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About a Boy

So, remember back in January when everyone and their dog were talking about how Nicholas Hoult was the next “It” boy? You don’t? Okay, well maybe you don’t spend as much time on the internet as I do, but trust me, they were. I had seen X-Men Origins, so I knew he was the young version of Beast, but until I read all of these articles, I had no idea that he was the kid from About a Boy. Reading about it over and over again really made me want to watch About a Boy. Hence, today’s review.

About a Boy is a story about becoming an adult, even if age-wise you technically already are. Hugh Grant is Will, a playboy who has never had to work a day in his life. He decides that he wants to date single moms because the break-up is easier (read they all think he is wonderful, but they just need to focus on being a good mom). He takes this brilliant idea to the extreme by attending a single parent help group and inventing a little boy. This plan backfires when Marcus, one of the children at said single parent group, discovers that Will doesn’t have a kid and blackmails Will. Marcus’ mom has recently attempted suicide, so Marcus needs a place to go so he doesn’t have to be at home and Will’s suits his needs perfectly.

These two begin to bond and Will begins to grow up, just a little bit. He even meets Rachel and thinks he’s finally found love, except that Rachel believes Marcus is Will’s son. Watching the movie, you know this will eventually blow up in his face, but you still start to feel sorry for poor Will because he is finally starting to be a decent human being. I believe this is Hugh Grant’s gift to us moviegoers. He has this amazing knack at making undesirable characters seem absolutely charming and convinces us that we should root for them.

Nicholas Hoult is really good as Marcus. He is a sweet, messed up little guy and he totally sells it. When he starts singing in the middle of class, so sad and funny! Toni Collete is also quite good as Marcus’ mother and Rachel Weisz is lovely, but left with little to do. Let’s be honest though, this is really Hugh’s movie.

Butter London Gobsmacked

Butter London is one of K’s favorite brands of polish, so it is always a bit of a surprise when she lets me review one of their polishes.  Today, you’re getting Gobsmacked.  It’s interesting because it is a matte glitter polish.  I’m not crazy about mattes, but adding the glitter definitely helped.  This picture is three coats without a topcoat.  Although it’s not my favorite Butter London, Gobsmacked is still worth a look. ~E


I like cartoons and I am not going to apologize for it.  I mean, they are not all created equally.  If you have ever seen The Magic Voyage, you know that cartoons can be a little underwhelming.  Mostly though, Disney is pretty reliable…at least recently.  Not all of them are financially successful, but that doesn’t necessarily equate a stellar movie in my opinion.  Some of my favorites barely made a blip on the pop culture radar.

I don’t know if Treasure Planet falls into that category, but I do thoroughly enjoy it.  It is an intergalactic retelling of Robert Louis Stevens’ Treasure Island.  Jim Hawkins is a teenager being raised by his mother and he seems a little lost.  He is super intelligent, but keeps getting into trouble.  After coming across a map leading to the legendary “Treasure Planet”, Jim begins an adventure that includes pirates, treasure, and becoming a man.

This was back when Joseph Gordon Leavitt was that kid from Third Rock From the Sun and 10 Things I Hate About You, and although he is younger, you can still tell it’s him.  He does a nice job, but he’s kind of the straight-man to everyone else’s craziness.  My two favorites are Captain Amelia (voiced by the inspired Emma Thompson) and Dr. Doppler, the sponsor of the voyage and Jim’s sort of guardian (voiced by David Hyde Pierce, who is absolutely wonderful as well).  Martin Short’s voice makes an appearance towards the end of the movie as marooned robot, BEN, and he is as reliable as ever.


Natural Light

For this movie, I did a super cool polish from Girly Bits (I love that name!) called Cosmic Ocean.  This picture is two coats over one coat of Wet and Wild’s Black Pearl with a top coat.  I loved it over the black.  It was kind of crazy how in certain light the glitter was most definitely green and then in other light I would swear it was blue.  I think that’s what I liked most about this polish, its ability to be completely different but still awesome.  I kind of wonder what it would be like on top of a different color polish, maybe a white.  It will be fun to experiment! ~E

I remember first seeing trailers for Lilo & Stitch (those ones where he invades other Disney movies) and thinking it looked really stupid.  Hence, I didn’t see it in theaters, and didn’t really plan on ever seeing it.  It took some strong convincing by my college roommates to get me to watch it, and I immediately realized that I had missed out.  Although the premise is a little out there, this is a beautiful story about family, unconventional friendship, Elvis, and finding out where you belong.

