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The Mummy & Sally Hansen Scarab

The Mummy

I’ve been feeling cold lately, so I thought it was time to watch something warm and as you probably know…I tend to take things to extremes.

The Mummy is the story of Evelyn Carnahan (Rachel Weisz), an accident prone librarian and amateur Egyptologist who dreams of being respected in the archeological community. When her good-for-nothing brother Jonathan (John Hannah), steals an artifact that contains a map to the lost treasure city of the pharaohs, they team up with adventurer Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser, probably never better than here), the original owner of the map, and race against a group of Americans to find the treasure first. Unfortunately, what they find, or rather who they find, is an ancient mummy–a high priest named Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo) who was cursed to bring disaster should he ever be resurrected. And of course, Evelyn manages to do just that.

I had dreams of being an Egyptologist when I was younger, so I have always had a soft spot for this movie (even if the historical accuracy is a little dodgy at times). Something I’m not a fan of however, is all of the gore and burrowing scarabs. I have a thing about bugs and their yuckiness. On the other hand, the acting is first rate and the chemistry between Brendan and Rachel is pretty awesome. The whole thing is just a bit of fun and should be taken as such, but what fun it is!

Sally Hansen Scarab

This is Sally Hansen’s Scarab, a lovely blue green duochrome that has an almost metallic finish and definitely lives up to its name. I used two coats here (plus topcoat) and found the formula to be quite good. There are several lookalike polishes out there, so I’ll have to do a comparison some time. ~K

Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 is a fitting follow-up to a ground-breaking film.  It is just as funny and just as touching as Toy Story.  This time around, Woody is the one who needs some convincing that he is a toy, “a child’s plaything,” and it makes it that much better knowing that nudging comes from Buzz.  I mean, he pretty much quotes Woody word for word from the first movie.

Woody is toy-napped by a greedy collector who, now that he has the main attraction, plans to sell his entire Sheriff Woody collection to a museum in Japan.  Woody meets his Round-up Gang, including Jessie the Yodelin’ Cowgirl, Bullseye (he’s Woody’s horse), and the Ole Prospector, and finds out the truth about his monetary value.  They convince Woody that Andy (his owner), will grow up and abandon him, so he decides to join them on their trip to Japan.

Meanwhile, Buzz and the gang set out to rescue Woody.  They make it to Al’s Toy Barn, where Buzz is captured and replaced by a new Buzz, who is just as deluded as the original Buzz in the first movie.  The new Buzz is able to lead the group to Woody, and the original Buzz shows up just in time to help Woody come to the conclusion that he needs to go home to be with Andy.

There’s plenty more fun and adventure along the way, including a brush with Emperor Zurg, a crazy airplane ride, and the toys driving a pizza truck.  The cast is all just as wonderful as before, and introduces some fun new talent, including Joan Cusack, Wayne Knight, and Kelsey Grammar.  It must be a total blast to be a voice in a Toy Story movie because they all just keep coming back.

China Glaze Cowgirl Up

In honor of Jessie, I went with China Glaze’s Cowgirl Up.  This is a deep wine color with shimmer, which basically means I loved it.  The coverage was really great and I only needed two coats, plus a top coat.  Because it was a shimmer, it dried pretty quickly as well, which is super important to me.

Before Toy Story 3 came out, I would have had a hard time telling you which Toy Story movie I liked best.  Let me say, there’s no doubt that I love China Glaze’s Cowgirl Up. ~E

Sleepy Hollow is one of the rare rated R movies we’ll review on this blog (we try to keep things family friendly here), but it just doesn’t feel like Halloween to me without a viewing of this Tim Burton directed gore fest.

This is a pretty drastic departure from the Washington Irving short story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Instead of a snipe-nosed school master, Ichabod Crane is a forward thinking New York detective who, as punishment for his modern crime solving techniques, is sent to the small village of Sleepy Hollow. The residents are slowly being picked off by a ghostly horseman with a penchant for head chopping. Ichabod, who has a sort of supernatural background himself, is convinced that there isn’t a ghost, but the leading citizens of Sleepy Hollow are all terrified out of their wits (with good reason). When Ichabod witnesses a beheading first hand, he becomes a true believer and vows to find the person controlling the horseman.

Johnny Depp may be too beautiful to be a convincing Ichabod Crane, but he does a great job channeling the bumbling cowardice of the character (I love the spider scene…quote it all the time). Christina Ricci plays the lovely Katrina Van Tassell, Ichabod’s love interest, and it’s funny to see her as a blonde (I think Tim Burton gets a kick out of putting pale brunettes in blond wigs…remember Winona Ryder in Edward Scissorhands?). The rest of the cast is brilliant, with wonderful performances from several British veterans (Michael Gambon, Miranda Richardson and Richard Griffiths). The real surprise is Christopher Walken as the (fully headed) horseman. He doesn’t have any lines (which is probably for the best), but he looks uber-creepy. (I sort of take offense that the horseman is a bloodthirsty Hessian…some of my ancestors were Hessians and they weren’t there for blood…it was all about the money, y’all.)

The ick factor here is pretty high, but I would say that if you can handle the extended version of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, you can probably handle Sleepy Hollow.

My polish for Sleepy Hollow is the intriguingly named Ick-a-Body from China Glaze’s Awakening Collection for Halloween 2010. I don’t know if they were going for the Sleepy Hollow reference, but that’s where my mind went. And if that’s not a thing, there are plenty of icky bodies in this movie. It’s a swamp green-brown base with thick, bright orange glitter. This is two coats plus two coats of topcoat (and it was still pretty grainy). Very sparkly and pretty unusual polish. ~K

For my –th birthday (sensored due to extreme vintage-ness), I asked for and received The Phantom Menace on VHS (yes, you read that correctly, VHS was still a thing then) for two reasons: I liked Star Wars and I wanted to impress a cute boy who loved Star Wars. (Come to think of it, that’s how I got into The Lord of the Rings, too. Different boy though.)

Anyway, now I’m a big girl and I have TPM on DVD (so there’s no more of that obnoxious rewinding business). You’re probably familiar with the plot: Young, awesomely overdressed Queen escapes enemy occupied planet with two sexy Jedi, they land on desert planet and pick up whiny slave boy with super pod-racing powers and magical immaculate birth, big pod race with totally believable outcome (sarcasm), spiky Sith Lord (who’s probably cooler than all the heroes combined) drops in and battle ensues.  Overall, it is an over-produced mess, the actors look uncomfortable delivering super cheesy dialogue and it makes you desperately long for the original series.

Some awesome things that TPM has given us:

-Samuel L. as Mace Windu

-Queen Amidala’s wardrobe (my go-to Halloween costume)

-Darth Maul’s wicked two-sided light saber

-Keira Knightley before Pirates (look closely)

-R2D2’s return

-The hotness that is young Obi-wan Kenobi

Some not-so-awesome things:

-Gungans in general (and JarJar Binks in particular)

-Midi-chlorians (what’s up with that?!)

-C-3PO’s change from lovable fusspot to obnoxious deliverer of corny-ness

-Darth Vader should never say “Yippee!” (NEVER!)

When I saw NFU Oh #60, I immediately thought of Darth Maul. With his awesome black and red skin, he was a perfect match for this polish. A black base with shimmery flakes that change colors from red to green (and everything in between), it’s like watching a lightsaber duel between good and evil right on your finger tips.

This picture is 3 coats with a top coat. Goes on pretty well (the flakes can clump a bit). Removal is a kind of a hassle (definitely use acetone) and my nails suffered from some yellowing afterwards, but it was totally worth it. Bonus points for the NFU Oh bottle. It’s a freakin’ dress! ~K

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