Pride and Prejudice

I know, I must sound like such a pessimistic person.  I’m always taking about how I expected a movie to be bad or an actor to be terrible in a certain part.  I can tell I am a pessimist because the majority of the time, I am pleasantly surprised.  This was very much the case with Joe Wright’s Pride and Prejudice.  When I heard Keira Knightley was going to be Elizabeth Bennet, I was not best pleased.  I thought she was much too pretty to be Elizabeth and not a skilled enough actress to do the part justice.  Again, I really shouldn’t have worried.  Although Keira was still pretty, she was a little muted and she was the perfect blend of witty and bratty.  I think she got Elizabeth down to a t, and so did a lot of people since she was nominated for an Academy Award for the role.

I must confess to also being nervous about Matthew Mcfadyen as Mr. Darcy.  I mean, there is no doubt in my mind that Collin Firth is Mr. Darcy and poor Matthew was never going to fill his shoes.  Although I still equate Mr. Darcy with Mr. Firth, I thought Matthew was excellent.  His Darcy comes off as aloof at the beginning, moving to shy, and then finally relaxed when he is in comfortable surroundings.  I thought the chemistry between the two leads was awesome.  That scene in the rain when they are telling each other how much they loath each other and then almost kiss, poetry!

I have to also mention Rosamund Pike’s Jane and Simon Wood’s Mr. Bingley.  I thought she was lovely and sweet, just as Jane should be, and he was adorably goofy.  Of course, I will always love Simon Woods for being in Penelope, but he is terrific here as well.  It’s also fun to see Keira interact with Tom Hollander (Mr. Collins), since they are in the middle two Pirates of the Caribbean movies together.

It’s hard to imagine anyone not knowing the plot of Pride and Prejudice, but here is an incredibly brief synopsis.  Jane and Elizabeth are the two oldest of five daughters in the Bennet family.  Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy are old friends.  When Mr. Bingley buys an estate near the Bennet family, their worlds collide.  Mr. Bingley is instantly smitten with Jane, and even though he doesn’t want to, Mr. Darcy falls for Elizabeth.  Instead of demonstrating his admiration, Mr. Darcy acts like a snob, which turns Elizabeth off.  Throw in a handsome soldier, some sister/family dramas, and an odd clergyman to spice things up, but the big questions of the movie are whether these two main couples will ever get together and if everyone can get over their own pride and prejudices.

Nicole The Gold Shoulder

This picture is three coats of Nicole by OPI’s The Gold Shoulder.  When I put the first coat on, I was sure it was going to take at least five coats to be opaque, but I was pleasantly surprised that it filled in so nicely after just three.  Although the polish is called The Gold Shoulder, it’s pretty straight-up silver, and very glittery.  It didn’t dry as quickly as I would have liked, since I completely demolished one nail and had to paint it all over again.  Overall, a nice polish, but nothing earth-shattering about it. ~E