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When the movie Shrek came out, I wasn’t terribly impressed.  I mean, it was everywhere and everyone quoted it (remember the gumdrop buttons?).  Not gonna lie, it got old fast.  Plus a crude ogre as a hero?  Um, just not my cup of tea.  Then the second Shrek movie came out, and I this time around, I actually found myself enjoying it.

What really sold me though was Shrek the Musical.  I had zero desire to see the play, but on a whim I checked out the soundtrack from the library and completely fell in love with it.  Even though I passed up the chance to see the musical in New York, I did eventually see it.  And it was fantastic.  I saw it again over the weekend, so in honor of that, K and I decided to watch all the Shrek movies.

For anyone who has never seen the first Shrek, the story centers on a reluctantly soft ogre, who just happens to be Scottish, his best friend Donkey, an unconventional princess names Fiona, who’s got her own curse to deal with, a maniacal and height challenged lord, and an assortment of fairy tale creatures.  In order to get said fairy tale creatures out of his swamp, Shrek agrees to rescue the princess from a dragon guarded tower so Lord Farquad can marry her and become king.  On the return journey, Shrek and Fiona discover they have a lot more in common than either of them would have thought.

This really is a great tale about being true to yourself and being open to true love, even if it isn’t exactly what you had in mind.

Barielle Polished Princess

Barielle’s Polished Princess is appropriate for this movie for a few different reasons.  First, Fiona starts off trying to live the perfect fairy tale, but kind of lets her guard down and becomes more human and less polished princess.  Second, it’s green and so is Shrek.

Anyway, the polish is quite nice.  It’s not my typical shade of green polish, but I still like it.  It’s kind of a sour apple green with multicolor shimmer.  The formula was okay, but it did require three coats.  Still, it’s a fun polish, and would be great for the right occasion.

For any musical theater fans out there, Shrek the Musical is a definite must.  If you get the chance to see it, do.  I saw it recently when it came to town. ~E

The Mummy Returns

Sometimes, a movie sequel can improve on the original (see Toy Story 2), but other times, it can be a little bit of a letdown.  I really, really enjoy The Mummy (okay, not so much the gruesome mummy and bug bits, but pretty much everything else) and I’ve seen it a bajillion times.  I can probably count the number of times I have seen The Mummy Returns on one hand.  This one just didn’t do it for me.  Are there funny bits? Yes.  Is there still a ton of action and craziness? Yes.  So why don’t I like it?

Well, there’s not much of a love story.  Yes, Rick and Evelyn are all sickly sweet and romantical, but I really miss the whole watching two people fall in love aspect.  Also, I don’t believe Egyptians believe in reincarnation, so that whole plot line is a bit wacky for me as well.  And did it have to be the same mummy?  Don’t get me wrong, Arnold Vosloo is terrific as Imhotep, but it would really tick me off to have to save the world from a mummy I had already killed. Props to the O’Connells for not being like me and actually saving the world for the second time.

So, the plot goes like this: Evelyn is now a respected archeologist/Egyptologist and she and Rick have an eight or nine year old son.  He’s got his mother’s brains and clumsiness, but he also has his father’s guts. Anyway, a reincarnated Anck-Su-Namun decides to raise Imhotep again so he can defeat the Scorpion King.  Alex, the little boy, gets caught up in this plot when he is kidnapped because he put on a bracelet that shows the way to the Oasis where Imhotep will have to kill the Scorpion King, which will grant him power over the king’s army.  Rick, Evelyn, and Jonathon first have to save Alex, and then the world.  Again.

I have to mention that I do love that they were able to reunite the entire cast from the first movie. That’s one of my big beefs with the third mummy movie.

Pretty Serious Mummy Mush 3

Pretty Serious has some really fun Halloween polishes, including their Monster Mash Collection.  Mummy Mush is a part of this collection, and the connection to the movie is fairly obvious.  This was a nice polish, but not really my thing.  This picture is two coats and is impressive coverage, considering it is a glitter polish.  I’m not crazy about gold, nor am I particularly fond of polishes that are pretty much just glitter.  They can be beastly to get off, and I tend to have bits of glitter all over the edges of my nails for days after. ~E

Of all the Pixar movies, Monsters, Inc. is my very favorite. No ifs, ands or buts about it. I remember seeing it the day it opened in theaters and bursting into joyful tears during that last scene. I’ve sniffled during other Pixars, but none of them ever recaptured that same feeling.

Monsters, Inc. is a cute twist on the monster in the closet story. These monsters scare because their world is powered by the screams of human children. And the best scare-er is Sully (played by Disney favorite John Goodman), a large blue monster with the heart of a teddy bear. His best buddy and co-worker is Mike (Billy Crystal), a little green monster with one eye and a big mouth. When another co-worker, Randall (played to smarmy perfection by Steve Buscemi) leaves a closet door active in the course of an evil plot, a human girl escapes into the monster world and into Mike and Sully’s lives.

What impresses me most about this movie are the vocal performances. The animation is so-so, not as visually stunning as Finding Nemo or Brave. But when I think of Mike and Sully, I don’t think about John Goodman and Billy Crystal. I think about the adorable two monsters that are so fully realized they have a life of their own beyond the actors.

Can I just say, that I LOVE this nail polish! The Monster by Hare Polish is a sheer, dusty green with green and black glitter. This is 3 coats and a topcoat to make it all smooth. As I was applying it, I wondered if I should have used a petticoat color to make it fully opaque, but in the end I really liked how it turned out. Kind of wet looking, but in a good way. Beautiful! ~K

First of all, the blend of medieval-meets-modern in this movie is inspired. At the very beginning, when they show the jousting tournament with the audience clapping along to Queen’s “We Will Rock You”, you know you’re watching something special. I’ve heard that in certain circles, A Knight’s Tale is looked down on as silly and/or anachronistic, but that’s just quibbling. It’s supposed to be anachronistic and silly and that’s what makes it fun.

Heath Ledger (I miss him lots) plays William Thatcher, a squire who has always dreamed of becoming a knight and finally gets his chance with a little luck, a lot of subterfuge and a little help from his friends. Since the knights are portrayed as the rockstars of their time, it makes sense that William has an entourage, consisting of fellow squires Roland (Mark Addy) and Wat (always wonderful Alan Tudyk), female blacksmith Kate (Laura Fraser), frequently nude wordsmith Geoffrey Chaucer (Paul Bettany) and William’s feisty lady love Jocelyn (Shannyn Sossamon). His rival on and off the field is the nasty Count Adhemar (played by frequent baddie Rufus Sewell), who has a serious superiority complex (we won’t even get into the whole psychological implications of men riding around on horses while trying to knock each other down with long sticks) and is out to beat William in any way he can.

Aside from the awesome classic rock (Queen, David Bowie, AC/DC, etc.), there’s plenty of modern wordplay (“foxy lady”) and fashion, along with a lot of inside jokes from Chaucer. (Side note: One of my poms, coincidentally named Chaucer, has a tendency to sit up and take notice when we watch this movie.) With a positive message that anyone can achieve their dreams and have a blast doing it, A Knight’s Tale is one of my faves (although I could do without seeing so much of Paul’s pasty bare backside).

My polish this time around is Diamond Cosmetics Joust for Kicks (from the 2008 Renaissance Collection, an awesome collection for sure). It is a dark chocolate brown polish with gold and red shimmer that dries a lot darker than the bottle color, but is still lovely. This picture is two coats and a topcoat. I have nothing but good things to say about all of the Diamond Cosmetics polishes I’ve tried, but what is up with their outrageous shipping costs? Fifteen bucks to ship within the U.S.? Yeah right! ~K

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