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The Fall

You probably haven’t seen The Fall. If you have, congratulations. You’re awesome. If you haven’t…well, you know what you have to do. This is one of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen. It’s kind of slow-moving, so if you don’t have the patience, this one isn’t for you, but if you do make it through, you’ll know what I mean. This is the story of Alexandria (Catinca Untaru), a little girl who breaks her arm in a fall. While she’s in the hospital, she meets Roy (Lee Pace…I love him…a lot), a heartbroken stuntman who also injured himself in a fall. Using an epic story of revenge and romance, Roy tricks Alexandria into stealing morphine for him so that he can kill himself. The story switches back and forth between the hospital and the story, sometimes blurring the two together, using the same actors. A true friendship develops between this unlikely pair and they end up changing each other’s lives in profound ways.

The production design and locations are amazing in this. Truly mindblowing. They travel all over the globe, capturing some of the most beautiful natural and manmade wonders. The acting is equally impressive, especially between the two leads. Their chemistry is perfect and I sometimes forget that I’m watching a movie while they’re talking. I haven’t seen a movie this beautiful that wasn’t directed by Yimou Zhang (check his movies out too). Tarsem Singh is an impressive director with a really gorgeous vision (Mirror Mirror is probably his most accessible work, if you want to start with an easier one). I would have to place The Fall in my top 20 favorite films of all time…and that’s saying something, because I am a movie-watching fiend (like you didn’t know).

L'Oreal The Mystic's Future

One of the character’s in Roy’s story is known as The Mystic, hence this polish from L’Oreal’s Fall Collection, The Mystic’s Future. This is a pretty shimmery fuchsia color, not the most original shade in the world, but still nice. This picture is two coats and the polish had a lovely formula, slightly brush stroke-y, but not too bad. ~K

The Holiday

I know several ladies who have said that the only time they have found Jack Black attractive is in The Holiday.  All I can say is: Amen!  Although I love Jack Black and think he is hilarious, I just never imagined him as the leading man in a romantic comedy.  And when I heard he was going to be, I was hesitant (to say the least) but I gave it a chance, and he was indeed adorable.  The scene where he and Kate Winslet wander around a video store (do those even exist anymore?) and he sings all of the various theme songs from the movies is one of my favorite parts.

The rest of the cast is equally good.  I mean, Jude Law being attractive is kind of a given, but he is also quite funny.  It’s also nice to see Kate Winslet having such a good time.  It seems like she is always so serious.  Plus, I really relate to her story line about unrequited love.  I think the weakest link is Cameron Diaz.  I mean, she’s not really bad, she’s just Cameron Diaz—the same character she is in almost every movie I’ve seen her in.

The story is about Iris, a lovely, but lovelorn journalist in London.  She’s at a work party and finds out that the man she has been in love with for the past three years is engaged to be married.  Yeah, that sounds rough, but not unheard of, right?  Well, he has been stringing her along the entire time.  In Los Angeles, Amanda kicks out her cheating boyfriend, who accuses her of not being able to emotionally connect and cites that she cannot cry as evidence.  With Christmas coming, she decides to get away from her life and agrees to a house-swap with a woman in England.  Yep, it’s Iris and they agree to spend the holiday at each other’s houses.

While in England, Amanda meets Graham, Iris’ brother.  Because he’s Jude Law, she of course falls in love with him, but there are obstacles: Amanda’s issues, and Graham has secrets of his own.  On the other side of the pond, Iris meets Arthur Abbott (Eli Wallach), who was a screenwriter during the golden age of Hollywood and they become very close.  She also meets Miles, an associate of Amanda’s ex, who has relationship issues of his own, but there is definitely some chemistry there.

