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When the movie Shrek came out, I wasn’t terribly impressed.  I mean, it was everywhere and everyone quoted it (remember the gumdrop buttons?).  Not gonna lie, it got old fast.  Plus a crude ogre as a hero?  Um, just not my cup of tea.  Then the second Shrek movie came out, and I this time around, I actually found myself enjoying it.

What really sold me though was Shrek the Musical.  I had zero desire to see the play, but on a whim I checked out the soundtrack from the library and completely fell in love with it.  Even though I passed up the chance to see the musical in New York, I did eventually see it.  And it was fantastic.  I saw it again over the weekend, so in honor of that, K and I decided to watch all the Shrek movies.

For anyone who has never seen the first Shrek, the story centers on a reluctantly soft ogre, who just happens to be Scottish, his best friend Donkey, an unconventional princess names Fiona, who’s got her own curse to deal with, a maniacal and height challenged lord, and an assortment of fairy tale creatures.  In order to get said fairy tale creatures out of his swamp, Shrek agrees to rescue the princess from a dragon guarded tower so Lord Farquad can marry her and become king.  On the return journey, Shrek and Fiona discover they have a lot more in common than either of them would have thought.

This really is a great tale about being true to yourself and being open to true love, even if it isn’t exactly what you had in mind.

Barielle Polished Princess

Barielle’s Polished Princess is appropriate for this movie for a few different reasons.  First, Fiona starts off trying to live the perfect fairy tale, but kind of lets her guard down and becomes more human and less polished princess.  Second, it’s green and so is Shrek.

Anyway, the polish is quite nice.  It’s not my typical shade of green polish, but I still like it.  It’s kind of a sour apple green with multicolor shimmer.  The formula was okay, but it did require three coats.  Still, it’s a fun polish, and would be great for the right occasion.

For any musical theater fans out there, Shrek the Musical is a definite must.  If you get the chance to see it, do.  I saw it recently when it came to town. ~E

Stardust & Barielle Falling Star

I love Stardust. It’s one of my favorites and I rewatch it every few months. It’s a fairytale for grownups–it doesn’t shy away from the darker aspects that Disney removed from the Grimm Brothers’ stories. The witches are out to eat hearts, the princes aren’t so charming, and magic often does more harm than good.

The movie starts with a curious young man (played by the unbearably beautiful Ben Barnes) who crosses a wall near his village and finds himself in a magical kingdom. He meets a pretty slave and…you know…Anyway, nineteen years later his son Tristan (adorable Charlie Cox) makes his way into that same magical kingdom to find a fallen star for the (nasty) girl (he thinks) he loves (played by Sienna Miller…which is funny because they played brother and sister in Casanova…ew). Unfortunately, a trio of despicable witches (led by Michelle Pfeiffer, who is still gorgeous after all these years) are out to find the same star, as well as a homicidal prince (the wonderfully villainous Mark Strong). As for the star, turns out she’s a girl (Claire Danes) who isn’t happy to have fallen from the sky, and even less happy to be the object of so many people’s greedy desire.

Tristan and Yvaine (the aforementioned star) are in a desperate race to get back to the other side of the wall, but on the way, they meet a crew of kindhearted sky pirates, whose cross-dressing captain (Robert De Niro) dispenses dancing and sword-fighting lessons, new hairstyles, and excellent romantic advice.

Everyone is so good in this, it’s nearly impossible to single anyone out for particular praise. The entire cast is obviously having a blast. The score is lovely and the filming locations are as varied as they are beautiful. There’s a little something for everyone here (kind of like The Princess Bride, but that’s a movie-and a polish-for another day).

My polish for Stardust is Barielle’s Falling Star from their All Lacquered Up Collection (another awesome collection that I look forward to revisiting). It’s a gorgeous and fairly unique varnish–a dusty blue creme with flecks of copper glitter throughout. The formula is a little on the thick side, so this picture is only 2 coats and a thick topcoat to smooth things out. This is really amazing. One of my favorites, just like Stardust. ~K

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