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Pride and Prejudice

I know, I must sound like such a pessimistic person.  I’m always taking about how I expected a movie to be bad or an actor to be terrible in a certain part.  I can tell I am a pessimist because the majority of the time, I am pleasantly surprised.  This was very much the case with Joe Wright’s Pride and Prejudice.  When I heard Keira Knightley was going to be Elizabeth Bennet, I was not best pleased.  I thought she was much too pretty to be Elizabeth and not a skilled enough actress to do the part justice.  Again, I really shouldn’t have worried.  Although Keira was still pretty, she was a little muted and she was the perfect blend of witty and bratty.  I think she got Elizabeth down to a t, and so did a lot of people since she was nominated for an Academy Award for the role.

I must confess to also being nervous about Matthew Mcfadyen as Mr. Darcy.  I mean, there is no doubt in my mind that Collin Firth is Mr. Darcy and poor Matthew was never going to fill his shoes.  Although I still equate Mr. Darcy with Mr. Firth, I thought Matthew was excellent.  His Darcy comes off as aloof at the beginning, moving to shy, and then finally relaxed when he is in comfortable surroundings.  I thought the chemistry between the two leads was awesome.  That scene in the rain when they are telling each other how much they loath each other and then almost kiss, poetry!

I have to also mention Rosamund Pike’s Jane and Simon Wood’s Mr. Bingley.  I thought she was lovely and sweet, just as Jane should be, and he was adorably goofy.  Of course, I will always love Simon Woods for being in Penelope, but he is terrific here as well.  It’s also fun to see Keira interact with Tom Hollander (Mr. Collins), since they are in the middle two Pirates of the Caribbean movies together.

It’s hard to imagine anyone not knowing the plot of Pride and Prejudice, but here is an incredibly brief synopsis.  Jane and Elizabeth are the two oldest of five daughters in the Bennet family.  Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy are old friends.  When Mr. Bingley buys an estate near the Bennet family, their worlds collide.  Mr. Bingley is instantly smitten with Jane, and even though he doesn’t want to, Mr. Darcy falls for Elizabeth.  Instead of demonstrating his admiration, Mr. Darcy acts like a snob, which turns Elizabeth off.  Throw in a handsome soldier, some sister/family dramas, and an odd clergyman to spice things up, but the big questions of the movie are whether these two main couples will ever get together and if everyone can get over their own pride and prejudices.

Nicole The Gold Shoulder

This picture is three coats of Nicole by OPI’s The Gold Shoulder.  When I put the first coat on, I was sure it was going to take at least five coats to be opaque, but I was pleasantly surprised that it filled in so nicely after just three.  Although the polish is called The Gold Shoulder, it’s pretty straight-up silver, and very glittery.  It didn’t dry as quickly as I would have liked, since I completely demolished one nail and had to paint it all over again.  Overall, a nice polish, but nothing earth-shattering about it. ~E

Batman Begins

When I heard they were rebooting the Batman franchise, I was skeptical. I mean, I’m no fan of Joel Schumacher’s atrocities, but Tim Burton’s first two Batman movies were quite good. And it seems like Hollywood is rebooting everything these days. But I should have known better. Christopher Nolan’s vision is dark and brooding and as my brother would say…EPIC!

The first installment of the trilogy, Batman Begins, is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an origin story for the Dark Knight, and as such can drag a little bit in certain places. Yes, Bruce Wayne is a tortured soul…yes, he blames himself for his parents’ death, but can we get to the costumed vigilantism already? Christian Bale is quite good as Bruce, although his Batman voice can be a little grating (but so much fun to mock). Katie Holmes plays Rachel Dawes, a childhood friend of Bruce and his love interest. Katie is cute as a button, but I just don’t think she has the acting chops to inhabit Nolan’s Gotham. Gary Oldman is perfection as Lieutenant Gordon, as is Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox. And don’t even get me started on Michael Caine’s Alfred. He lights up every scene he’s in. Liam Neeson plays Henri Ducard, a sort of mentor figure for Bruce, and Neeson excels at playing mentor figures. As one of the big bads, Cillian Murphy plays Dr. Jonathan Crane, aka The Scarecrow, a character that scared me back when I used to watch Batman cartoons. Cillian is way too adorable to fully scare me, but that crystal blue stare can be a little disconcerting.

