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So, 2012 was really the year of action movies.  I love chick flicks, but there weren’t many worth mentioning this year (maybe Salmon Fishing in the Yemen or One For the Money, but they didn’t make it into my top ten).  Here’s my top ten list, which are in no particular order (and bear in mind that there are many movies from this year I haven’t seen yet):

The Avengers-Robert Downey Jr + Chris Evans + Joss Whedon + Mark Ruffalo + Chris Hemsworth = Total and complete awesomeness!

The Dark Knight Rises-This movie blew my mind.  Anne Hathaway was amazing.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey-I love Martin Freeman.  I can’t wait for some Benedict Cumberbatch and Lee Pace in the next ones.

Les Miserables-I love music and I love Hugh Jackman.  I was kind of blown away by the singing and acting in this movie.  I anticipated being disappointed, but I wasn’t.

Brave-I have been told I am Merida, but that’s mostly just for my crazy, curly red hair.

Wreck-It Ralph-I thought I would hate this movie, but it just wasn’t to be.  Loved it!

Pitch Perfect-With a little less puking and a little less sex-talk, this movie would have been just about perfect.  Like I said, I love music.

The Hunger Games-I’m so glad they downplayed the violence.  Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson were great.

People Like Us-I know that this wasn’t a super popular movie, but I quite enjoyed it.  Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks were completely believable as siblings.

The Life of Pi-This movie was amazing.  I don’t know if I will ever watch it again because it took such an emotional toll on me.  I mean, a girl can only cry so much.

Honorable Mentions:

John Carter


Mirror Mirror

Rise of the Guardians

Trouble with the Curve

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

E’s Favorite Varnishes

(These are not necessarily polishes that came out this year, just ones that were reviewed by us this year)

Sephora + Pantone Universe Rose Dawn

Sephora + Pantone Rose Dawn (Sleeping Beauty)

All That Glitters Book Smart Beauty

All That Glitters Book Smart Beauty (Beauty and the Beast)

Zoya Anthea

Zoya Anthea (Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan)

Duri Unexpected Kiss

Duri Unexpected Kiss (Flipped)

OPI Mermaid's Tears

OPI Mermaid’s Tears (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides)

Butter London Lady Muck

Butter London Lady Muck (The Princess Bride)

Sephora by OPI Who Let the Dorks Out

Sephora by OPI Who Let the Dorks Out (Sydney White)

OPI Ocean Love Potion

OPI Ocean Love Potion (Ponyo)

OPI Skull and Glossbones

OPI Skull and Glossbones (Peter Pan)

OPI Out of this World

OPI Out of This World (John Carter)

K’s Favorite Varnishes

Butter London Victoriana

Butter London Victoriana (The Young Victoria)

Color Club Gift of Sparkle

Color Club Gift of Sparkle (Ramona and Beezus)

Zoya Blaze

Zoya Blaze

a-england Princess Tears

a-england Princess Tears (Tangled)

Sephora + Pantone Universe Purple Parachute

Sephora + Pantone Universe Purple Parachute

Revlon Whimsical

Revlon Whimsical (Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium)

Cirque Dark Horse

Cirque Dark Horse (The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad)

Pretty Serious Creature Crush

Pretty Serious Creature Crush

Hare Polish The Monster

Hare Polish The Monster (Monsters Inc.)

Barielle Falling Star

Barielle Falling Star (Stardust)

Comparison Day! (metallic reds)

Today I have a comparison of OPI’s Danke Shiny Red (index and ring) and Zoya’s Elisa (middle and pinky). I have to apologize for the picture quality, it was stormy all day and I couldn’t find any good light. This is 1 coat of each polish.

Danke Shiny Red Comparison

These two are spot on copycats (one is shinier than the other in this picture because I put topcoat on one color and not the other, just to test). The OPI brush is a bit wider, but that’s the only real difference. Both formulas are amazing (1 coat, people!!!) and I honestly couldn’t recommend one over the other. They’re both great!

Danke Shiny Red is from OPI’s Germany Collection (Fall 2012)

Elisa is from Zoya’s Diva Collection (Fall 2012)

Today I have a comparison of Color Club’s Ho-Ho-Holly (index and ring) and Zoya’s Logan (middle and pinky). These are both deep green gold foils and this picture is two coats of each polish.

Ho-Ho-Holly Comparison

I love both of these polishes! Logan is a deeper green (thanks to its teal base) and has thicker pieces of gold shimmer, but Holly is just as gorgeous in its own way. Both have a lovely formula and easy to work with brushes. Color Club is a little less expensive than Zoya, but if I had to choose, I’d probably go with Logan.

Zoya’s Logan is from their Ornate Collection (Winter 2012)

Color Club’s Ho-Ho-Holly is from their Winter Affair Collection (Winter 2012)

Two weeks ago I did a comparison of Zoya’s FeiFei and OPI’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Almost the very next day I saw Sinful Colors new winter collection and realized Winter Wonder was another possible copycat. So here is a new comparison photo with FeiFei (index), On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (middle) and Winter Wonder (ring). This is 3 coats of each polish.

I am really impressed with Winter compared to the higher end FeiFei and Her Majesty. In 3 coats it is more opaque and has more shimmer…and at a fraction of the cost of the other two. They are all beautiful, and although Her Majesty is slightly darker than FeiFei and Winter, they all look pretty close to identical. The formulas are all fabulous and I don’t think you can go wrong buying any of them.

