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Maverick & Pure Ice Royal Flush


Here’s another of my favorites. Maverick tells the story of Bret Maverick (Mel Gibson) a cowardly card sharp who is in a race against time to win enough money to enter the poker game of a lifetime. On the way, he meets lovely con artist Annabelle (Jodie Foster, who’s never looked lovelier) and aging lawman Coop (James Garner, of course…they couldn’t make a Maverick movie without him), along with a murderous Mexican (Alfred Molina) and scads of other colorful characters.

This comedy makes the Old West seem like a fun and wacky place, a place I wouldn’t mind visiting (except for maybe the corsets). And the actors are having a blast there as well. The banter between Mel, Jodie and James is beyond fantastic and I don’t even mind Randy Newman’s score (it sounds like all of his other scores, of course, but I love this movie too much to care). Keep your eyes out, there are a ton of cameos in this one and several nods to other movies.

Pure Ice Royal Flush

This picture is two coats of Pure Ice’s Royal Flush, one of the dozen purple/gold shimmers I own. This one probably need 3 coats, but it was still nice (and nicely priced too). I would say the quality was comparable to the more expensive brands, so if money is an issue, Royal Flush is your best bet (did you see what I did there?). ~K

Today I have a comparison of Pure Ice’s Busted (index and ring) and LA Girl’s Scandal (middle and pinky). The following picture is 3 coats of each.

Busted Comparison

Busted is more lavender, while Scandal was more mauve, although they look a lot more alike in real life than they do in this picture. Both are sheer purples with obvious flakes of shimmer. Busted‘s shimmer even had a little bit of duochrominess going on. I imagine these would both be lovely over more opaque colors.

I’m not sure when Busted came out or what collection it might be from.

Scandal is from LA Girl’s Rock Star Collection (I don’t know when it was released).

John Tucker Must Die.  Isn’t that a great title?  It immediately pulls you in because it begs so many questions.  Like, who is John Tucker?  Why must he die?  Who is it that is out to get him?  And how are they going to do it?  Luckily, the movie answers all of these questions, and offers plenty of guilty fun along the way.

This is the story of a charming, charismatic, tool of a high school stud, John Tucker.  His reign as king of the school is threatened when he falls hard for Kate, the new girl in school.  What he doesn’t know is that Kate has teamed up with his three ex-girlfriends (yeah, he was dating all of them at the same time) to destroy him.  These ex-girlfriends have molded Kate into John’s dream girl with the sole purpose of bringing him down.  Kate’s problem is that she has actually fallen for John’s younger brother, “the other Tucker”.

Although this seems like a movie all about revenge, it is more a movie about finding yourself and accepting who you are.  Kate has always been invisible, until after she allows those girls to make her into something she isn’t.  Eventually, she realizes that isn’t who she really is and she allows everyone to see the real Kate.  John also realizes there are a few changes he needs to make in his life, particularly that he needs to be more honest.

Since Kate’s star quickly rises, with a little help, she makes it to the A-list practically overnight.  I mean, dating John Tucker will do that for a girl.  Pure Ice has an icy polish, kind of like the way the ex-girlfriends want Kate to be towards John, called A-List.  Pure Ice is obviously not the highest quality brand of polish, but it is inexpensive and it is still a good brand.

This polish specifically is a lovely silvery, blue color.  It did require three coats, and there was a bit of bubbling, but part of me thinks that’s because it’s getting to be a little old.  I remember that when I used it in the past, I liked it.

John Tucker Must Die is a fun little movie, and Pure Ice’s A-List is a nice compliment. ~E

I do not remember the first time I saw Sleepless in Seattle (the second Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan pairing), but I do remember not liking it.  I was pretty young and I didn’t understand why my parents thought it was so terrific, terrific enough to immediately buy the soundtrack and torture their children with it for months and years on end.  Watching this movie, K and I knew the words to every background song.  Now that I am older, I appreciate this movie a lot more.  I enjoy Nora Ephron’s writing, and there’s no denying Meg and Tom have chemistry, even though they barely share any screen time.

Tom Hanks stars as Sam Baldwin, a recently widowed architect who moves his young son Jonah from Chicago to Seattle.  On Christmas Eve, Jonah calls a national radio show and says his dad needs a new wife.  Over the course of the evening, Sam talks about his deceased wife and thousands of women around the country fall for him, including recently engaged Annie Reed (Meg Ryan).  To really simplify the plot, she writes Sam a letter asking him to meet her at the top of the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day, like in the movie An Affair to Remember.  Sam is not interested, since Annie lives in Baltimore, but Jonah is desperate to go to New York and meet her.