The production design is as dark and foreboding as the subject matter, as is the music. All in all, a good and exciting film, even if it is the weakest of the trilogy.

BB Couture Dark Knight

This is BB Couture’s Dark Knight, a black polish with beautiful gold shimmer. This picture is 1 coat!!! (plus topcoat). The polish applied beautifully, which makes me excited to try more BB Couture polishes. ~K

Dear Frankie & OPI Sea Ya Later, Sailor!

Back before Gerard Butler was a super ripped Spartan king, or a totally attractive phantom (even with a disfigured face), he was in a little movie called Dear Frankie.  In my humble opinion, it’s his best role to date.  There is a scene towards the end where his acting is so subtle, but so spot on that it’s kind of mind-blowing.  My recommendation:  watch it and be impressed.

This movie is really about broken people who have been broken for so long that they have just accepted that it is the way life is supposed to be.  Maybe that’s one of the reasons I relate to it so much.  The beautiful thing is that it’s also about healing and learning that you can let other people in; no one has to be alone if he or she doesn’t want to be.

Emily Mortimer is Lizzie Morrison, a single mother who has suffered a lot in her young life.  Possibly the only joy in her life comes from her son, Frankie, who she would do anything to protect.  Since his father is a sailor, Frankie’s only relationship with him is through letters they write to each other.   One day, Frankie finds out that his father’s ship is coming to port in their town and he makes a bet with a schoolmate that his father will come to his soccer tryouts.

What Frankie doesn’t know is that he’s really writing letters to his mom.  Because Frankie is deaf, reading those letters to his dad is the only way his mother can hear his voice.  To help him win the bet, Lizzie tries to find a man she can pay to be Frankie’s dad.  Enter Gerard Butler—the stranger.  I won’t go into too much, but he is absolutely the best faux-father a kid could want.

The amazing thing about this movie is how it capitalizes on quiet.  There is so much said, and yet so few words are spoken.  Sometimes it feels like movies are just so filled with talking that it isn’t realistic.  This movie isn’t afraid to let the actors act without words.  Not to mention, those quiet parts are filled with an absolutely beautiful score.

Because deep down, I know that Lizzie and Frankie are going to see their stranger again, I thought OPI’s Sea Ya Later, Sailor! was a lovely fit.  I wanted a polish that was ocean themed, but that was more on the subtle side.  This polish fit the bill.  It wasn’t a totally bold color, and it had a nice shimmer.  On the down side, I did have to apply four coats so that it wasn’t totally sheer.

Overall, I liked this polish, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Dear Frankie. ~E

Oh, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! I love you so much. I love the book. I love the movie. And despite popular belief, the two are not mutually exclusive. Sure, the plot of the movie is waaayyy different than the book, but the spirit of the book remains intact (in my humble opinion).

This is the story of Arthur Dent (the soon to be super famous Martin Freeman), a regular human with regular problems, like how he blew it with an awesome girl at a party or how his house is going to be bulldozed to build a bypass. But little does he know that his best friend Ford (Mos Def) is really an alien and a writer for galactic guidebook, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and that the entire planet is about to be bulldozed to build a hyperspace bypass. He and Ford catch a ride on an alien ship and have several harrowing adventures with Zaphod Beeblebrox (Sam Rockwell), fugitive President of the Galaxy, and Trillian (Zooey Deschanel) the human girl Arthur missed out on before. (You can see where that’s going, right?)

This is imaginative, family-friendly entertainment that also gets you thinking a bit. Yes, the plot gets wrapped up a little too neatly, but who really likes downer endings? (Maybe Marvin (Alan Rickman), the chronically depressed android, but I couldn’t say for sure). The cast is amazing (especially Mos Def as underused Ford…he kinda takes a backseat to the more flamboyant Zaphod) and some of the sight gags are downright inspired (like when they all turn into yarn dolls after they activate the improbability drive…or the opening musical number, sung by dolphins). Definitely one of my favorites.

