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Shrek the Third

Shrek the Third is the weakest entry into the Shrek franchise.  That’s not to say it’s terrible, but it was bad enough that it convinced me that I didn’t need to see Shrek Forever After, at least not in the theater.

This one starts off with Fiona and Shrek filling in for the queen and the ailing king.  Shrek is of course miserable and itching to get back to his swamp.  Things get complicated when the king dies, passing the kingdom off to Shrek, unless he can find Fiona’s cousin Arthur.  As Shrek heads off with Donkey and Puss to find the teenage Arthur, Fiona announces that she is pregnant.  While all this is going on, Prince Charming is plotting his revenge and gathering an army of villains eager to take back their happily ever afters.

Shrek eventually finds Arthur, who turns out to be a nerdy high school outcast with doubts about his ability to be king.  At the same time, Shrek is having serious doubts about his ability to be a father.  By the time Shrek finally makes it back to the kingdom, Prince Charming and his villains have taken over the kingdom, leaving Shrek and Arthur to save the day.

There’s fun there, but it just doesn’t have the same spirit as the first two, and even the fourth.  If there’s one Shrek movie to skip, this is the one.

BB Couture Prince Charming Blue

When K asked me what I thought of today’s polish, I informed her it was gorgeous and I loved it.  BB Couture’s Prince Charming Blue is a royal blue polish with lots of shimmer.  There’s some silver shimmer, some blue, and a hint of purple.  The polish was a little thin, but was opaque after three coats.  Like I said, this polish is gorgeous! ~E


Enchanted was a very pleasant surprise for me. I knew I would like it, but I wasn’t expecting to love it (which I do). It starts out as a fairly traditional Disney princess movie, hand-drawn and musical. The lovely Giselle (Amy Adams) dreams of her true love, while the dashing Prince Edward (James Marsden) hunts trolls with his faithful servant Nathaniel (Timothy Spall). When these two crazy kids meet, it’s an instant love duet. Unfortunately, Edward’s stepmother, Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon) is a nasty sorceress who wants to keep the kingdom all for herself and will prevent Edward from marrying at all costs. Disguised as an old crone, she sends Giselle to a place where there are no happily ever afters…New York City. At first, Giselle is hopelessly lost in our harsh, modern world, but luckily she is taken in by Robert (Patrick Dempsey), a soon-to-be engaged divorce attorney and single father. Giselle turns his world upside down and teaches him the meaning of true love.

There’s plenty of inside jokes going on here to keep a Disney fanatic like myself entertained, like cameos by several previous princesses (like Ariel, Belle and Pocahontas…which begs the question, where’s Jasmine?). The musical numbers are all first-rate, although why they cast Idina Menzel (as Robert’s girlfriend, Nancy) and then didn’t give her a song to sing is beyond me. This is such a fun little movie and the cast is all fantastic with special mention going out to Amy Adams and James Marsden, both of whom commit to their characters fully and seem to be having a downright blast doing so (I think Amy was robbed of an Oscar nomination that year). If you haven’t seen Enchanted, stop reading this blog immediately and go watch it. Now!

BB Couture Kiss of True Love

This is BB Couture’s Kiss of a True Love, a shimmery coral pink which isn’t really my style but looks amazing with my pale skin. This picture is two coats and applied wonderfully, like all of the BB Couture polished I’ve tried so far. ~K

National Treasure 2

The second National Treasure movie is very much like the first:  Benjamin Gates (Nicholas Cage) follows many clues leading to a ginormous treasure, Abigail Chase (Diane Krueger) follows him and harangues him, misbegotten Riley (Justin Bartha) comes along for tech support, and they drag Patrick Gates (Jon Voight) into the thick of things. Also, there’s a bad guy out to swipe the treasure out from under Ben’s nose, only this time it’s Ed Harris as a ruthless mercenary. Another difference is that Ben’s mom, Emily (Helen Mirren) puts in an appearance as an expert on obscure, pre-Columbian American cultures.

Book of Secrets is pretty much a rehash of the first movie, but I don’t mind at all. Both movies are fun and exciting and allow Nicholas Cage to loosen up a bit. In fact, the scene he causes at Buckingham Palace is the funniest I’ve seen him since Raising Arizona (which is a brilliant little movie, check it out if you get the chance). All of the other actors seem to be having a blast as well, especially Helen Mirren, who is awesome in everything.

