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Shrek Forever After

Okay, so I’m back again. Hopefully the posts will be a little more consistant this week, but…we’ll see. My review for today is the last of the Shrek movies, and although Forever After isn’t the best of the four, at least it’s not the worst. In fact, it’s actually okay…for a fourquel (yup, I just invented that word).

Shrek finds himself longing for the happy days when he was a “real” ogre, not the domesticated one that family life and fame has made him. On a stupid whim, he makes a deal with creepy little wish granter, Rumplestiltskin, and finds that he never befriended Donkey, never rescued Fiona and never saved the kingdom of Far Far Away. In fact, he was never born at all and at the end of the day will cease to exist entirely. He sets out on (another) quest to accomplish all of the things he already did in the first three movies and set everything right again.

Puss and Donkey are hilarious as usual, although I find that the scenes with the other ogres fall flat. There are several jokes that I know are supposed to be funny, but aren’t. I do like the introduction of the Pied Piper as an assasin who can make any species of his choice bust a move and Rumplestiltskin, though a little bit annoying, has possibly one of the best villain lines ever (“Nobody’s smart but me!”). I don’t know that this installment was necessary, since it retreads a lot of ground already covered, but it did give me just a taste of why I fell in love with the first two movies. (Oh, and did I mention Fat Puss? Hilarious!)

OPI Who the Shrek Are You

This picture is 3 coats of OPI’s Who the Shrek Are You (from the collection that came out at the same time as this movie). It is a perfect Shrek green although it was a little bit runny and tended to drag during application. It’s not really my color, as it makes my skin look very red, but I’m sure it would look fabulous on people with darker skin. ~K

When In Rome & OPI All Rose Leads To Rome

When In Rome

When in Rome is sort of a silly movie, but silly isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  The story centers on Beth, a workaholic who thinks finding an internet connection is just as important as attending to her bridesmaid duties at her sister’s Roman wedding.  At said wedding, she meets Nick, a very handsome sports journalist, and she starts to let her walls down.  After seeing what she thinks is him sporting with one of the groom’s relatives, Beth gets drunk and goes dancing in the Fountain of Love.  To spite the fountain, she takes four coins, four individuals’ wishes for love.  Little does Beth know, if you remove a coin from the fountain, the person who threw it into the fountain will instantly fall in love with you.

Enter some very interesting characters, all professing their love for Beth: A tortured Italian artist who sees Beth as his muse (Will Arnett), a sausage magnate (Danny DeVito), and a street magician (Jon Heder).  Nick also re-enters the picture, and even though Beth is awful to him, he keeps coming back.  This leads Beth to be suspicious of his motives and she believes he is the owner of the fourth coin.  To break the spell, Beth has to return each coin to each suitor, but now that she’s fallen in love with Nick, she’s not sure if she wants to give his back.

Like I said, it’s a bit silly, but it’s also a lot of fun.  I have loved Kristen Bell since her Veronica Mars days and Josh Duhamel is incredibly handsome, but goofy at the same time.  Their height difference is a little funny, but it seems like everyone in the cast is having a great time reveling in the silliness of it all.  Silly, but still fun.

OPI All Rose Lead to Rome

OPI’s All Rose Lead to Rome is a super pink polish, which is really not my thing.  Luckily, the polish also has a pink shimmer to it, and I do enjoy a shimmer.  Considering this is an old polish, the formula was still pretty good and this picture is three coats.  I can’t say I love it, but it is a pretty and anyone who likes a hot pink polish might try checking this one out. ~E

Extraordinary Measures

Until Extraordinary Measures, I knew nothing about Pompe disease.  I still don’t know much, but I knew I wanted to see this for one big reason: Brendan Fraser.  Harrison Ford and Keri Russell were nice additions as well, but really, I love me some Brendan, even if most of his movies are a little childish.

