Listed least favorite to favorite đŸ™‚

(6) Disney’s Villains Varnish Fashion’s Wild Card is a deep gold shimmer w/gold glitter (3 coats)

(5) Disney’s Villains Varnish Stylish Sea Witch is a pale pink/purple frost with flecks of silver glitter (2 coats)

(4) Disney’s Villains Varnish Forever Young is a vampy burgundy creme (2 coats). For more info, check out my review of Hocus Pocus.

(3) Disney’s Villains Varnish Devilish Diva is a bright red creme (1 coat)

(2) Disney’s Villains Varnish The Real Fairest of Them All is a deep purple (almost brown-black) base with fuchsia glitter (2 coats)



(1) Disney’s Villains Varnish Original Goth is a green/blue/purple duochrome shimmer (3 coats)

This collection is kind of hit and miss with a few surprises. The Evil Queen’s color is pretty unique and a lot more glittery than my picture shows. Unfortunately, Ursula’s and the Queen of Hearts’ colors are frosty…and frosty with glitter doesn’t really work. The cremes are good, but kinda predictable. Though I will say that Cruella’s 1 coater polish is awesome.