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Crossing Delancey

I had no preconceived ideas about Crossing Delancey before I saw it. I’d maybe heard the title here and there, but that’s about it. And I’d never really seen Amy Irving in a movie before (hearing her voice a cartoon character doesn’t really count). I found her to be an adequate leading lady, but I think this material really allowed her to shine as an actress, but more on that later.

Ms. Irving plays Isabelle, an (aspiring) intellectual who works in a fancy New York bookstore and swoons over pedantic author Anton (Jeroen Krabbe, who still gives me the willies because of The Fugitive), a man who is everything her traditional Jewish upbringing is not. Her grandma is concerned for Isabelle’s love life (as well she should be) and hires a marriage broker to find a nice man for Isabelle. Enter Sam (Peter Riegert, a surprisingly attractive romantic lead…I’m used to him as the mean detective in The Mask or the snarky butler in Oscar), a nearby businessman (pickles, to be specific) whose had a crush on Isabelle from a distance for years. Isabelle thinks she’s too good for a pickle peddlar and snubs him, but for some reason can’t get him out of her mind…I’m sure you can guess the rest. Isabelle is a pretty unlikable character and I think any actress would have had a hard time convincing me that this woman was worthy of sweet Sam. Amy does her best, though. (Did you notice that we did a movie starring the infamous ex-Mrs. Spielberg just after watching Steven’s Indiana Jones movies? Total coincidence…)

Color Club On the Wild Side

This is Color Club’s On the Wild Side, a deep gray frosty mess. All I can say is ugh. This picture is two coats and a topcoat and you can keep it, Color Club! ~K

Extraordinary Measures

Until Extraordinary Measures, I knew nothing about Pompe disease.  I still don’t know much, but I knew I wanted to see this for one big reason: Brendan Fraser.  Harrison Ford and Keri Russell were nice additions as well, but really, I love me some Brendan, even if most of his movies are a little childish.

Anyway, he is terrific as a father who does everything he can to find a cure to Pompe disease, which affects two of his children.  In his quest, he meets up with Dr. Stonehill (Harrison Ford), a sort of eccentric doctor who is pioneering research on a drug to treat Pompe.  Even though they butt heads, a lot, they both throw themselves entirely into working on the drug.

I knew going into this I would probably get choked-up, and I did a few times.  The kids in this are really the main emotional tug, but Brendan and Keri (who plays his wife), have their moments as well.  Yes, it’s a little cloying at times, but overall, not a bad way to spend two hours.

Color Club Rule Breaker

This picture is two coats of Color Club’s Rule Breaker.  This polish is a lovely green polish with almost teal shimmer.  It really is beautiful.  The formula was good, after the first coat.  The second coat smoothed everything out nicely. ~E

The Holiday

I know several ladies who have said that the only time they have found Jack Black attractive is in The Holiday.  All I can say is: Amen!  Although I love Jack Black and think he is hilarious, I just never imagined him as the leading man in a romantic comedy.  And when I heard he was going to be, I was hesitant (to say the least) but I gave it a chance, and he was indeed adorable.  The scene where he and Kate Winslet wander around a video store (do those even exist anymore?) and he sings all of the various theme songs from the movies is one of my favorite parts.

The rest of the cast is equally good.  I mean, Jude Law being attractive is kind of a given, but he is also quite funny.  It’s also nice to see Kate Winslet having such a good time.  It seems like she is always so serious.  Plus, I really relate to her story line about unrequited love.  I think the weakest link is Cameron Diaz.  I mean, she’s not really bad, she’s just Cameron Diaz—the same character she is in almost every movie I’ve seen her in.

The story is about Iris, a lovely, but lovelorn journalist in London.  She’s at a work party and finds out that the man she has been in love with for the past three years is engaged to be married.  Yeah, that sounds rough, but not unheard of, right?  Well, he has been stringing her along the entire time.  In Los Angeles, Amanda kicks out her cheating boyfriend, who accuses her of not being able to emotionally connect and cites that she cannot cry as evidence.  With Christmas coming, she decides to get away from her life and agrees to a house-swap with a woman in England.  Yep, it’s Iris and they agree to spend the holiday at each other’s houses.

While in England, Amanda meets Graham, Iris’ brother.  Because he’s Jude Law, she of course falls in love with him, but there are obstacles: Amanda’s issues, and Graham has secrets of his own.  On the other side of the pond, Iris meets Arthur Abbott (Eli Wallach), who was a screenwriter during the golden age of Hollywood and they become very close.  She also meets Miles, an associate of Amanda’s ex, who has relationship issues of his own, but there is definitely some chemistry there.