This is Misa’s Spaced Out, from their Surreal Escape Collection (Winter 2011). An awesome polish from an awesome collection. It is a light gray base with tons of multi-colored shimmer that gives it a sort of speckled look. This picture is two coats and the formula was a dream to work with. I loved this with my skin tone and didn’t want to take it off. (Which is saying something when you have as many polishes as I have.) ~K

Robots & Orly Robo Romance

I did not think that I would like Robots the first time I saw it. There were a lot of juvenile gags (and the hated fart jokes), things that I’ve never found overly amusing (even when I was a juvenile). But I watched it with my brother, and he’s the kind of guy who, when he laughs at something, you can’t help laughing too.

Robots is the story of Rodney Copperbottom (Ewan McGregor), a small-town inventor with big city dreams. He goes to meet his idol, Big Weld (Mel Brooks), only to discover that Big Weld has been exiled and his company taken over by egomaniacal Ratchet (Greg Kinnear) who wants to send all outmoded robots to the chopshop owned by his mother, Madame Gasket (Jim Broadbent…yes, he’s playing a woman). Rodney falls in with a misfit group of bots, including Bender (Robin Williams) and his sister Piper (Amanda Bynes) and together they fight to put a stop to Ratchet’s machinations.

There are some really cool sequences in this movie, like Rodney’s first use of the public transportation system in Robot City and Rodney and Fender’s (balletic) fight scene. The voice acting is all top notch, except for maybe Halle Berry as Rodney’s love interest, Cappy. She sounds like she’s not at all sure what she’s doing in this zany movie, and leaves me wondering the same thing. Special mention goes out to the always wonderful Stanley Tucci as Rodney’s dad and Paul Giamatti as Tim, the nasty little gatekeeper at Big Weld Industries.

This picture is 3 coats of Orly’s Robo Romance, a very sheer and very pale pink base with lots of iridescent glitter. This one was surprisingly smooth for a glitter polish and only needed one coat of topcoat. The formula was a little thick, but not too bad. I think this would be an excellent choice for someone who needs a work appropriate polish with a bit of an edge. ~K

Just Like Heaven & Nubar Paradise

Mark Ruffalo, you are so adorable. Why can’t you do more romantic comedies, as a favor to me? Just Like Heaven is a romantic comedy with a twist, in that boy meets girl, girl walks through walls, boy hires exorcists to get rid of girl, etc. Mark Ruffalo plays David Abbott, a recent widower who moves into a furnished apartment that is haunted by the previous tenant, Elizabeth Masterson (Reese Witherspoon). David tries everything to get rid of her, and Elizabeth tries everything to make his existence as miserable as possible. Finally, they come to the realization that they can accomplish more if they work together, and discover that Elizabeth is not dead, but in a coma.

Reese is persnickety but endearing and Mark Ruffalo is positively adorable. Jon Heder (he of Napoleon Dynamite fame, or is it infamy?) makes a cameo as the owner of an occult bookstore who gives David supernatural advice. A bit of casting genius is Dina Waters (aka the director’s wife) as Elizabeth’s sister Abby (if I didn’t know any better, I would say she and Reese really were sisters…). Casting director’s never seem to take appearance into consideration when casting for siblings. (Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta-Jones as sisters in America’s Sweethearts? Puh-lease.)

This movie didn’t make much a of a blip when it originally came out, but I had read the book it was based on (Marc Levy’s If Only It Were True–a ho-hum read) so I was curious enough to see it in theaters. And I wasn’t disappointed. Better than the book and surprisingly funny.

Nubar’s Paradise is a very pretty pink-gold shimmer. This was a very sheer polish (3 coats in this picture and my nail line is still visible) but it was beautiful on my fingers. I think OPI’s Will You Mari-achi Me might be a very similar color, but I’d have to hold them next to each other to find out for sure (and I’m just too lazy to do it right now). ~K

Elektra & Zoya Electra

When I was in college, my roommate and I saw the movie Elektra.  Even though it wasn’t a terrible movie, it became a little joke between the two of us.  She even gave me the DVD for my last birthday, hence the ability to do a Daredevil/Elektra back-to-back review.