I almost think of the National Treasures as one long movie, the second is such a natural continuation of the first. That is a rare thing indeed for a sequel. This isn’t a masterpiece, but it is definitely a fun diversion.

Nubar Gold Feather

This picture is 4 (!) coats of Nubar’s Gold Feather, an orange-pink-brown/green duochrome. A very sheer formula, but also a very interesting color. ~K

So, I know I’m in the minority here, but I love Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. It’s a movie about loss, but handled with so much care and dignity, that the loss is transformed into something triumphal.

Mr. Magorium (Dustin Hoffman) owns a magical toy store (and I do mean magical) and lives every day of his very long life to the fullest. However, when he decides that it’s time for him to retire (from the store and from life) he has to convince the store’s manager, Mahoney (Natalie Portman) that she is special (and magical) enough to keep the Emporium going without him. Aiding in this task are Eric (Zach Mills), a lonely 9-year-old with an amazing hat collection and Henry (Jason Bateman), Magorium’s stick-in-the-mud accountant (or “mutant” as they call him).

The score is beautiful (lots of waltzes…I love waltzes) and the production design is truly astonishing. Dustin Hoffman is having a ton of fun and takes his role more seriously than he seems to take a lot of his roles these days. Natalie Portman is adorable and makes Mahoney sparkle. Zach Mills turns the childlike wonder up to 11 and makes me wish I was 9 again (wow…there were a lot of numbers in that sentence…). And for my favorite…I don’t know what it is about Jason Bateman, but I love him! The moment when his character finally loosens up and let’s himself have some fun is wonderful.

This movie might not be for everyone, but if you can turn off your grown up brain and remember the fun of being a child, you might just love it as much as I do.

Revlon’s Whimsical is a very cool polish. It is a pale blue jelly base with pink and blue hexagon glitter, smaller silver hexagon glitter and tiny opalescent glitter. This picture is 3 coats, and as you can see, it’s very sheer. Someday I’ll try putting it over something, but I kind of liked the sheer look as well. ~K

Picking up where Dead Man’s Chest left off, Elizabeth and Will, along with a ragtag group of pirates head for Davy Jones’ locker to bring Captain Jack and the Black Pearl back to the world of the living. We get to see a lot more of pirate society (is that an oxymoron?) in this installment, plus Keith Richards puts in an appearance as Jack’s dad.

At World’s End is the end of the story for Will and Elizabeth, although I think it raises more questions than it answers. And what was the mark (mentioned in the second movie) that Jack left on Cutler Beckett? A lot of great action sequences here and a must own for fans of the series, but overall, I think this is an overproduced, overly loud, turn-off-your-brain type of movie and those are a dime a dozen these days.

PS-Be sure to watch through the end credits. There’s a warm and fuzzy final scene that serves as an epilogue for the Turners.

This polish is from a European cosmetics company, so it’s kind of hard to find in the US. It is called Captain Sparrow’s Boat (all of Catrice’s names are cute and pop-culture-y like that) and it is a frosty, gray shimmer with a slightly green tone to it. This is 3 coats and a topcoat. I found the formula to be only slightly streaky, but the brush was kind of tricky to use. Still cool, though. ~K

Stardust & Barielle Falling Star

I love Stardust. It’s one of my favorites and I rewatch it every few months. It’s a fairytale for grownups–it doesn’t shy away from the darker aspects that Disney removed from the Grimm Brothers’ stories. The witches are out to eat hearts, the princes aren’t so charming, and magic often does more harm than good.

The movie starts with a curious young man (played by the unbearably beautiful Ben Barnes) who crosses a wall near his village and finds himself in a magical kingdom. He meets a pretty slave and…you know…Anyway, nineteen years later his son Tristan (adorable Charlie Cox) makes his way into that same magical kingdom to find a fallen star for the (nasty) girl (he thinks) he loves (played by Sienna Miller…which is funny because they played brother and sister in Casanova…ew). Unfortunately, a trio of despicable witches (led by Michelle Pfeiffer, who is still gorgeous after all these years) are out to find the same star, as well as a homicidal prince (the wonderfully villainous Mark Strong). As for the star, turns out she’s a girl (Claire Danes) who isn’t happy to have fallen from the sky, and even less happy to be the object of so many people’s greedy desire.

