I got dumped right before I saw Monster House for the first time.  You’d think that with an experience like that, I would hate the movie, but I don’t.  I guess that’s a testament to what a good movie it is.  I mean, it’s not one of my absolute favorites, but it is one of my favorite Halloween movies.  I think that may be because Dan Harmon (all my Community buds out there will recognize that name) helped to write the screenplay and he is hilarious.  So is Monster House.

I will admit that the motion capture technology used in this movie is not perfect, but at least the characters are stylized enough that you know they aren’t trying to look like real people.  I only saw The Polar Express once, but the animation was a little iffy for me.  They looked like real people, but not, if that makes any sense.

The movie is a about a tween boy named DJ, his best friend Chowder, and the new girl they both like, all trying to defeat the monster house across the street.  Mitchell Musso is the voice of DJ and his parents, who are only in the movie for a short time, are Catherine O’Hara (always hilarious) Fred Willard (kooky, but funny).  Since they are going out of town, they hire a babysitter (Maggie Gyllenhaal), who invites her boyfriend, Bones (Jason Lee), over.  There’s a pretty funny scene with him and his “totally awesome” kite.

Also in the cast is Steve Buscemi (Mr. Animated Halloween Movie himself, see Monsters Inc, Igor, and Hotel Transylvania) as the cantankerous occupant of the monster house and Kathleen Turner as his long dead wife.  Kevin James and Nick Cannon have some of the best lines as the cops the kids call to report the suspicious goings on of the monster house.

Glitz in a Bottle has a fun little polish called Monsters in the Mansion.  It is more of a top coat than an actual polish, but it is still pretty awesome.  It had tiny little glitter, but then it also had large square purple and blue hexagon glitter as well.  This picture is three coats and a top coat.  It actually could have used another layer of top coat, as just one didn’t really level anything out.  The color combination actually made me think a lot of Monsters Inc, at least Sully.

Monster House and Monsters in the Mansion are both quite a bit of fun!

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