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The Muppet Christmas Carol

If you ask my family, they’ll say I’m a bit of a humbug. I don’t like Christmas music (most of it, anyways), I don’t like Christmas decorations (you have to put them away almost as soon as you get them out) and I detest almost all Christmas movies…a notable exception being The Muppet Christmas Carol. I know, Charles Dickens’ classic tale has been told so many times, we can all retell the plot by heart, but by adding Kermit, Miss Piggy and Gonzo, the same dry material becomes fresh again.

I have to give a lot of credit to Michael Caine. It’s kind of shocking to see a “serious” actor cavorting with Muppets, but he carries it off with his usual aplomb. His Scrooge is particularly sympathetic, even when he’s being a nasty miser. As for the Muppet performers, Gonzo and Rizzo are particularly prominent as the story’s narrators, and both are excellent. Their banter is some of the funniest parts of the movie. Kermit and Piggy as Bob and Mrs. Cratchitt have some funny and surprisingly affecting moments too.

Another highlight of this Christmas Carol is the musical numbers. There are some excellent holiday tunes here, and many of them are quite catchy. My Christmas playlist consists mainly of this movie’s soundtrack (I told you, I’m not big on the Christmas music, right?).

Sinful Colors Winter Wonder

My polish today is Winter Wonder from Sinful Colors winter collection. This was a very popular shade this season, and I can see why. It’s a beautiful grayish blue with tons of gold shimmer. This picture is 3 coats and a topcoat. Application was lovely. I highly recommend it. ~K

Two weeks ago I did a comparison of Zoya’s FeiFei and OPI’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Almost the very next day I saw Sinful Colors new winter collection and realized Winter Wonder was another possible copycat. So here is a new comparison photo with FeiFei (index), On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (middle) and Winter Wonder (ring). This is 3 coats of each polish.

I am really impressed with Winter compared to the higher end FeiFei and Her Majesty. In 3 coats it is more opaque and has more shimmer…and at a fraction of the cost of the other two. They are all beautiful, and although Her Majesty is slightly darker than FeiFei and Winter, they all look pretty close to identical. The formulas are all fabulous and I don’t think you can go wrong buying any of them.

FeiFei is from Zoya’s Diva Collection (Fall 2012)

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is from OPI’s Skyfall Collection (Winter 2012)

Winter Wonder is from Sinful Color’s Holiday Shimmer Collection (Winter 2012)

When I first saw the trailers for Despicable Me, I didn’t have high hopes.  I mean, the trailers didn’t really give much of an indication of what it would be like, which is one of my pet peeves, plus the ad campaign started a million years before the movie.  My dad, on the other hand, was super excited.  He was constantly quoting the “It’s so fluffy” line.  I think his enthusiasm was infectious, because when it did finally come out, I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see it right away.

Anyway, I did eventually see the movie, and I loved it.  I thought the minions would be annoying and that Steve Carrell couldn’t possibly pull off the goofy accent.  I was wrong on both counts.  The minions were hilarious (I love it when they bring the little girl the unicorn made out of a toilet brush, an ice cream cone, and an egg), and the goofy accent totally worked for me.

Basically, the plot is that Gru (Steve Carrell) is a super villain who wants to steal the moon.  In order to do so, he has to first get his hands on a shrink ray.  To do this, he has to steal it from Vector’s (Jason Segel) all-but impenetrable house.  Gru decides to adopt three little orphan girls after seeing them get into Vector’s house by selling him cookies.  I don’t think this is really a spoiler because I imagine you could see it from a mile away, but he totally falls in love with the three little girls and finds out that he is a much better dad than he is a super villain.

Steve Carrell is obviously the best part of the movie, but the three little girls nearly steal the show out from under him.  The best parts are definitely when the four of them are together.  Julie Andrews was a delightful surprise as Gru’s totally nasty mother.  What really makes this movie work for me are all the little details, like Gru’s creepy house and how the minions all have common, everyday names.

For this movie, I chose Sinful Colors Unicorn.  For anyone who has seen the movie, they will understand how perfect this is.  Not only is little Agnes completely obsessed with unicorns (they are fluffy after all), but this color perfectly matches the color of Gru’s minions.