Anyway, he is terrific as a father who does everything he can to find a cure to Pompe disease, which affects two of his children.  In his quest, he meets up with Dr. Stonehill (Harrison Ford), a sort of eccentric doctor who is pioneering research on a drug to treat Pompe.  Even though they butt heads, a lot, they both throw themselves entirely into working on the drug.

I knew going into this I would probably get choked-up, and I did a few times.  The kids in this are really the main emotional tug, but Brendan and Keri (who plays his wife), have their moments as well.  Yes, it’s a little cloying at times, but overall, not a bad way to spend two hours.

Color Club Rule Breaker

This picture is two coats of Color Club’s Rule Breaker.  This polish is a lovely green polish with almost teal shimmer.  It really is beautiful.  The formula was good, after the first coat.  The second coat smoothed everything out nicely. ~E

Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia is a great movie.  Okay, maybe great isn’t the right word—enjoyable is probably a better description.  Yes, there are cheesy bits and the plot is a little meandering, but regardless of its flaws, I wish Prince of Persia had been more successful; I would have loved to see where they would take the story and characters.

Dastan is the adopted third son of the King of Persia, and he is a bit of a reckless show off.  He and his brothers invade a sacred city under the advice of their uncle.  During the battle, Dastan comes into possession of a remarkable dagger that has the power to turn back time.  He meets Princess Tamina, a guardian of the sands of time, and they form an immediate dislike for each other.  After Dastan is accused of murdering his father the King, he and Tamina set off on an adventure to prove his innocence and end up on a mission to save the world.

This movie is filled with action, and I think Jake is quite good as an action hero.  The best parts of the movie however is the constant bickering and mounting attraction between Tamina and Dastan.  Only after they stop trying to sabotage each other and work together do they ever really start to accomplish either of their goals.  The chemistry between Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Atherton really makes this movie for me.  Well, that and Jake himself.  What I can say?  It’s those eyes—those eyes.  Completely beautiful.

Also along for the ride are Alfred Molina as an ostrich-racing entrepreneur and Steve Toussaint, as his knife-throwing companion.  Ben Kingsley, who seems to love playing the bad guy, is kind of forgettable as the villain.  It’s pretty obvious from the very beginning that (spoilers!) the king’s brother turns out to be after the crown.

Revlon Sandstorm

Revlon’s Sandstorm is an absolutely gorgeous color.  It is one of those shades that I just think looks marvelous on me.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t crazy about the formula.  I have no idea how old this polish is, but it clumped quite a bit.  This led me to believe that it was a quick drying polish, which was not the case.  I ended up with lines all over on my left hand nails.  I do have to say that the coverage was quite good though, since I almost could have gotten away with one coat.  I decided to go for two to try to smooth everything out.

Kind of like Prince of Persia, Sandstorm wasn’t perfect, but I still enjoyed it. ~E

Toy Story 3 & LA Girl Nostalgic

Toy Story 3

I was pretty nervous when I heard about Toy Story 3. I couldn’t imagine another story Pixar could tell about these characters, and the trailers did very little to assuage my concerns. Andy going to college? Where was this headed? But I needn’t have worried. Toy Story 3 is the perfect conclusion (while still leaving the door open for all of those delightful shorts…and dare I say Toy Story 4???).

Through a misunderstanding, all of our favorite toys (minus Bo Peep…so sad) end up at a day care center. Woody is determined that they return to Andy, who is their kid…even if he’s going to college in a few days. (And as a side note, can I just say how ridiculed Andy would be if he showed up at a dorm with a cowboy doll?) Unfortunately, a gang of nasty toys don’t want them to leave day care…ever, and are prepared to stop them at any cost.

There are a lot of new characters here, but somehow things never seem crowded. A few real standouts are Ken (Michael Keaton), a clothes hoarding love interest for Barbie (Jodi Benson) and plush hedgehog Mr. Pricklepants (Timothy Dalton). The original cast is just as great as ever and Ned Beatty is a perfect balance of homey and threatening as villain Lotso (only Pixar could make a pink, strawberry scented teddybear a villain and get away with it). But my very favorite thing about this movie is Buzz’s Spanish mode…his dance of love as he woos Jessie makes me laugh every time. I’m laughing just thinking about it.

