Finding Neverland

Johnny Depp and Peter Pan? I’m so there.

Before I even saw Finding Neverland, I already knew I would love it. And I was right, of course. It is a (highly) fictionalized account of how J.M. Barrie wrote the play Peter Pan, but the licenses taken by the screenwriter don’t really detract from the beauty and ultimate sadness of the story. In fact, some of those touches of whimsy elevate this movie from a bit of historical fluff to something truly magical.

Mr. Barrie (Johnny Depp, unusually clean-shaven and normal looking, which I am not complaining about) has just written a flop and is searching for inspiration for his next play. Enter the Llewelyn-Davies family–Sylvia (Kate Winslet, lovely as ever) and her four sons George, Jack, Peter and Michael. (This movie rather conveniently forgets the fifth Llewelyn-Davies boy, Nico…which is just a shame since a lot of what we know about this time period comes from him.) As he entertains these younguns he weaves a magical world where children never grow up and happy thoughts can lift you into the air. He writes his masterpiece, only to find that his professional success is tempered by personal tragedy.

The music is perfectly gorgeous and (deservedly) won an Oscar. Depp is marvelous and pulls off a creditable Scottish accent (at least in my opinion). The child actors are quite good as well, especially Freddy Highmore as Peter. I choke up every time I watch this movie because some of its themes strike a little too close to home for comfort, but that doesn’t make me love Finding Neverland any less.

Sparitual Flight of Fancy

I wasn’t expecting to like SpaRitual’s Flight of Fancy at all. It’s one of those pearly colors that just make me shudder, but this was surprisingly un-streaky. It is a buttery cream shimmer with a slightly sheer finish (this photo is 3 coats). The application was smooth and I was pleasantly surprised. Not my favorite, but exceeds expectations. ~K