Color Club Winter Affair

Color Club’s Winter Affair seemed like a good choice for a movie about falling in love over the Christmas holiday.  This polish was a super sparkly dark red/maroon color.  I liked the color, but I wasn’t crazy about the polish itself.  This picture is two coats, but it clumped when applied and the coverage wasn’t terrific.  Overall, I liked the color, but I wasn’t crazy about the polish itself, as opposed to The Holiday, which I pretty much love. ~E

The Grinch

This is another one of those movies that everyone hates and I love. My brother and I can pretty much quote all of The Grinch between the two of us. If you watched the cartoon version of Dr. Seuss’ timeless classic when you were a kid, you already know the plot, but in this Ron Howard directed version, the backstory of that grumpy Grinch is explored while Cindy Lou searches for her own Christmas spirit.

Jim Carrey is perfect as the Grinch. He’s virtually unrecognizable under all of that green makeup and fur, but that manic energy he brings to all of his roles is instantly familiar. I think Ron Howard pretty much gave him free rein while the cameras rolled. There’s a lot of randomness, and if you know me, you know I love randomness. The rest of the cast is pretty much playing straight man to Mr. Carrey.

Taylor Momsen is adorable as little Cindy Lou (too bad she’s grown up to be so scary) and Bill Irwin and Molly Shannon are both excellent as Cindy Lou’s sorta oblivious parents.

The truly neat thing about this film is the production design. There are tons of things to look at in every shot, and after hundreds of views, I’m still not sure I’ve seen all of the neat little touches. And James Horner’s score switches between majestic and silly with complete ease. There’s a reason he’s one of the greatest film score composers out there.

Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly

I had to do a green polish for this one, obviously. This is Color Club’s Ho-Ho-Holly from this year’s winter collection. It’s a lovely deep green and gold foil. This picture is 2 coats and a topcoat. This was a pretty great collection, although I’ve seen several pretty close copycats to this very shade from other cosmetic companies. ~K

Today I have a comparison of Color Club’s Ho-Ho-Holly (index and ring) and Zoya’s Logan (middle and pinky). These are both deep green gold foils and this picture is two coats of each polish.

Ho-Ho-Holly Comparison

I love both of these polishes! Logan is a deeper green (thanks to its teal base) and has thicker pieces of gold shimmer, but Holly is just as gorgeous in its own way. Both have a lovely formula and easy to work with brushes. Color Club is a little less expensive than Zoya, but if I had to choose, I’d probably go with Logan.

Zoya’s Logan is from their Ornate Collection (Winter 2012)

Color Club’s Ho-Ho-Holly is from their Winter Affair Collection (Winter 2012)

Listed from least favorite to favorite. 🙂

Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly

(2) Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly is a dark green foil (2 coats)

Color Club Gift of Sparkle

(1) Color Club Gift of Sparkle has a blue base with purple shimmer and red and holographic glitter (2 coats)

Coming Soon: Snow Flakes, Winter Affair and Berry and Bright

Desperately Seeking: Glitter Wonderland

Ramona and Beezus

I remember my mom reading us the Ramona books when we were little girls. Being a fairly quiet and not very mischievous child, Ramona was equally hilarious and distressing to me, mostly because I couldn’t even imagine getting myself in even half as many zany situations as she managed to get herself into. Because of these memories, particularly in regards to my mom, I have always had a very soft spot in my heart for Beverly Cleary’s Ramona.

I was never a huge Selena Gomez fan, which might have been part of the reason I didn’t see Ramona and Beezus in the theaters. Still, it was always one of those movies that I kept on the“see one day” list in the back of my head, and I eventually checked it out from the local library. After watching it one time, not only did I not mind Selena so much, but I knew this was a movie that I had to have and I am proud to say that it is now a part of my DVD collection.

Joey King is perfectly cast as the imaginative, mischievous Ramona and Selena Gomez does a great job playing the straight-woman Beezus, Ramona’s perfect older sister who everyone loves. When Ramona’s dad (the wonderful John Corbett) is laid off, mom (the stunning Bridget Moynaha)  has to go back to work. Luckily, Aunt Bea (Ginnifer Goodwin, in one of her better roles) is there to pitch in with the babysitting. Unfortunately, her old high school beau, Josh Duhamel (as handsome as ever), has temporarily moved in next door and has plans to try to “reel her back in.”

If you have fond memories of the books as I do, then you should see this movie. If you delight in watching kids running around causing as much havoc as a tornado and are relieved that you don’t have to clean up after them, then you won’t want to miss this. And if you enjoy movies with a lot of laughs and heart, then you really must see Ramona and Beezus.

When Ramona decides she wants to audition to be a princess in the Royal Peanut Butter commercial, Beezus helps her get ready. She adds some glitter to Ramona’s shirt and says, “Every princess needs a little sparkle.” Today, I am wearing Color Club’s Gift of Sparkle. It’s sort of a matte purple base with tons of multi-colored and holographic glitter.

