaine is a very nasty piece of work (as E said: Maleficent is scary, but the wicked stepmother is evil). Also up for consideration as most evil character in Cinderella? Lucifer the Cat. I just want to make guitar strings out of him!

Here’s another on the nose polish: Sinful Colors Cinderella. This one so perfectly captures Disney’s Cinderella that I couldn’t resist. It’s a vibrant sky blue with flecks of pink/orange shimmer. The downside is that it is pretty sheer…3 coats in this picture. But it’s so darn beautiful that I forgive it it’s sheerness. I guess I could layer it over something… ~K

I think that Disney needs to fire their advertising department. For the past several years (starting with The Princess and the Frog) I have not been impressed with their movie trailers. I thought TPatF looked like a Don Bluth ripoff (don’t get me wrong, I love Don Bluth, but who likes being ripped off?), I couldn’t tell what in the heck John Carter or Brave were about and Wreck-It Ralph looks unfunny to the extreme. But it’s Disney, so I go see the movies anyway and I am rarely disappointed. The problem is, not everyone is as devoted to Disney as I am, so when one of their excellent movies doesn’t do as well at the box office as they hope, they freak out and change things and just generally tick me off. Disney, the solution is simple: Just make better trailers!

Anyway. my movie for today is The Princess and the Frog, which is so not a Don Bluth ripoff. In fact, it is one of my very favorite Disney movies of all time, and that is not faint praise. In one corner, we have hardworking waitress, Tiana, who dreams of opening her own swanky restaurant and has put all other pursuits (romance, friends and fun) on the back-burner. In the other corner, we have Prince Naveen, devilishly charming rake, who lives for parties, music and general irresponsibility, but who has unfortunately been financially cutoff by his parents. The two collide when Naveen is magically transformed into a frog–by the wicked voodoo man, Dr. Facilier for his own nefarious purposes–and convinces Tiana to give him a smooch. Since she isn’t a princess, this plan backfires and (spoilers!) turns Tiana into a frog as well. Together, they go on a journey through the bayou, making friends (like trumpet playing alligator Louis, lovestruck firefly Ray, and bizarre voodoo queen Mama Odie) and teaching each other how to balance fun with responsibility.

The voice cast is perfection (and this is the first Disney cartoon since Beauty and the Beast where all of the cast did their own singing) and the animation is lush and beautifully rendered. I’m not ashamed to admit that I find Prince Naveen incredibly attractive (as a human…not so much as a frog). Honorable mention goes out to Jim Cummings as Ray. He made me love that darn firefly.

My polish for this movie is Sinful Colors Kissy (because an ill-advised kiss is what started Tiana on her journey). This is a pretty teal with big pieces of gold shimmer that is just gorgeous. I know that every nail polish company has a color just like this, but I think that it’s pretty enough to have a couple of them, right? This applied like a dream with three coats for complete coverage and no bubbling (which is a problem I often have with Sinful Colors). Unfortunately, this was a beast to get off with all of that shimmer clinging stubbornly to my nails and some serious blue staining of my fingers. I read somewhere that whitening toothpaste helps with polish staining, and although I was skeptic, I gave it a try. Surprisingly, it worked pretty well, but be sure to leave it on your fingers at least until the paste dries. ~K

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