LA Girl Nostalgic

I chose LA Girl’s Nostalgic for this movie, because watching it makes me feel very nostalgic. I think about all of my old toys and wonder what happened to them. Nostalgic is a clear base with big and small aqua glitter. This picture is two coats, and as you can see, it was meant to be a layering polish. Application was great and the glitter particles went on without any problems. Plus, it’s a beautiful color! ~K

Ramona and Beezus

I remember my mom reading us the Ramona books when we were little girls. Being a fairly quiet and not very mischievous child, Ramona was equally hilarious and distressing to me, mostly because I couldn’t even imagine getting myself in even half as many zany situations as she managed to get herself into. Because of these memories, particularly in regards to my mom, I have always had a very soft spot in my heart for Beverly Cleary’s Ramona.

I was never a huge Selena Gomez fan, which might have been part of the reason I didn’t see Ramona and Beezus in the theaters. Still, it was always one of those movies that I kept on the“see one day” list in the back of my head, and I eventually checked it out from the local library. After watching it one time, not only did I not mind Selena so much, but I knew this was a movie that I had to have and I am proud to say that it is now a part of my DVD collection.

Joey King is perfectly cast as the imaginative, mischievous Ramona and Selena Gomez does a great job playing the straight-woman Beezus, Ramona’s perfect older sister who everyone loves. When Ramona’s dad (the wonderful John Corbett) is laid off, mom (the stunning Bridget Moynaha)  has to go back to work. Luckily, Aunt Bea (Ginnifer Goodwin, in one of her better roles) is there to pitch in with the babysitting. Unfortunately, her old high school beau, Josh Duhamel (as handsome as ever), has temporarily moved in next door and has plans to try to “reel her back in.”

If you have fond memories of the books as I do, then you should see this movie. If you delight in watching kids running around causing as much havoc as a tornado and are relieved that you don’t have to clean up after them, then you won’t want to miss this. And if you enjoy movies with a lot of laughs and heart, then you really must see Ramona and Beezus.

When Ramona decides she wants to audition to be a princess in the Royal Peanut Butter commercial, Beezus helps her get ready. She adds some glitter to Ramona’s shirt and says, “Every princess needs a little sparkle.” Today, I am wearing Color Club’s Gift of Sparkle. It’s sort of a matte purple base with tons of multi-colored and holographic glitter.

Color Club Gift of Sparkle

Because I love glitter and I love sparkle, it is safe to say that I am quite enjoying this polish. The formula for this polish was a bit thick and gloopy, but it seemed to even out as it dried, which it did pretty quickly. This picture is just two coats with a top coat to add extra shine. Although it’s probably not appropriate for a day at the office, it is a fun polish that will help you get noticed, and not for doing anything crazy like Ramona. ~E

The boy and his pet story is probably almost as old as the boy meets girl story.  Old Yeller, Flipper, you know the type.  At its heart, How to Train Your Dragon is one of those stories, only it’s totally awesome.  Not that those others aren’t awesome, but they lack dragons, and the humor of this movie. Maybe that’s just my prejudiced opinion.

Hiccup is just a twig of a boy, which makes life hard for him, since he’s a Viking and in his own words, “I see a dragon and I have to just… kill it.”  Plus, his dad is the dragon-slaying chieftain—that’s got to be rough for a guy who could get blown over by a strong gust of wind.  What he lacks in brawn, he makes up for in brains.  He invents a device, and takes out an elusive Nightfury dragon.  Since no one believes him, he heads out to the woods and finds the dragon.  He goes to kill the it, but finds he can’t do it.  Instead, he cuts the dragon free of the ropes and, after a few meetings, a friendship develops.  Together, they save the village from both the dragons and the Vikings, changing both their worlds.