Color Club Winter Affair

Color Club’s Winter Affair seemed like a good choice for a movie about falling in love over the Christmas holiday.  This polish was a super sparkly dark red/maroon color.  I liked the color, but I wasn’t crazy about the polish itself.  This picture is two coats, but it clumped when applied and the coverage wasn’t terrific.  Overall, I liked the color, but I wasn’t crazy about the polish itself, as opposed to The Holiday, which I pretty much love. ~E

John Tucker Must Die.  Isn’t that a great title?  It immediately pulls you in because it begs so many questions.  Like, who is John Tucker?  Why must he die?  Who is it that is out to get him?  And how are they going to do it?  Luckily, the movie answers all of these questions, and offers plenty of guilty fun along the way.

This is the story of a charming, charismatic, tool of a high school stud, John Tucker.  His reign as king of the school is threatened when he falls hard for Kate, the new girl in school.  What he doesn’t know is that Kate has teamed up with his three ex-girlfriends (yeah, he was dating all of them at the same time) to destroy him.  These ex-girlfriends have molded Kate into John’s dream girl with the sole purpose of bringing him down.  Kate’s problem is that she has actually fallen for John’s younger brother, “the other Tucker”.

Although this seems like a movie all about revenge, it is more a movie about finding yourself and accepting who you are.  Kate has always been invisible, until after she allows those girls to make her into something she isn’t.  Eventually, she realizes that isn’t who she really is and she allows everyone to see the real Kate.  John also realizes there are a few changes he needs to make in his life, particularly that he needs to be more honest.

Since Kate’s star quickly rises, with a little help, she makes it to the A-list practically overnight.  I mean, dating John Tucker will do that for a girl.  Pure Ice has an icy polish, kind of like the way the ex-girlfriends want Kate to be towards John, called A-List.  Pure Ice is obviously not the highest quality brand of polish, but it is inexpensive and it is still a good brand.

This polish specifically is a lovely silvery, blue color.  It did require three coats, and there was a bit of bubbling, but part of me thinks that’s because it’s getting to be a little old.  I remember that when I used it in the past, I liked it.

John Tucker Must Die is a fun little movie, and Pure Ice’s A-List is a nice compliment. ~E

I remember seeing the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie and thinking how incredibly awesome it was.  When I heard they were making two sequels, I was thrilled about the chance to see these characters again.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest is not as awesome as Curse of the Black Pearl, but it has its moments.  Honestly, the best part is the big sword fight near the end between Will, Jack, and Norrington.  That is something very important to be said for the Pirate movies: there is generally at least one absolutely mind-blowing sword fight.

Johnny Depp is just as inspiredly kooky as he was in the original.  Orlando Bloom is pretty, and he has his funny moments as well.  Kiera Knightly is still plenty spunky and conniving.  Jack Davenport is back as as Norrington.  Much of the rest of the cast returns, including Gibbs, Governor Swan, Ragetti, and Pintel.

Joining the gang are Tia Dalma, a somewhat mystical woman, and Bootstrap Bill Turner.  We also have some new bad guys added to the mix.  Bill Nighy is the infamous Davy Jones and Tom Hollander as Lord Cutler Beckett.

The plot is just as complicated as the first movie, but it is also setting up the final film in the Will/Elizabeth trilogy.  Basically, Davy Jones is chasing Jack Sparrow to collect his soul, which he traded to be captain of the Black Pearl.  Will and Elizabeth have been arrested by Lord Cutler Beckett for helping Jack escape, and he sends Will to get Jack’s compass.  Using his master manipulator powers, Jack sends Will aboard Davy Jones’ ship to settle his debt, where he is reunited with this father.

Jack’s end game is to stab the heart of Davy Jones, which Jones cut out and put in a chest after he fell in love with a woman.  After that awesome fight scene and to regain his honor, Norrington tricks them all and takes the heart of Davy Jones to Beckett, which will give him power over the seas.  Meanwhile, the Kracken attacks the Black Pearl and takes Johnny Depp along, with a little help, of course.

OPI’s Sparrow Me the Drama seemed like a great fit for this movie.  So much drama in just a few short hours.  Drama between Will and his dad, between Elizabeth and Jack, between Norrington and everyone else.  Lots of drama!