As I said, this really isn’t as bad a movie as its reputation makes it out to be.  Sure, it wasn’t a financial hit and it was pretty dark, but Jennifer Garner gives it her all.  I mean, who can claim to not like Jennifer Garner?  With those dimples, I’m just not sure it’s possible.  Which is why I always found it interesting that she was cast in these kick-butt roles.  I mean, she was awesome as Sydney Bristow, which is probably why she was cast as Elektra, but I’m just not sure I would see her head shot and think, “Lethal super spy.”

Even with her dimples, Jennifer Garner is great as Elektra.  She is super fit, like I can only ever dream of being, and physically, she is totally believable.  I think my main problem with this movie is the lack of dreamy men.  At least in Daredevil I had Ben Affleck to moon over.  Ever since Practical Magic, I have had an incredibly hard time considering Goran Višnjić attractive.

As for the plot, Elektra has been brought back from the dead by Stick, a blind martial arts master and practitioner of Kimagure, the method he used to bring Elektra back.  He begins training her, and even though she is his best student, he kicks her out.  So, of course she becomes a super assassin (hey, a girl’s got to make a living somehow).

She is sent on an assignment, but her employer doesn’t immediately tell her who the mark is.  While waiting to find out, she befriends a man and his daughter, and wouldn’t you know it, they are the very people she is supposed to kill.  Instead of killing them, she decides to protect them from some nasty people.  There is a lot of fighting and a lot of growing up for Elektra before the credits roll.  Like I said, it’s not the best movie ever, but it is far from the worst.

Zoya’s Electra (from this winter’s Ornate Collection), although not spelled the same, seemed like the most obvious choice for this movie.  I have never used a polish with bar glitter before, and I have to say that I am not a fan.  The polish looked awesome on my fingernails, almost like diamonds, but it drove me crazy.  There were pieces of glitter poking over the edge of my nails.  This picture is two coats, with a top coat.  I probably should have put another layer of top coat to help smooth things out a bit more. ~E

Some people didn’t like Nora Ephron’s Bewitched.  I am not some people.  I happen to love it.  Granted, the story is a little out there—okay a lot out there, but it works for me.  I’m going to say mostly because of the actors, particularly Will Ferrell (hilarious, there’s nothing else I can say), Nicole Kidman (having more fun than I have ever seen…her…have), Michael Caine (who doesn’t love him?), and Shirley McLaine (she was born to play a crazy witch).

Here’s a quick plot run-down: Nicole Kidman is a bona fide witch and she’s decided she wants to just be a normal girl, much to the chagrin of her warlock father, Michael Caine.  She moves to LA, where she bumps into a washed up movie star, Will Ferrell, who’s looking for a Samantha to his Darrin for a rebooted Bewitched TV show.  Because he is such a hot mess, she falls for him and agrees to do the show.  He proves to be a jerky prima donna, which makes Nicole mad.  There’s a bit of spell casting, a little falling in love, and a whole lot of laughs.

This is one of the most oft quoted movies in our house.  Watching the movie, you have to wonder how much of it was ad-libbed by Will Ferrell.  As a warning, Will Ferrell is very comfortable with his body, and he doesn’t mind showing it off.

Steve Carrell makes a funny cameo, as does Kristen Chenoweth.  No matter what anyone else says, I think Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman are great together.  He is actually taller than she is, which had to be an interesting change of pace for her.

Wet ‘N Wild’s Under Your Spell seemed like a good fit for Bewitched, since both Nicole and Will fall under each other’s spells (Will quite literally).  This polish was a lovely color; it reminded me of black cherry soda, which I have always loved.  This picture is two coats and a top coat.

This is another ManiCurve polish brush, which means the brush is super fat and unwieldy, at least for me.  I think with more practice, I might learn to like it, but for right now, I just don’t.  I always get polish all over my cuticles, which requires a lot of tidying up.  I don’t like that.