The supporting cast is great.  Bill Pullman is Walter, Meg’s fiancé.  As we were watching, I told K that he was the original James Marsden, since he likes to play nice guys that don’t end up getting the girl, at least not very often.  Rosie O’Donnell is Meg’s friend and confidant.  Rita Wilson is Tom’s sister (a little weird, since they’re married in real life) and Victor Garber is her husband.   One of my favorite parts of the movie is when Tom and Victor are talking about The Dirty Dozen.  It may not sound funny, but it’s hilarious.  I have no idea who Trini Lopez is, but I laugh anytime I hear his name.  I can also quote An Affair to Remember not because I have seen it too many times, but because I have seen Sleepless in Seattle so many times.

While on the radio program, the host asks Sam what was so special about his wife and he responds, “Well, how long is your program? Well, it was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together… and I knew it. I knew it the very first time I touched her. It was like coming home… only to no home I’d ever known… I was just taking her hand to help her out of a car and I knew. It was like… magic.”  In honor of that moment, I opted for Pure Ice’s Magic as the complimentary nail polish for Sleepless in Seattle.

I actually bought this polish quite a while ago and am super excited to finally get a chance to use it for a movie.  This is a lovely copper color, and the formula is quite nice.  This picture was two coats with a top coat.

Although Sleepless in Seattle had to grow on me, Magic has been a favorite polish of mine since the day I brought it home.

For today I have a comparison of Misa Break Away (index), OPI Dutch ‘Ya Just Love OPI? (middle), Pure Ice Purple Reign (ring) and Jessica Witchy Wisteria (pinky). Supposedly there’s a Zoya that’s pretty close as well, but I don’t have it yet. Below is 2 coats of each color in direct sunlight.

As you can see, OPI Dutch and J. Witchy are pretty close to identical, but they are slightly bluer than M. Break.  P. Purple is completely different from the rest with a dustier hue and thicker, more golden shimmer. As far as application goes, the Misa was probably my favorite.

Break Away is from Misa’s Fall 2012 Wanderlust Collection

Dutch ‘Ya Just Love OPI? is from OPI’s 2012 Spring/Summer Holland Collection

I don’t know Purple Reign‘s collection or release date, but I know it’s available at Wal-Mart

Witchy Wisteria is from Jessica’s Spring 2012 Heavy Petal Collection

My family likes to joke that I am a shopaholic.  Although I may have a few shopaholic tendencies, I don’t think I am.  It’s true that when I have money, even sometimes when I don’t, I will admit that I like to buy things.  I think a little retail therapy is good for the soul every now and again.  The difference between me and Becky Bloomwood however, is that I have a little self-control.  And mannequins in store windows do not talk to me.  I am very proud of this fact.

Who is Becky Bloomwood, you may ask.  I will tell you.  She is the main character in the Confessions of a Shopaholic book series and the 2009 movie of the same name.  In the movie, she is a young journalist living in New York City, desperate to get a job at fashion magazine “Alette”.  To get her foot in the door, she decides to take a job at Alette’s sister magazine Successful Savings.  Her best friend finds it very ironic that Becky works for a financial magazine and has over $16,000 worth of credit card debt.

The best part of this movie is Becky Bloomwood herself.  She is totally nuts and has very little shame.  She says she speaks Finnish on her resume and has a list of excuses to keep her stories straight when creditors call.  She is a terrible dancer and allows herself to get in all sorts of humiliating situations, which is why she is loveable.

Isla Fisher as Becky Bloomwood is ingenious casting, as is Hugh Dancy as her incredibly handsome and idealistic boss, Luke Brandon.  They have nice chemistry together.  Isla dives right into the humiliating situations with such gusto that you just know she is having a ball as Becky.  Joan Cusack and John Goodman play Becky’s parents, and Kristin Scott Thomas has a blast as snooty Alette.

When Becky first meets Luke, there is a very funny story about a green scarf, which inspires her nom de plume at Successful Savings–The Girl with the Green Scarf.  In honor of this, I decided I wanted to do a green polish.  I have also wanted to do Pure Ice’s Get in Line for a long time but had a hard time connecting it.  Since Becky loves to shop and has a line of creditors chasing after her the entire movie, K and I decided the polish would work for this movie.

Truth be told, I’ve always thought of this polish as more of a blue than a green, but it definitely had a bit of green duochrome in there.  Once I got it on my nails though, it was apparent that this polish had a lot more green in it than I thought.  This picture is three coats and a top coat.

I have loved Pure Ice for a long time.  K and I discovered it at Wal Mart forever ago.  Generally, Pure Ice’s polishes are a bit runny, but this one was actually a little thick.  The first coat was a little rough going on, but it evened out nicely by the third coat (I recommend three coats for most of the Pure Ice polishes).  I liked Get in Line, as it was quite a beautiful color, but it isn’t my favorite of the Pure Ice polishes that I have.   That being said, I do recommend Pure Ice as a brand, as they are very reasonably priced.  The reformed Becky Bloomwood would definitely approve. ~E

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