As in most cases, the voice cast is fantastic.  Jay Baruchel is adorable as Hiccup, and Gerard Butler (yep, that’s right, two Gerard movies in a row for me) is gruff and aloof, but still loveable as his dad.  All of the adults portraying teenagers are pretty funny, as is Craig Ferguson, who plays Gobber the blacksmith and the dragon trainer.

The animation is amazing in this movie, particularly the flying scenes.  Add in the triumphant, soaring score and it’s just magical.

China Glaze’s Flying Dragon is a purple matte polish, with some bright pink and blue glitter.  I’m not crazy about matte polishes, but they do dry quickly, which I like.  This polish wasn’t too bad.  I thought it would be crazy bright, but it really wasn’t.  I think that I would have liked it better if it was shiny.

This picture is three coats, and it needed it.  There were definitely bald patches after just two.  To make it shinier, I recommend a top coat.

How to Train Your Dragon is one of my favorite animated movies; it is definitely my favorite from Dreamworks.  Flying Dragon, however, is not my favorite China Glaze polish. ~E

Flipped & Duri Unexpected Kiss

Flipped is a fairly conventional story, told in an unconventional way.  And I just happen to love it.  I loved the book when I read it, and I loved the movie when I saw it.  What makes this story unique is that we, the audience, get to experience the same story told from each of the perspectives of the two main characters, and these characters couldn’t be more different.

The story starts out with Bryce Loski reminiscing about the first day he met Juli Baker when they were in second grade.  He is horrified by her brazen behavior, and later, the judgments of his classmates because of Juli’s adoration.  He retells all the embarrassing moments he has suffered at Juli’s hands and the steps he takes to avoid her.  The narration then shifts to Juli’s memories of the same events, but she remembers things a little differently.  In her recollections, Bryce is wonderful and is as crazy about her as she is about him, but he’s too shy to do anything.

The movie continues this way, bouncing back and forth between Juli’s narration and Bryce’s.  There’s a science fair, an egg encounter, a joint family dinner, and a “basket boy” auction, where the girls bid on a picnic basket and get a date with the boy who goes along with said basket.  Through the course of the story, they both start to flip; Bryce starts to realize what an amazing person Juli is and she starts to realize that Bryce might be less than she has always made him out to be.

This really is a fantastic movie, and I just can’t sing its praises enough.  The cast is terrific, especially Madeline Carroll and Callan McAuliffe, Juli and Bryce respectively.  The movie is quite true to the book, other than that the movie is set in the 60’s and the book is set in the present.  All of the stories are the same.

When Juli first meets Bryce, she is convinced that he is walking around with her first kiss.  At one point, he almost gives it to her, and it is more than a little unexpected, considering she isn’t particularly fond of him at the time.  In honor of that almost kiss, I give you Duri’s Unexpected Kiss.

This polish is a pink polish, with a blue shimmer; it almost looks purple with the blue.  It’s a very pretty color, although I wasn’t crazy about it on me.  The formula was pretty nice.  This picture was three coats, but I probably could have managed with only two.

I did like this polish, but I didn’t love it like I love Flipped. ~E

Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood is meant to be a sort of prequel to the well-known legend. The problem is, almost every version of Robin Hood already shows at least some of the hero’s origin story, so instead of a fresh take, this seems more like a rehash of everything that came before. I remember when the buzz about this project originally started, there was talk of it being from the point of view of the Sheriff of Nottingham, turning the villain into a sort of misunderstood hero. I wanted to see that movie, but it was not to be.

And another thing, if this is the beginning of Robin’s adventures, shouldn’t they have cast a younger actor? Russell Crowe is great, but he’s looking a little old and flabby these days.

Anyway, now that I’ve vented my issues with this movie, I can get to my quick plot recap. Robin Longstride (Russell Crowe) is a simple yeoman fighting in King Richard’s crusade. When the King and his trusted friend Robert Locksley are murdered by a nasty traitor (Mark Strong, being evil…again), Robin takes over Locksley’s identity to get himself and his band of merry men back to England. To keep his promise to a dying man, he goes to visit Locksley’s widow (Cate Blanchett) and blind father (Max von Sydow) who ask him to continue the charade so they can keep their land. Of course, we have our usual baddies present (King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham) and the goodies as well (Friar Tuck, Little John, Will Scarlet, etc.) and the movie ends with (spoilers) Robin an outlaw in Sherwood Forest.

