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Watching this, I forgot how much I enjoy Disney’s Peter Pan. Sure, Captain Hook is more entertaining than threatening, but I get such a kick out of watching him run (swim) away from that crocodile, that I don’t so much mind that the only real danger in this film is the wrath of Tinkerbell.

This is your basic Peter Pan story–with the boy who won’t grow up, Wendy and her brothers, Neverland, Lost Boys, Pixies, Pirates, Indians and Mermaids. The animation is quite good and the vocal performances are great (my only quibble being that they got a boy–Bobby Driscoll–whose voice had already changed to play Peter). Some of the the songs are pretty snoozeworthy and the Native American scenes are decidedly not PC, but this is still a worthwhile watch…even if it’s just to watch the shenanigans of Captain Hook and Smee.

This is 2 coats of Jesse’s Girl’s Mermaid’s Lagoon, a lovely deep turquoise with orange shimmer. This was very nearly a 1 coater, but I had a little problem with the brush (too stiff) and so I needed 2. A very gorgeous polish. ~K

My sister asked me if I liked the movie New Year’s Eve.  My response?  Eh.  There were parts that I quite liked, but I think overall, eh sums it up.  I know the point of sticking as many celebrities into the movie as possible was to attract a wide array of moviegoers, but I always tend to like one or two story lines and can’t wait to get through the other plots to find out what happens to those characters that caught my interest.

In this movie, I was quite interested in the Zac Effron/Michelle Pfeiffer plot line.  In the movie, Michelle is a mousy secretary who bribes courier Zac with invites to the hippest party in New York City to help her fulfill all of her New Year’s resolutions from the current year before midnight.  Because the movie takes place entirely on New Year’s Eve, this doesn’t give Zac a lot of time, but he comes up with some pretty creative ways to help Michelle cross the items off her list.  Of course, he also learns a life lesson about other people’s feelings and proves to be quite a sensitive fellow.

I also enjoyed Jessica Biel and Seth Myers plotline.  They play a married couple about to have their first child.  They find out that the first baby born at that hospital in the new year will receive a cash prize and they end up competing with another couple to win that “honor.”  Seth Meyers is a funny dude!

The other plot lines are okay, but not as engaging.  Hilary Swank gave a nice performance as the lady running the Times Square ball drop.  She gives a lovely, although saccharine, speech about forgiveness and second chances, which is pretty much the theme of the movie.  Everybody either has to forgive someone, or ask for a second chance.

Honestly, I thought all of the actors gave respectable performances, but there was just too much going on and it was hard to care about everyone.  I felt the same way about Gary Marshall’s other star-studded holiday themed movie, Valentine’s Day.  There were just some plotlines that could have been left out, and other’s that could have been an entire movie all on their own.

Having said all of that, I do enjoy these movies.  They are by no means cinematic art at its finest, but they are a nice two hour distraction.

At one point in the movie, Hilary Swank is supervising people throwing confetti off the roof of a building to practice for the big night.  Not impressed with their skills, Hilary says, “Don’t just dump them! Float them in the wind! They should be magical.”

This helped me to choose Confetti by Jesse’s Girl as my choice for this movie.  I loved the purple and blue glitter.  The receptionist at my dentist’s office was impressed.

On the downside, it did take three coats to get a good, solid finish.  I think if you wanted to use it as a top coat, one coat would probably be quite nice.  The other downside was removal.  Glitter polish is always difficult, and this polish was no different.  I like polish that is easy to put on and easy to remove.

Although this polish wasn’t “magical,” I did like it.  Kind of like the movie New Year’s Eve.  ~E

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