As for the polish itself, I wasn’t thrilled with it.  In the bottle, it’s a nice enough yellow, but I feel like it’s a little mustardy on my nails.  It doesn’t help that I have a yellowish tint to my skin.  I think that I would have liked it a little better if there was any sort of a shimmer to it, since I do love a shimmer.  It was just a little plain Jane to me.  This was three coats, but I might have squeaked by with only two.

And in case you were wondering, any time Despicable Me is mentioned around my dad, he still says the “It’s so fluffy!!” line. ~E

Cinderella is not my favorite fairytale. She’s like the whimpiest princess there is (except for maybe Snow White…but that’s for another day). She allows herself to be made a virtual slave in her own house, something she puts up with for years. Then, when she doesn’t get to go to the ball, she blubbers like a baby until a deus ex machina (aka fairy godmother) appears and gets her all dolled up. The only brave thing Cinderella does is show up at the ball, which I admit, I probably wouldn’t have the guts to do. (Everybody was staring right at her, for Pete’s sake!) Anyway, the Prince is wooden and has maybe two lines of dialogue (Prince Phillip he is not!). The King and the Grand Duke are by far my favorite part of this movie (which is funny, because I didn’t understand them when I was little…back then, I thought the mice were the funniest parts).

Overall, not my favorite Disney, probably because I was overexposed to it as a child (along with Bambi, Lady and the Tramp and Pinocchio). Lady Tremaine is a very nasty piece of work (as E said: Maleficent is scary, but the wicked stepmother is evil). Also up for consideration as most evil character in Cinderella? Lucifer the Cat. I just want to make guitar strings out of him!

Here’s another on the nose polish: Sinful Colors Cinderella. This one so perfectly captures Disney’s Cinderella that I couldn’t resist. It’s a vibrant sky blue with flecks of pink/orange shimmer. The downside is that it is pretty sheer…3 coats in this picture. But it’s so darn beautiful that I forgive it it’s sheerness. I guess I could layer it over something… ~K

I think that Disney needs to fire their advertising department. For the past several years (starting with The Princess and the Frog) I have not been impressed with their movie trailers. I thought TPatF looked like a Don Bluth ripoff (don’t get me wrong, I love Don Bluth, but who likes being ripped off?), I couldn’t tell what in the heck John Carter or Brave were about and Wreck-It Ralph looks unfunny to the extreme. But it’s Disney, so I go see the movies anyway and I am rarely disappointed. The problem is, not everyone is as devoted to Disney as I am, so when one of their excellent movies doesn’t do as well at the box office as they hope, they freak out and change things and just generally tick me off. Disney, the solution is simple: Just make better trailers!

Anyway. my movie for today is The Princess and the Frog, which is so not a Don Bluth ripoff. In fact, it is one of my very favorite Disney movies of all time, and that is not faint praise. In one corner, we have hardworking waitress, Tiana, who dreams of opening her own swanky restaurant and has put all other pursuits (romance, friends and fun) on the back-burner. In the other corner, we have Prince Naveen, devilishly charming rake, who lives for parties, music and general irresponsibility, but who has unfortunately been financially cutoff by his parents. The two collide when Naveen is magically transformed into a frog–by the wicked voodoo man, Dr. Facilier for his own nefarious purposes–and convinces Tiana to give him a smooch. Since she isn’t a princess, this plan backfires and (spoilers!) turns Tiana into a frog as well. Together, they go on a journey through the bayou, making friends (like trumpet playing alligator Louis, lovestruck firefly Ray, and bizarre voodoo queen Mama Odie) and teaching each other how to balance fun with responsibility.

The voice cast is perfection (and this is the first Disney cartoon since Beauty and the Beast where all of the cast did their own singing) and the animation is lush and beautifully rendered. I’m not ashamed to admit that I find Prince Naveen incredibly attractive (as a human…not so much as a frog). Honorable mention goes out to Jim Cummings as Ray. He made me love that darn firefly.

