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The Words & NYX Buzz Worthy

The Words

As I have mentioned before, I love Ben Barnes.  I love him so much that I watched the entire movie The Words just for him.  Okay, so maybe I was a little intrigued by the story, but it was mostly for Ben.

In the movie, Dennis Quaid is Clayton Hammond, a best-selling author who is doing a reading of his most recent book. His book tells the story of Rory Jansen (Bradley Cooper) who is an aspiring author just waiting for someone to fall in love with his writing and publish his book.  Zoe Saldana plays his super-supportive wife, who buys him a gift that dramatically changes both their lives.  On their honeymoon in Paris, she buys him a briefcase in which he discovers a manuscript for a novel.  Apparently, this is the novel that every writer wishes they could write–we’re talking life changing stuff here.

Once his wife reads it and insists that it is the best thing he has ever written, Rory faces a serious moral dilemma, one that would be hard for just about anyone.  Should he attempt to get the book published and take the credit for someone else’s work and open the door to getting his other writings published, or should he close that door and do the honest thing?

Well, it wouldn’t be much of a story if he didn’t get the book published, now would it?  Rory is an overnight sensation and everyone loves his book.  Everyone, except for an old man (Jeremy Irons) who begins stalking him. Eventually, Rory comes to find out that the old man is the actual author of the book he has claimed, and tells him about how he came to write the book.  This puts Rory in another moral dilemma.  Should he come clean and tell the world he is a phony, or keep his mouth shut and do as his agent suggests and pay the old man off?

This movie is essentially three stories in one package: Clayton’s story, Rory’s story, and the old man’s story. I think the concept is interesting, but I almost think I would rather have seen a movie that focused more on the plot of the infamous book.  Every time someone talked about how astonishingly good the book was the more I wanted to know what made it so earth-shattering.  I think the cast gave it their all, and I could relate to Rory’s moral dilemmas, but other than that, this really was kind of a blah movie.

On a side note, I find it kind of funny that a movie about a plagiarizer was also accused of plagiarism.  Apparently there is a German novel with roughly the same plot as this movie.

NYX Buzz Worthy

NYX’s Buzz Worthy is a super shiny gold glitter polish.  This picture is three coats and it’s pretty well covered.  I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth this polish was; I didn’t even need a top coat, which is usually a necessity for polishes that are essentially just glitter.  It’s a little flashy for everyday wear, but totally awesome for a special occasion when you want your nails to stand out. ~E

If The Voyage Home was the funniest Star Trek movie, then The Final Frontier is the saddest (and I don’t mean in a touching way…more like in a poorly conceived way). Of course, I haven’t seen The Next Generation movies yet…but I digress. The Final Frontier is about a rogue Vulcan (spoilers! he is Spock’s half-brother) who has the strange ability to take away the pain of others and this essentially make them his minions (go figure). This particular Vulcan believes he has received a vision from God and sets out to find this ersatz deity. On the way, he hijacks the Enterprise and drags the crew along on his quest. Suffice it to say, things don’t go very well. (spoilers! they don’t actually find God…I know, shocker!)

For the first fifteen minutes, I thought I was watching a really bad rip off of Star Wars, what with the desert planet and the whacky aliens hanging out in a space pub. I know that Star Wars owes a lot of what it is to Star Trek, but this was pretty blatant copy-catting. I kept expecting Han Solo to walk onscreen, say “Oh no, they didn’t!” and start shooting people (but only because they shot first, right?).

The best part of this movie is the banter between the three leads (Kirk, McCoy and Spock). I especially liked it when the two humans try to teach their Vulcan companion the fundamentals of camping. (“Roasting marsh melons”? I laughed for like ten minutes.) I really wish they had managed to get a better story for some of these Star Trek movies. It’s always great to see the old crew together again, but it seems like such a waste.

My nail polish for TFF is NYX Girl’s Deep Space, which has a black jelly base and small, flaky bits of glitter in pink, purple and blue. This is three coats and a topcoat. My picture doesn’t do this polish justice, but it was very hard to capture the shimmer just right. I think the lower left corner of the bottle conveys it best. So pretty, and just what I hope deep space looks like. ~K

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