Picking up where Dead Man’s Chest left off, Elizabeth and Will, along with a ragtag group of pirates head for Davy Jones’ locker to bring Captain Jack and the Black Pearl back to the world of the living. We get to see a lot more of pirate society (is that an oxymoron?) in this installment, plus Keith Richards puts in an appearance as Jack’s dad.

At World’s End is the end of the story for Will and Elizabeth, although I think it raises more questions than it answers. And what was the mark (mentioned in the second movie) that Jack left on Cutler Beckett? A lot of great action sequences here and a must own for fans of the series, but overall, I think this is an overproduced, overly loud, turn-off-your-brain type of movie and those are a dime a dozen these days.

PS-Be sure to watch through the end credits. There’s a warm and fuzzy final scene that serves as an epilogue for the Turners.

This polish is from a European cosmetics company, so it’s kind of hard to find in the US. It is called Captain Sparrow’s Boat (all of Catrice’s names are cute and pop-culture-y like that) and it is a frosty, gray shimmer with a slightly green tone to it. This is 3 coats and a topcoat. I found the formula to be only slightly streaky, but the brush was kind of tricky to use. Still cool, though. ~K