My polish for this movie is Sinful Colors Kissy (because an ill-advised kiss is what started Tiana on her journey). This is a pretty teal with big pieces of gold shimmer that is just gorgeous. I know that every nail polish company has a color just like this, but I think that it’s pretty enough to have a couple of them, right? This applied like a dream with three coats for complete coverage and no bubbling (which is a problem I often have with Sinful Colors). Unfortunately, this was a beast to get off with all of that shimmer clinging stubbornly to my nails and some serious blue staining of my fingers. I read somewhere that whitening toothpaste helps with polish staining, and although I was skeptic, I gave it a try. Surprisingly, it worked pretty well, but be sure to leave it on your fingers at least until the paste dries. ~K

Any attempt to describe the plot of Star Trek IV The Voyage Home would sound a bit silly…and the movie is a bit silly…but by far the funniest Star Trek has been in a long time. (People tend to forget how funny The Original Series was, and sometimes the funnyness was even intentional.) To keep it as simple as possible: the boys (and Uhura, of course) go back in time to mid 1980’s San Francisco to find a pair of humpback whales (which are extinct in their future) and hopefully save the earth from a giant alien probe (it’s not as dirty as it sounds). They befriend a pretty cetologist (someone who studies whales), played by Catherine Hicks (which is funny, ’cause she was the mom from 7th Heaven, and the dad from 7th Heaven was in Star Trek The Motion Picture…yes, I notice these things), who helps them acquire the whales just in the nick of time.

Aside from the total lack of respect to the space-time continuum, this is a fun little film that I enjoyed more than any other Star Trek movie I’ve seen so far (except for J.J. Abrams new Star Trek, which is sheer awesomeness…but also totally disrespects the space-time continuum).

I know, I know…another green. But most of TVH takes place in San Francisco (Federation Headquarters), so Sinful Colors San Francisco is a logical choice. It’s a deep green shimmer with just a hint of blue to it. This picture is three coats, but like almost all the Sinful Colors I’ve tried, there was a bit of a bubbling problem. ~K

Never let anyone tell you that you can’t be a Star Wars fan and a Star Trek fan at the same time. The two are not mutually exclusive. I would marry Han Solo, but I’d fantasize about Mr. Spock (it’s only logical). So, since we did a review of all the Star Wars movies, I figured it’s only fair to review the Star Trek ones as well.

The Original Series had its flaws (corny dialogue, corny-er monsters and some serious pre-feminist sexism), but for all the things it did wrong, it did even more right. (That’s not just me talking. It’s scientific fact.) I wish I could say the same thing about The Motion Picture. It’s like they took everything that worked on the series and threw it out the window (or viewer as the case may be).

The pace is slow, the ship and uniforms are redesigned and bland, and what is up with William Shatner’s hair? It was straight on tv and curly in the movie. Weird. But my biggest gripe is that the director took too many pages from the 2001: A Space Odyssey playbook for my tastes (I will never understand the appeal of that movie). As for the plot, it is ripped directly from an episode of the tv show.  All in all, it was nice to see the old gang together again, I just wish it could have been in a better movie.

I chose Sinful Color’s Out of this World (you’d be amazed at how many polishes have this same name) to go along with this movie. It’s just a simple silver shimmer. Not my favorite color…kind of blah (like the movie). This picture is three coats and it had an unusually long drying time. Not exactly mindblowing (or out of this world) but a pleasant silver nonetheless. ~K

For today’s entry, we are returning to an oldie (sorta), but a goody.  For those of you who have not seen Slyvester Stallone in Oscar, you are missing out on a rollicking good time.  I’m not a big Sly fan, so I don’t know if he is funny in any of his other movies, but he knocks it out of the park as a gangster trying to go straight.

The supporting cast in this movie is phenomenal.  My personal favorite is Tim Curry as an elocution professor.  Hilarious.  Peter Riegart as Stallone’s right hand man/butler, brilliant!

Marisa Tomei is also good as Stallone’s spoiled, bratty daughter.  He spends a good portion of the movie trying to find her a husband.

In honor of her character, I chose Sinful Color’s Daddy’s Girl.  It’s a lovely purple with purply-gold glitter.  You will be hard pressed to find a purple polish that I won’t like, so it’s not surprising that I liked Daddy’s Girl.

This polish will require at least three coats, and possibly even more.  Another negative is that it was awful to remove.  A definite three cotton ball job.