Although the polish was impressive, I didn’t fall completely under its spell.  Bewitched, however, is a totally different story. ~E

Sky High & Color Club Sky High

Sky High is a pretty fun flick.  I mean, it’s not exactly Citizen Kane, but it’s still a good time (and really, how fun is Citizen Kane anyway?).  It has its problems; there are some really cheesy bits, but there are some really funny parts as well.  I know, it’s a family/kid’s movie, but those are some of my favorite films (not too crass or violent).  Plus it has the trifecta of Dean Pelton from Community (Jim Rash, he who dared to mock Angelina Jolie at the Oscars), Bruce Campbell, and the voice of Patrick Warburton, all of whom I love.

It’s the story of a high school that trains super heroes, obviously named Sky High.  Will Stronghold is a freshman, which is hard enough, but he is also the son of the two greatest super heroes of the day, the Commander and Jetstream (played by Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston, who both seem to be having a blast).  Even though Will’s powers haven’t manifested, he braves the first day of school and is relegated to sidekick.  He’s there with his best friend who can control plant life, but is also put in the sidekick class because she refuses to demonstrate her powers.  They make friends with the other sidekicks, who have some pretty interesting powers, such as glowing, melting, and transforming into a guinea pig.  He also makes an arch enemy, who just happens to be able to create fire.  Talk about a rough first day of high school!

This motley crew has multiple misadventures, including Will falling for the wrong girl, dealing with bullies, and playing the popularity contest that is almost always the crux of movies about high school.  Of course there’s also a super villain, with (kind of) a clever plot to destroy the super hero world, who the sidekicks have to defeat, and all of this happens before the end of the Homecoming Dance.  High drama!

I was at a drug store, and I happened upon some nail polish on clearance.  K had previously bought Color Clubs and seemed to like them.  I found a blueish-purple polish that she didn’t have and since I liked the color, I decided to buy it.  When I saw the name, I knew this was the polish meant for this movie.  It was just too obvious.

This picture is two coats of Color Club’s Sky High.  This was my first experience using a Color Club and I quite liked it.  The color on my nails matches the color in the bottle, although this picture doesn’t show the purple–I’ll try to get another picture posted ASAP) and it went on fairly smoothly.

Here is a (kinda crappy) picture that shows some of the cool purple duochrome shimmer. Very pretty!

Like the movie, Sky High is a keeper. ~E

Miyazaki is a little weird.  A genius, but weird.  His films are always beautifully drawn, but the plots are often a little hard to follow.  Howl’s Moving Castle is no exception.  It’s a little different, but I still like it.  I read the book “Howl’s Moving Castle” when I was younger, and was thrilled it was being made into a movie, even though the movie wasn’t exactly like the book.

Christian Bale voices Howl.  He is a wizard with a reputation as a bit of a womanizer (yes, I’m singing Britney Spears as I type this).  He is actually very funny, especially when his hair dye gets messed up, and only slips into his Batman voice once.  Emily Mortimer is the young Sophie, who is cursed by a jealous witch to be an old lady, and is then voiced by Jean Simmons.  Young Josh Hutcherson also voices Howl’s apprentice.  Oh, and Billy Crystal is pretty subtle (for him) as Howl’s fire demon Calcifer.

Anyway, it’s a fantasy, a romance, and a comedy all wrapped into a lovely, hand-drawn, animated film.  Yes, it’s a little different, but Spirited Away it is not.



For this film, I went with Del Sol’s On Fire, since Calcifer plays such an important role in Howl’s life.  The fun thing about Del Sol’s polishes is that they change color in the sun.  This polish is a mixture of orange, gold and silver glitter indoors.  In direct sunlight, it is supposed to turn dark blue.  The reality, as you can see, is that it is a sort of dark copper.  Even though it’s not exactly the color on the top of the bottle, I still like it (although removal is a real pain).

Howl’s Moving Castle is a fun diversion, and so are Del Sol’s polishes. ~E

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