The movie starts out with a trial for a crazy inventor alien who created a “monstrosity” called Experiment 626, a cute little creature who is virtually indestructible, but totally evil.  The inventor is imprisoned and 626 is to be exiled on a distant asteroid, but he of course escapes.  He crash lands on Hawaii (I’m sorry, but how lucky is that?) and is run over by a big rig.  He of course isn’t killed, but it definitely knocks him out for a while and he ends up in an animal shelter.

Lilo is a young girl whose parents recently died in a car crash and is now being raised by her older sister.  She’s not adjusting well.  She doesn’t get along with the other girls her age and locks her sister out of the house when the new social worker, Mr. Bubbles (yes, that’s right—I said Bubbles), comes for his first visit.  One of my favorite parts of this movie is when Lilo makes voodoo dolls of her friends out of spoons and puts them in a pickle jar.  When Mr. Bubbles sees this, Lilo tells him that her friends need to be punished.  It’s funny, but a little sad at the same time.

When her sister sees how lonely Lilo is, she decides to get her a dog.  If you don’t see this coming from a mile away, I don’t really know what to say, but of course Lilo adopts 626 and names him Stitch.  By the end, Stitch becomes as sweet as he is cuddly.  Plus, he’s an Elvis fan.

I didn’t expect it to be difficult to find a polish for a movie that takes place on stunning beaches and tropical locations, but it was.  Eventually, K came up with a great idea: China Glaze’s Blue Paradise from their Bahama Blues collection.  Hawaii is apparently pretty paradisiacal (I, unfortunately, haven’t been so I can’t say for sure), so anything with paradise in the title seemed like a good fit.  There’s also a lot of beautiful blue water and righteous waves.

So, having finally made a decision, I sat down and put it on.  This first coat didn’t look so great; there wasn’t good coverage.  The second coat however, looked awesome.  All the unevenness disappeared and a top coat smoothed it all out.  I kind of love this polish. ~E

Believe it or not, I have some good things to say about Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.  The music is some of the best in the entire series.  The lover’s theme, Across the Stars, is both hopeful and heartbreaking at the same time.

The costumes, particularly Natalie Portman’s are phenomenal; you almost keep watching just to see what she shows up in next.

I also enjoy Ewan McGregor.  Yes, he is forced to say some cheesy lines, but he delivers it with a sincerity that is reminiscent of the actors from the original trilogy.  Yes, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Luke all have corny things to say, but they pull it off.  So does Ewan.

And quite possibly the best of all, the beautiful locations for the Naboo scenes.  Can you believe George Clooney gets to live here?  Combine Natalie’s costumes, the haunting music, and Lake Como, and it’s almost magical.

Then Natalie Portman or Hayden Christensen open their mouths and the spell is almost completely broken.  This leads me to the things I don’t like about Attack of the Clones.  The dialogue.  It seems like George Lucas always takes the easy way out.  He goes for the obvious joke or pun (I’m looking at you C3PO), instead of finding clever ways to make the audience laugh.  His love scenes also seem overly sentimental and schmaltzy, rather than sincere.  At one point, Padme tells Anakin:  “I think our lives are about to be destroyed anyway. I truly… deeply… love you and before we die I want you to know.”  I mean, does anyone really talk like that?

The clunky dialogue isn’t helped by lead actors Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman.  Like I mentioned earlier, the cast of the original trilogy somehow made the atrocious dialogue work (Scruffy nerf-herder anyone?).  Even though they were in the midst of a rebellion, they still seemed to be alive.  Anakin and Padme seem wooden at best.  They don’t really demonstrate that what they say is actually how they feel.  Anakin is such a baby, it is not believable that he got a woman like Padme to fall in love with him.  I mean, Hayden Christensen is a handsome devil, but really?  Really?

This is how I feel about Sun Streaked by OPI (2002 Surf Party Collection).  I looked at in the bottle, and thought it was a beautiful color.  It looked gold with sort of a pinkish undertone.  It made me think of the beautiful Nabooan lake country, streaked with sun, and the perfect match for this particular movie.  It was like the sun shining just before the clouds roll in for a 19 year-long storm.

Although I generally like OPI polishes because they have pretty impressive coverage and go on smoothly, I wasn’t crazy about this color once it was on my nails.  The pinkish undertone that initially caught my attention mostly disappeared, leaving me with just plain old gold nail polish.  I mean, in certain lights, I could see a bit of the pink, but really, my nails were gold.

To achieve this particular look, I put on two coats.  I think three probably would have been better, but as you hopefully know, I don’t like waiting around for my nails to dry.  I did use an OPI top coat, which kept this polish looking good for several days.

So, much like Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Sun Streaked was full of promise, but ultimately, disappointing. ~E

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