There was nothing awe-inspiring or vastly different from any other retelling, except for the subplot of Marian being a widow instead of a maid. Cate is great in everything she’s in, but this movie doesn’t give her much to do. There’s very little character development but plenty of men running around beating the crap out of each other. So if that’s your thing, enjoy. If not, then probably stay away.

In the most intimate scene between Robin and Marian, he asks her to help him remove his chainmail since he’s not used to wearing it (he’s a yeoman, not a nobleman, remember?) which inspired me to choose Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail Charm from their Renaissance Collection. This is a very cool holographic polish that is a dark gray/brown color. The above picture is 3 coats with no topcoat. Lovely application and an unusual color. ~K

Megamind & Del Sol Superhero

Megamind is freakin’ hilarious.  Need I say more?  Okay, you twisted my arm.  Megamind is one of my most favorite cartoons.  Ever.   When I need a really good laugh, I turn to Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, David Cross, and even Bard Pitt.

Will Ferrell voices Megamind, the incredibly handsome criminal genius and master of all villainy, at least that’s what he calls himself.  He’s an alien sent to Earth as a baby because his planet is being sucked into a black hole.  At the same time, Brad Pitt’s parents sent him to Earth.  Brad Pitt voices Metro Man, the super hero who becomes Megamind’s rival.  Tina Fey is the Lois Lane character and Jonah Hill is her trusty cameraman, who happens to be in love with her.

It comes as a complete surprise to Megamind, but one of his plots to destroy Metro Man actually works.  The super villain succeeds in killing the super hero and takes over the city.  He quickly sees how meaningless his life is without a super hero to battle and decides to create a new one to take Metro Man’s place.  Along with his trusty sidekick Minion, voiced by the always entertaining David Cross, they turn Jonah Hill’s Hal Stewart into Tighten (it was the only name Megamind could trademark), he who would inherit Metro Man’s glory.

While all this is going on, Megamind has been pretending to be the curator of the Metro Man Museum and falls for Tina Fey’s Roxanne Ritchi, and she falls for him.  This outrages Tighten, and he decides that instead of becoming the super hero, he’s going to challenge Megamind for the role of super villain.  This forces Megamind to save Roxanne, and the day.

I love Will Ferrell.  Not necessarily the stupid Semi-Pro or Talladega Nights Will Ferrell, but the Elf and the Bewtiched Will Ferrell.  I can’t say that he is funnier here than he is in Elf, but it is a darn close call.

Also, I want to be Tina Fey when I grow up, so it would be really hard for her to do wrong in my book.  Jonah Hill is so goofy, and so great in this film.  David Cross was hilarious in Arrested Development and he is equally hilarious here.

I am not crazy about Brad Pitt.  I think his politics and personal life have overshadowed his accomplishments as an actor.  It also seems that he purposefully tries to make himself look unattractive.  All that being said, he is so good in this movie.  Why doesn’t he do more funny roles?  The only other movie that he has been in that I thought was funny was Sinbad, another cartoon.

My dad bought me a Del Sol polish while he was on a cruise, and I have always thought it was the perfect choice for Megamind.  It is called Superhero and it is a nice baby blue polish, kind of like Megamind’s skin.  Because this is a Del Sol, it changes to a light purple color.

I have to confess that this polish is older, so it didn’t go on very smoothly.  Back when this polish was new, it was pretty nice.  This picture is two coats, and there was a bit of bubbling.  I like to think I can blame that on the age of the polish, but I can’t say for sure.  As a reminder, a top coat will cause Del Sol polishes not to change colors.

I love love love love love Megamind.  It is a stinkin’ good time.  Del Sol’s SuperHero is also a good time. ~E

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