FeiFei is from Zoya’s Diva Collection (Fall 2012)

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is from OPI’s Skyfall Collection (Winter 2012)

Winter Wonder is from Sinful Color’s Holiday Shimmer Collection (Winter 2012)

Listed from least favorite to favorite 🙂

Zoya Ziv

(5) Zoya Ziv is a speckly gold, with shimmery bits of other colors (2 coats)

(4) Zoya Logan is a forest green with thick gold shimmer (2 coats)

(3) Zoya Storm is a black scattered holographic (2 coats)

(2) Zoya Aurora is a grape purple scattered holographic (2 coats)

(1) Zoya Blaze is a maroon/berry red scattered holo (2 coats)

Coming Soon:  Electra

Elektra & Zoya Electra

When I was in college, my roommate and I saw the movie Elektra.  Even though it wasn’t a terrible movie, it became a little joke between the two of us.  She even gave me the DVD for my last birthday, hence the ability to do a Daredevil/Elektra back-to-back review.

As I said, this really isn’t as bad a movie as its reputation makes it out to be.  Sure, it wasn’t a financial hit and it was pretty dark, but Jennifer Garner gives it her all.  I mean, who can claim to not like Jennifer Garner?  With those dimples, I’m just not sure it’s possible.  Which is why I always found it interesting that she was cast in these kick-butt roles.  I mean, she was awesome as Sydney Bristow, which is probably why she was cast as Elektra, but I’m just not sure I would see her head shot and think, “Lethal super spy.”

Even with her dimples, Jennifer Garner is great as Elektra.  She is super fit, like I can only ever dream of being, and physically, she is totally believable.  I think my main problem with this movie is the lack of dreamy men.  At least in Daredevil I had Ben Affleck to moon over.  Ever since Practical Magic, I have had an incredibly hard time considering Goran Višnjić attractive.

As for the plot, Elektra has been brought back from the dead by Stick, a blind martial arts master and practitioner of Kimagure, the method he used to bring Elektra back.  He begins training her, and even though she is his best student, he kicks her out.  So, of course she becomes a super assassin (hey, a girl’s got to make a living somehow).

She is sent on an assignment, but her employer doesn’t immediately tell her who the mark is.  While waiting to find out, she befriends a man and his daughter, and wouldn’t you know it, they are the very people she is supposed to kill.  Instead of killing them, she decides to protect them from some nasty people.  There is a lot of fighting and a lot of growing up for Elektra before the credits roll.  Like I said, it’s not the best movie ever, but it is far from the worst.

Zoya’s Electra (from this winter’s Ornate Collection), although not spelled the same, seemed like the most obvious choice for this movie.  I have never used a polish with bar glitter before, and I have to say that I am not a fan.  The polish looked awesome on my fingernails, almost like diamonds, but it drove me crazy.  There were pieces of glitter poking over the edge of my nails.  This picture is two coats, with a top coat.  I probably should have put another layer of top coat to help smooth things out a bit more. ~E

Today I have a comparison of Zoya’s FeiFei (index and ring) and OPI’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (middle and pinky). This is 3 coats of each.

These two are reeeaaallly close, but Her Majesty is just a little bit darker, a little more opaque and has a bit more pink duochrome flash (which you can see in the bottom right corner of the bottle). So, if you can only afford one of these, I would say go with Her Majesty (sorry FeiFei!).

Zoya’s FeiFei is from the Diva Collection (Fall 2012)

OPI’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is from the Skyfall Collection (Winter 2012)

Listed from least favorite to favorite 🙂

(5) Zoya Daul is a blue-toned purple with multi-colored (mostly gold) shimmer (3 coats)

(4) Zoya Elisa is a vibrant red shimmer (2 coats)

(3) Zoya Ray is a dark green shimmer (2 coats)

(2) Zoya FeiFei is a gray blue base with multi-colored shimmer (3 coats)

(1) Zoya Song is a deep blue with lighter blue shimmer (1 coat)

Coming Soon:  Suri

Listed least favorite to favorite 🙂

(3) Zoya Mieko is a vibrant rose pink with gold shimmer (3 coats)

(2) Zoya Zara is a pale lilac with gold shimmer (3 coats)

(1) Zoya Shivon is a burgundy with gold shimmer (2 coats).  For more info, check out my review of Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi

Desperately Seeking: Cyma, Richelle and Kalista

Zoya Magique Collection (2006)

Listed from least favorite to favorite 🙂

(6) Zoya Colette is a medium golden brown with gold shimmer (3 coats)

(5) Zoya Evangeline is a vibrant berry pink with gold shimmer (3 coats)

(4) Zoya Charity is a dusty mauve with gold shimmer (3 coats)

(3) Zoya Pru is a plum brown with gold shimmer and a slight duochrome effect (3 coats)

(2) Zoya Ivy is a brownish red with gold shimmer and slight duochrome (3 coats)

(1) Zoya Anastasia is a deep burgundy with gold shimmer (3 coats)

Freakin’ awesome collection (even if it is a little on the safe side…no greens or blues). Anastasia, Evangeline, Ivy and Pru are especially interesting because they are quite sheer, which allows the shimmer to shine through with amazing depth. So gorgeous! I even love all of the names (which is weird, because with most Zoya collections, I’m like wha?) I had to use 3 coats on all of them, which is kind of a bummer, but I love Zoya so much, that I forgive them that.

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