The Road to El Dorado

This is one of the movies I quote the most. I can’t help it. Kenneth Branagh and Kevin Kline have so much fun bantering and both are so witty that they can’t help but spew scads of quotable nonsense. Sure, The Road to El Dorado is a silly movie, but the two leads elevate it to something wonderful.

Miguel (Kenneth Branagh) and his partner Tulio (Kevin Kline) are Spanish conmen/adventurers. Through a series of misadventures (involving a pair of loaded dice, a treasure map and two barrels of pickles) they end up on a ship bound for the New World. Since Miguel is an optimistic dreamer and Tulio is a gold-hungry schemer, they go searching for the mythical city of gold, El Dorado. And wouldn’t you know it, they actually find the place! Due to an ancient prophecy, our hapless heroes are mistaken for gods by the natives, and with the help of a surprisingly streetsmart young lady named Chel (Rosie Perez), they struggle to keep the pretense going long enough to get a load of gold and escape back to Spain.

As I said before, the cast really makes this movie. I think they pretty much put Kevin and Kenneth in a room with props and a microphone and told them to go to town. It’s awesome. (On a side note: my friend Sarah and I used to call ourselves Miguel and Tulio…I was Tulio, not because I’m a ruthless schemer, but because I have dark hair…honestly…)

Catherine Arley 807

This is one of Catherine Arley’s fantastic holographic polishes, a shimmery gold. This picture is two coats and a topcoat. Gold really isn’t my color, but look at this! It’s just so pretty, right? The application was a little bit streaky, but once it dried, that pretty much disappeared. ~K