As K said when we were watching this movie, it’s definitely in her top 50 favorite films, which, believe it or not, is a high compliment.  As for Daddy’s Girl, I loved it, but I think there are many other purple polishes out there that are equal or better. ~E

Sorry for the hiatus, folks. Both E and I have been suffering from some serious nail malfunctions and we’re finally getting back to a point where we can varnish up again.

So, to get back in review mode…I have Steven Spielberg’s epic tearjerker, War Horse. My previous reviews were all movies I’ve seen hundreds of times, but this was the first time I’d seen WH. (No, I didn’t see it in the theater. Yes, it’s because I didn’t want to pay to see it.)

I’m a sucker for boy-and-his-pet movies, and this one started out as such, but quickly evolved into your typical war movie (something I don’t like because it makes me sad and angry at the stupidity of the human race in general…and men specifically). The acting was top notch and the cinematography completely breathtaking. I admit to getting a little misty-eyed at several parts, though I never actually cried (the same cannot be said for E).

The thing I was most excited about–the presence of two of my boys (Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston)–was disappointing, as their – amounted to no more than ten minutes tops (not nearly enough Ben and Tom for my tastes).

Picking a polish for this film was tricky, considering I’d never seen it before, and my first thought was Color Club’s Wild and Willing. However, after just a few minutes of watching that beautiful horse and the care he takes of his humans and fellow equines, I changed my pick to Sinful Colors Rich in Heart.

The polish has a black base with deep reddish brown flecks of shimmer that glow like embers in the right light. It was totally opaque in two coats, but I found the formula to be thick and slow-drying with a severe case of the bubbles. Make sure you wait for that first coat to dry a bit before you apply the next one.

Rich in Heart is a beautiful color, but probably not worth the trouble, unlike Joey the horse, who truly is rich in heart. I don’t think I’ll watch War Horse again any time soon (once was enough for me) but it was definitely a worthwhile view. ~K

What is the coolest thing that came out of The Empire Strikes Back? I think we all know the answer: Yoda. Yeah, it’s awesome that Han and Leia get their flirt on and Darth Vader has his big reveal, but the little green guy is definitely the best part of this movie.

In the new trilogy, Yoda seems to have the weight of the world on his shoulders. He’s so serious. (Although it’s pretty awesome seeing him wield a light saber and do that insane jump and flip action when he fights Count Dooku and the Emperor.) Yoda just has so much more personality in this movie because of his crazy antics (like when he laughs almost manically while rummaging through Luke’s stuff or saying gems like, “How do you get so big eating food of this kind?”). You can tell that Frank Oz is having a blast doing Yoda’s voice in Empire Strikes Back, so much more so than in any of the other movies.

In honor of Yoda and his adopted homeland of Dagobah, as well as the overall dark tone of the movie, I decided to use Sinful Colors What’s Your Name. This polish is a black base with green and blue glitter. It kind of reminded me of the swampy area where Luke crash lands, but in a good way. The blue glitter really sticks out, and you have to be in the right light to really see the green glitter.

As for the polish itself, it went on pretty smoothly. The glitter is fine, so there wasn’t too much clumping. I know this will shock you, but I only did two coats and I think it turned out pretty well.

Because the polish is so dark, I do have to add a warning that if you get any polish on your cuticle, or the skin right up against the side of your nail, there’s a good chance that all the nail polish remover and cotton balls in the world won’t get it off. Also, I wouldn’t use this, or any dark nail polish, without a base coat. Your nails will still probably suffer from a bit of discoloration, but nothing too noticeable.

As I have mentioned in the past, I enjoy putting dark colors on my nails, and I can’t really give a great reason; I just do. This was a nice little polish. I think the best thing about Sinful Colors in general is that they are decent quality polishes that are affordable. I don’t know if all Walgreens carry Sinful Colors, but if you are interested, that’s where I would start my search.

Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back is quite possibly the best of the Star Wars movies. It’s dark and dramatic, but it’s also so full of life. I don’t know that What’s Your Name is the best nail polish ever (I’m going to go with probably not), but it has many of the same intriguing qualities—dark and dramatic, but sparkly and fun. ~E

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