This polish was not my favorite.  The formula wasn’t great; it took three coats, and I still didn’t feel like the coverage was complete.  The color was just a little too pink for me.  I couldn’t help but think about Pepto Bismal while I was putting it on.

While I always enjoy spending time with Captain Jack Sparrow, I think I’ll pass on Sparrow Me the Drama next time. ~E

I got dumped right before I saw Monster House for the first time.  You’d think that with an experience like that, I would hate the movie, but I don’t.  I guess that’s a testament to what a good movie it is.  I mean, it’s not one of my absolute favorites, but it is one of my favorite Halloween movies.  I think that may be because Dan Harmon (all my Community buds out there will recognize that name) helped to write the screenplay and he is hilarious.  So is Monster House.

I will admit that the motion capture technology used in this movie is not perfect, but at least the characters are stylized enough that you know they aren’t trying to look like real people.  I only saw The Polar Express once, but the animation was a little iffy for me.  They looked like real people, but not, if that makes any sense.

The movie is a about a tween boy named DJ, his best friend Chowder, and the new girl they both like, all trying to defeat the monster house across the street.  Mitchell Musso is the voice of DJ and his parents, who are only in the movie for a short time, are Catherine O’Hara (always hilarious) Fred Willard (kooky, but funny).  Since they are going out of town, they hire a babysitter (Maggie Gyllenhaal), who invites her boyfriend, Bones (Jason Lee), over.  There’s a pretty funny scene with him and his “totally awesome” kite.

Also in the cast is Steve Buscemi (Mr. Animated Halloween Movie himself, see Monsters Inc, Igor, and Hotel Transylvania) as the cantankerous occupant of the monster house and Kathleen Turner as his long dead wife.  Kevin James and Nick Cannon have some of the best lines as the cops the kids call to report the suspicious goings on of the monster house.

Glitz in a Bottle has a fun little polish called Monsters in the Mansion.  It is more of a top coat than an actual polish, but it is still pretty awesome.  It had tiny little glitter, but then it also had large square purple and blue hexagon glitter as well.  This picture is three coats and a top coat.  It actually could have used another layer of top coat, as just one didn’t really level anything out.  The color combination actually made me think a lot of Monsters Inc, at least Sully.

Monster House and Monsters in the Mansion are both quite a bit of fun!

Glitz in a Bottle polishes are available at etsy.com.~E

Just My Luck & Orly Lucky Duck

E. has loved Chris Pine since we first saw him in Princess Diaries 2. In fact, she loves him so much that she actually called dibs on him while watching Star Trek (I called Chris Hemsworth, fyi…although both Chrises are extremely attractive). What I’m getting at is this: Don’t be surprised if you see several Chris Pine movies reviewed here over the next week or two. We seem to be on a kick.

Just My Luck is a mere bit of fluff, as movies go. Nothing groundbreaking here, but it is a sweet love story with a slightly supernatural angle…and it has Chris Pine. Lindsay Lohan plays a young professional (which I don’t buy for a second, because she looks–and acts–like a teenager throughout) who is also the luckiest person alive. For example, she describes herself as being “good” at those scratch and win lotto cards. Meanwhile, Mr. Pine is a nerdy band manager who (you guessed it) is also the unluckiest person in the world. When they swap saliva at a masquerade party, their fortunes are reversed, and suddenly Chris can do no wrong (which he can’t…in E’s book anyway). That leaves poor Lindsay struggling along with the rest of us mortals and I have to say, it’s very enjoyable to watch her suffer (that’s called schadenfreude, in case anyone was wondering). On the other hand, Chris Pine’s character is perfectly adorable and I rooted for him the entire film.

Lindsay is still a redhead here (did the ca-razy show up at the same time as the peroxide?) and although I’ve never understood her appeal (except for Parent Trap…she was cute as a button in that) she gives it her best. You can see the end coming from a mile away, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the ride a little. As I said, fluff.

