If you were to ask what my favorite animated Disney film was, I would not hesitate, nor would any of my family, to tell you that it is Hercules. I know, it isn’t one of their more famous movies and there aren’t any superstars doing the voices, but it is just so gosh darn fun that it has always stuck with me. I remember seeing trailers for it and being horrified by the stylized animation, but it only took one viewing to convince me I was wrong. I also know there were many people who were upset about all the changes to the actual story of Hercules, but I don’t mind that either, and I was pretty big into Greek Mythology back in the day.

Hercules is the son of Zesus and Hera, making him a God. Hades is the keeper of the Underworld, but desperately wants to overthrow Zesus and rule everything. The three Fates confirm that Hades’ “hostile takeover bid” will be successful, with the caveat that Hercules can’t be in the fight. Zeus sends his minions, Pain and Panic, to kidnap the infant Hercules, force him to drink a potion that will turn him mortal, and then kill him. Pain and Panic aren’t very dependable, so they don’t end up killing the baby. He also doesn’t drink every last drop of the potion, so he keeps his God-like strength.

Fast-forward a few years and Hercules is a teenager struggling to figure out where he fits in this big old world (sound familiar to anyone else out there?). He visits Zeus’ temple and finds out that a) he is Zeus son, b) his godhood can be restored after he proves himself to be a true hero, and c) he has a pet pegasus (aptly named Pegasus). Zeus sends Hercules to Philoctetes for hero training. Phil’s a little reluctant based on bad experiences in the past (Achilles and
his “farshlugginer heel”), but he eventually agrees.

This summary is already too long, and I’m barely halfway through the movie (I told you I love it and I just can’t help myself), so suffice it to say, there’s a lot of action, laughs, romance, and betrayal. I have to mention that the love interest in the movie, Meg, is one of my all-time favorite Disney heroines. She’s full of sass and spunk. As she says, “I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day.”

Sassy Lacquer’s Pegasus Plasma is a lovely little top coat. It kind of reminds me of the scenes on Mt. Olympus in this movie because it is so shiny and glow-y (I know, not a word). This top coat, at least I used it as a top coat, was a greenish, orange duochrome shimmer. That is a lousy description, but you can see how beautiful it is.

In this picture, I used Wet N’ Wild’s Black Pearl and Avon’s Luxe Lavender for base coasts, mainly to compare Pegasus on a lighter color and a dark color. Personally, I liked the purple better than the black—the black looked a little too Halloweeny.  This picture is two coats of Pegasus Plasma and I think one would have been sufficient, but the extra coat just added a bit more sparkle.

Although Pegasus Plasma was awesome, it can’t compare to Hercules!

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