Tristan and Yvaine (the aforementioned star) are in a desperate race to get back to the other side of the wall, but on the way, they meet a crew of kindhearted sky pirates, whose cross-dressing captain (Robert De Niro) dispenses dancing and sword-fighting lessons, new hairstyles, and excellent romantic advice.

Everyone is so good in this, it’s nearly impossible to single anyone out for particular praise. The entire cast is obviously having a blast. The score is lovely and the filming locations are as varied as they are beautiful. There’s a little something for everyone here (kind of like The Princess Bride, but that’s a movie-and a polish-for another day).

My polish for Stardust is Barielle’s Falling Star from their All Lacquered Up Collection (another awesome collection that I look forward to revisiting). It’s a gorgeous and fairly unique varnish–a dusty blue creme with flecks of copper glitter throughout. The formula is a little on the thick side, so this picture is only 2 coats and a thick topcoat to smooth things out. This is really amazing. One of my favorites, just like Stardust. ~K

I feel bad for Amanda Bynes.  She’s had a lot of bad press lately, plus she’s losing all the good parts to Emma Stone.  However, I do like most of her movies.  Some more than others.  Sydney White is pretty good.  I mean, it’s no She’s the Man, but I like it.

Overall, the plot is okay.  It’s a modern retelling of Snow White set in college.  Sydney is a cute tomboy who is trying to get into a sorority, but comes up against an evil sorority president, Rachel Witchburn (see what they did there?).  She is jealous because Tyler Prince (again, how clever are those writers?)¸the hottest guy in school of course, has a little thing for Sydney.  So Rachel throws Sydney out of the sorority house in a rainstorm and she is taken in by the occupants of the Vortex, a deathtrap where all the losers on campus live.

Enter the best part of the movie, the seven dorks.  They are a group of misfits, each one seeming to share a trait with one of the seven dwarfs from the Disney cartoon.  Sydney convinces them to run for student council to help save the Vortex.  The plot kind of gets a little silly from there, well a little sillier than it already was, but the ending does encourage acceptance of everyone, which is always a nice little lesson.

Like I said, all the actors playing the dorks are adorably funny.  Rachel is sufficiently witchy and it is incredibly easy to fall in love with Tyler.  Amanda is good as Sydney, but as K and I discussed, what is up with her hair?  It just doesn’t look right throughout the entire movie.

K brings home new polishes all the time, and although they are all very pretty, it isn’t often that I can perfectly match a polish to a movie (well, except Sky High and Cinderella I guess), but as soon as she showed me her Sephora by OPI polish named Who Let the Dorks Out, I knew Sydney White was the perfect movie for this polish.

As for the polish itself, I loved it, but as K said, it is right up my alley.  Green and sparkly.  It went on pretty well, but it did take at least three coats.  It dried well, which is always a bonus for any polish I wear, as I hate waiting forever for my nails to dry.  Overall, this polish was well worth the effort (I mean, three coats, that takes time). ~E

I have always liked Keri Russell.  I think it stems from the fact that I have been told that I look like her.  The only two reasons I can think this would happen is because we both have round little faces and crazy curly hair.  Okay, so her crazy curly hair was not on display in August Rush, but anyone who has seen Felicity knows what I’m talking about.  I also remember her from the New Mickey Mouse Club (yes, I’m that old) and she was always one of my favorite Mousketeers.

Even though he’s got a reputation for being a wild child, I also like Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  He’s got those eyes (I’m totally an eye person).  He also sings in this movie a lot.  Swoon!  I love his complete devotion to Keri Russell’s character.  Devotion totally adds to a guy’s appeal.

These two play young musicians who fall in love at a party, but after their one night together, her dad takes her off where Jonathan can’t find her.  Nine months later, she gives birth to a baby, but her jerk-face dad tells her the baby died and he puts the baby up for adoption.

Freddie Highmore plays their adorable musical prodigy son who ends up alone in New York City.  Robin Williams, who is a touch creepy as the Fagan-esque ringleader of the homeless children of New York, takes him in and teaches him to play the guitar.  He runs away from that life and enrolls in Juliard, which eventually reunites his family.

This is a touching little flick, all about the power of music. Hence, I chose OPI’s Concerto in Copper polish (from the 2004 Holiday in Harmony Collection).  So, I love copper in general, and this polish was no different.  It is a beautiful copper color with tiny copper glitter.

In this picture, I put on two coats of polish with a top coat.  This polish went on smoothly and dried fairly quickly.  Let’s just say that I kind of loved it! ~E

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