Lucky Duck is a jade green creme from Orly’s Birds of a Feather collection. This picture is 2 coats that applied like a dream. I was really worried that this color would really bring out the red tones in my skin…and it did a bit, but not as much as I expected. I really liked how this looked on me and I would definitely wear it again. ~K

A Prairie Home Companion is a movie that needs to pick a genre and stick with it. Starting with a Dashiell Hammett/noir type monologue delivered with hammy relish (does anyone else suddenly want a hot dog?) by Kevin Kline, it then becomes a weird sort of story time with several characters all speaking at once. This continues for waaaaay too long before we get to the actual singing. I read that all of the actors not only do their own singing and play their own instruments, but they also perform all of their numbers live (and by “live” I mean not prerecorded) which makes it all the more impressive. From there, they flip-flop between the noir style, maudlin Angel of Death drama, and the old-timey musical numbers (by far my favorite bits).

Meryl Streep is luminous…as usual…and has a lovely singing voice. Is there anything that woman can’t do? The big surprise for me was Woody Harrelson and John C. Reilly as the singing cowboys Dusty and Lefty, respectively. They are obviously having fun, strumming their guitars and harmonizing on bawdy songs. Kevin Kline is always fun (there’s a special place in my heart with his name on it), while Lindsay Lohan still looks natural and mostly sane.

I think I would have liked this movie more if there was less talking and more doing. I can’t stand the way the actor’s speak over each other–it might be more natural, but it makes it almost impossible to focus on what anyone is saying. My focus kept drifting to other things (like how interesting I found the swirls in the living room ceiling) and then I’d lose track of the plot (what little there was).

My polish is from China Glaze’s Rodeo Diva Collection and called Yee-Haw! This is a lovely golden peach shimmer (3 coats in this picture) that I can get behind whole-heartedly (unlike Orly’s Peachy Parrot). This comes from a really wonderful collection, and based on this polish, I am really looking forward to trying out the rest of the colors. ~K

Miranda Priestly is the boss from Hades. If I worked for her, I’d poison her Starbucks coffee. But that just goes to show you how good an actress Meryl Streep is. Anne Hathaway is her very put upon assistant in The Devil Wears Prada, a movie about fashion and the price of ambition. Andrea (Hathaway) is an aspirant writer who ends up as second assistant to the editor of a high fashion magazine. Emily Blunt plays the first assistant (also named Emily), a snobby worry wort who is so amazing in this part, she makes me nervous just watching her. Add to the mix Stanley Tucci (yes, please!) as Andrea’s fairy godfather, Nigel, the magazine’s art director, Simon Baker as a smooth-talking (he thinks) writer out to sweep Andrea off her feet and Andrea’s chef boyfriend with beautiful eyes, played by Adrian Grenier.

I know Hathaway’s character is supposed to come off as someone who changes for the worst as the film progresses, but I have issues with that. The thing is, people are constantly changing. When Andrea met her down-to-earth boyfriend, she probably changed a lot for him. It’s all about the people that you spend time with. Now, maybe she was spending too much time on her job, but that’s a sacrifice that all grown-ups make…and I didn’t find her so-called “friends” to be that great in the first place. Whatever. I obviously have friend issues.

Anyway, this is a fun little movie with lots of great love-to-hate-’em characters and it doesn’t get overly preachy like similar films tend to. I’m by no means a fashionista, but it is kind of fun to see what the rich and the beautiful wear. I’ve also heard a lot of complaining about how the movie is a declawed, watered down version of the book, but I firmly believe that this is one of those (rare) instances where a film is far superior to its source material. Thank you, Meryl!

For The Devil Wears Prada, I went with an awesome polish from OPI’s 2005 Shopping Around the World Collection called Paris Couture for Sure. This is technically a topcoat, but at 3 coats it had enough coverage that it could be worn on its own. This is a stunning silver holographic polish with flaky pieces (not linear holo) that is really stunning when it catches the light. Since it is a hard polish to track down, I would go with OPI’s Coronation from the Designer Series as a more realistic alternative. They look really similar and someday I will post a comparison photo of the two. ~K

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