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Megamind & Del Sol Superhero

Megamind is freakin’ hilarious.  Need I say more?  Okay, you twisted my arm.  Megamind is one of my most favorite cartoons.  Ever.   When I need a really good laugh, I turn to Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, David Cross, and even Bard Pitt.

Will Ferrell voices Megamind, the incredibly handsome criminal genius and master of all villainy, at least that’s what he calls himself.  He’s an alien sent to Earth as a baby because his planet is being sucked into a black hole.  At the same time, Brad Pitt’s parents sent him to Earth.  Brad Pitt voices Metro Man, the super hero who becomes Megamind’s rival.  Tina Fey is the Lois Lane character and Jonah Hill is her trusty cameraman, who happens to be in love with her.

It comes as a complete surprise to Megamind, but one of his plots to destroy Metro Man actually works.  The super villain succeeds in killing the super hero and takes over the city.  He quickly sees how meaningless his life is without a super hero to battle and decides to create a new one to take Metro Man’s place.  Along with his trusty sidekick Minion, voiced by the always entertaining David Cross, they turn Jonah Hill’s Hal Stewart into Tighten (it was the only name Megamind could trademark), he who would inherit Metro Man’s glory.

While all this is going on, Megamind has been pretending to be the curator of the Metro Man Museum and falls for Tina Fey’s Roxanne Ritchi, and she falls for him.  This outrages Tighten, and he decides that instead of becoming the super hero, he’s going to challenge Megamind for the role of super villain.  This forces Megamind to save Roxanne, and the day.

I love Will Ferrell.  Not necessarily the stupid Semi-Pro or Talladega Nights Will Ferrell, but the Elf and the Bewtiched Will Ferrell.  I can’t say that he is funnier here than he is in Elf, but it is a darn close call.

Also, I want to be Tina Fey when I grow up, so it would be really hard for her to do wrong in my book.  Jonah Hill is so goofy, and so great in this film.  David Cross was hilarious in Arrested Development and he is equally hilarious here.

I am not crazy about Brad Pitt.  I think his politics and personal life have overshadowed his accomplishments as an actor.  It also seems that he purposefully tries to make himself look unattractive.  All that being said, he is so good in this movie.  Why doesn’t he do more funny roles?  The only other movie that he has been in that I thought was funny was Sinbad, another cartoon.

My dad bought me a Del Sol polish while he was on a cruise, and I have always thought it was the perfect choice for Megamind.  It is called Superhero and it is a nice baby blue polish, kind of like Megamind’s skin.  Because this is a Del Sol, it changes to a light purple color.

I have to confess that this polish is older, so it didn’t go on very smoothly.  Back when this polish was new, it was pretty nice.  This picture is two coats, and there was a bit of bubbling.  I like to think I can blame that on the age of the polish, but I can’t say for sure.  As a reminder, a top coat will cause Del Sol polishes not to change colors.

I love love love love love Megamind.  It is a stinkin’ good time.  Del Sol’s SuperHero is also a good time. ~E

Miyazaki is a little weird.  A genius, but weird.  His films are always beautifully drawn, but the plots are often a little hard to follow.  Howl’s Moving Castle is no exception.  It’s a little different, but I still like it.  I read the book “Howl’s Moving Castle” when I was younger, and was thrilled it was being made into a movie, even though the movie wasn’t exactly like the book.

Christian Bale voices Howl.  He is a wizard with a reputation as a bit of a womanizer (yes, I’m singing Britney Spears as I type this).  He is actually very funny, especially when his hair dye gets messed up, and only slips into his Batman voice once.  Emily Mortimer is the young Sophie, who is cursed by a jealous witch to be an old lady, and is then voiced by Jean Simmons.  Young Josh Hutcherson also voices Howl’s apprentice.  Oh, and Billy Crystal is pretty subtle (for him) as Howl’s fire demon Calcifer.

Anyway, it’s a fantasy, a romance, and a comedy all wrapped into a lovely, hand-drawn, animated film.  Yes, it’s a little different, but Spirited Away it is not.



For this film, I went with Del Sol’s On Fire, since Calcifer plays such an important role in Howl’s life.  The fun thing about Del Sol’s polishes is that they change color in the sun.  This polish is a mixture of orange, gold and silver glitter indoors.  In direct sunlight, it is supposed to turn dark blue.  The reality, as you can see, is that it is a sort of dark copper.  Even though it’s not exactly the color on the top of the bottle, I still like it (although removal is a real pain).

Howl’s Moving Castle is a fun diversion, and so are Del Sol’s polishes. ~E

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