I like cartoons and I am not going to apologize for it.  I mean, they are not all created equally.  If you have ever seen The Magic Voyage, you know that cartoons can be a little underwhelming.  Mostly though, Disney is pretty reliable…at least recently.  Not all of them are financially successful, but that doesn’t necessarily equate a stellar movie in my opinion.  Some of my favorites barely made a blip on the pop culture radar.

I don’t know if Treasure Planet falls into that category, but I do thoroughly enjoy it.  It is an intergalactic retelling of Robert Louis Stevens’ Treasure Island.  Jim Hawkins is a teenager being raised by his mother and he seems a little lost.  He is super intelligent, but keeps getting into trouble.  After coming across a map leading to the legendary “Treasure Planet”, Jim begins an adventure that includes pirates, treasure, and becoming a man.

This was back when Joseph Gordon Leavitt was that kid from Third Rock From the Sun and 10 Things I Hate About You, and although he is younger, you can still tell it’s him.  He does a nice job, but he’s kind of the straight-man to everyone else’s craziness.  My two favorites are Captain Amelia (voiced by the inspired Emma Thompson) and Dr. Doppler, the sponsor of the voyage and Jim’s sort of guardian (voiced by David Hyde Pierce, who is absolutely wonderful as well).  Martin Short’s voice makes an appearance towards the end of the movie as marooned robot, BEN, and he is as reliable as ever.


Natural Light

For this movie, I did a super cool polish from Girly Bits (I love that name!) called Cosmic Ocean.  This picture is two coats over one coat of Wet and Wild’s Black Pearl with a top coat.  I loved it over the black.  It was kind of crazy how in certain light the glitter was most definitely green and then in other light I would swear it was blue.  I think that’s what I liked most about this polish, its ability to be completely different but still awesome.  I kind of wonder what it would be like on top of a different color polish, maybe a white.  It will be fun to experiment! ~E