Color Club Gift of Sparkle

Because I love glitter and I love sparkle, it is safe to say that I am quite enjoying this polish. The formula for this polish was a bit thick and gloopy, but it seemed to even out as it dried, which it did pretty quickly. This picture is just two coats with a top coat to add extra shine. Although it’s probably not appropriate for a day at the office, it is a fun polish that will help you get noticed, and not for doing anything crazy like Ramona. ~E

I know that a filmed version of a live performance isn’t exactly a movie, but…my blog, my rules. So there. Anyway, if you’ve ever seen a performance of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s The Phantom of the Opera, you know it is quite an experience (I remember leaving the theater feeling that my life was now complete and I could die happy) and I believe that this 25th anniversary version comes quite close to capturing that thrill of seeing Phantom on stage (unless it’s the Vegas version…which had a cool chandelier and not much else going for it).

The cast is superb, especially Ramin Karimloo as the Phantom. Ah, Ramin. You can sing to me anytime. Not only does he have an amazing set of pipes, he brings a fiery, emotive passion to the part that in my humble opinion is unrivaled. Sierra Boggess as Christine is appropriately beautiful and has the voice for the part, unlike other Christines I’ve seen (ahem, Emmy Rossum). My one quibble with Sierra is her weird, gasping breaths, which you don’t really notice unless you’re looking for them, and then you don’t notice anything but them. (I might be overstating the case a bit…I went to see The Little Mermaid on Broadway when she was starring in it and she wasn’t there that night…her understudy was fabulous, but I’ve never quite forgiven Sierra.)

The staging and costumes are the same as they always have been, but I get the feeling they were able to do a lot more in this production because they had more space in the Royal Albert Hall.

If you love The Phantom of the Opera like I do, this version is a must have. Just one word of advice: turn it off when the play is over. Otherwise, you have to endure an eternity of Andrew Lloyd Weber being applauded and fawned over. The man can plunk out a tune, of course, but I’m pretty sure he’s never read Gaston Leroux’s novel and I don’t think he knows what he’s talking about half of the time. (Too harsh?)

Masquerading is an interesting polish. It’s a beautiful blue/green shimmer, but it dries slightly matte. This picture is 2 coats with a topcoat (which made it glossy). Fast drying time and a really beautiful color, it is from Color Club’s Spring 2011 Alter Ego collection. ~K

Today I have a comparison of China Glaze’s Lubu Heels (index), Color Club’s Red Velvet (middle) and Milani’s Spellbinding (ring and pinky). This photo is 3 coats of each.

Red and Spell are tied for best application–both were very nearly 2 coaters. I liked the Color Club brush the best, but Spell had the glossiest finish and the most glitter. Lubu was the least impressive (and most expensive) while Spell was the most impressive and least expensive. Go figure!

I’m not sure what collection Lubu Heels is from or when it came out.

Color Club’s Red Velvet is from their Untamed Luxury Collection (Fall 2010)

Milani’s Spellbinding if from their Black Magic Collection (Halloween 2009)

I have never been pregnant, and after seeing What to Expect When You’re Expecting, I’m not sure I want to.  This movie runs the gauntlet of pre-parenthood, from the perfect pregnancy (Brooklyn Decker), to an absolutely terrifying pregnancy, at least for a single gal like me (that was poor Elizabeth Banks, with morning sickness, bacne, and pants-wetting), all the way to adoption (Jennifer Lopez).

This is one of those multi-story movies that interconnect.  Elizabeth Banks owns a breast-feeding store and has been trying to get pregnant with her husband (Ben Falcone) for two years.  When they finally do get pregnant and tell his parents, his dad (Dennis Quaid) announces that he and his trophy wife (Brooklyn Decker) are expecting as well.  To Mr. Quaid, everything is a competition and it upsets his son to no end.  Mr. Falcone was on a weight-loss show where his trainer was Cameron Diaz.  She has a little fling with her dancing partner (Matthew Morrsion) on a dancing reality show.  Brooklyn Decker’s cousin is Anna Kendrick, a chef in a food truck, who rekindles a high school flame with another food truck chef, Chace Crawford.

Also in attendance are Jennifer Lopez and Rodrigo Santoro, who can’t have children, so they are trying to adopt a child from Ethiopia.  Because Rodrigo is a little hesitant when it comes to parenthood, JLo sends him to a dude group that meets with their kids in the park every Saturday.  Chris Rock is the leader of the group that also includes Rob Huebel, Thomas Lennon, and Amir Talai.  These guys provide some of the funniest moments in the movie, especially when they happen upon Joe Manganiello during their outings.  He is a super buff dude that runs and works out in the park, and they all seem to idolize him.

The movie had its fun moments and some emotional ones as well.  It wasn’t one of my favorite movies ever, but I enjoyed it.

In the movie, Elizabeth Banks is giving a speech about pregnancy at a convention.  Because her pregnancy has been absolutely terrible, she doesn’t have a lot of good things to say about pregnancy.  She specifically talks about “the pregnancy glow” that she just can’t seem to find.  Color Club’s Subtle Glow seemed like a great fit for this movie.

I loved this polish.  It was a beautiful  color, pink with orange duochrome.  It also was a breeze to put on and get off.  This picture is three coats and a top coat.  It took so many coats to get the polish to be opaque, but it dried pretty quickly.

And don’t worry, Elizabeth Banks eventually found her glow. ~E

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