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Shrek the Third

Shrek the Third is the weakest entry into the Shrek franchise.  That’s not to say it’s terrible, but it was bad enough that it convinced me that I didn’t need to see Shrek Forever After, at least not in the theater.

This one starts off with Fiona and Shrek filling in for the queen and the ailing king.  Shrek is of course miserable and itching to get back to his swamp.  Things get complicated when the king dies, passing the kingdom off to Shrek, unless he can find Fiona’s cousin Arthur.  As Shrek heads off with Donkey and Puss to find the teenage Arthur, Fiona announces that she is pregnant.  While all this is going on, Prince Charming is plotting his revenge and gathering an army of villains eager to take back their happily ever afters.

Shrek eventually finds Arthur, who turns out to be a nerdy high school outcast with doubts about his ability to be king.  At the same time, Shrek is having serious doubts about his ability to be a father.  By the time Shrek finally makes it back to the kingdom, Prince Charming and his villains have taken over the kingdom, leaving Shrek and Arthur to save the day.

There’s fun there, but it just doesn’t have the same spirit as the first two, and even the fourth.  If there’s one Shrek movie to skip, this is the one.

BB Couture Prince Charming Blue

When K asked me what I thought of today’s polish, I informed her it was gorgeous and I loved it.  BB Couture’s Prince Charming Blue is a royal blue polish with lots of shimmer.  There’s some silver shimmer, some blue, and a hint of purple.  The polish was a little thin, but was opaque after three coats.  Like I said, this polish is gorgeous! ~E


Enchanted was a very pleasant surprise for me. I knew I would like it, but I wasn’t expecting to love it (which I do). It starts out as a fairly traditional Disney princess movie, hand-drawn and musical. The lovely Giselle (Amy Adams) dreams of her true love, while the dashing Prince Edward (James Marsden) hunts trolls with his faithful servant Nathaniel (Timothy Spall). When these two crazy kids meet, it’s an instant love duet. Unfortunately, Edward’s stepmother, Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon) is a nasty sorceress who wants to keep the kingdom all for herself and will prevent Edward from marrying at all costs. Disguised as an old crone, she sends Giselle to a place where there are no happily ever afters…New York City. At first, Giselle is hopelessly lost in our harsh, modern world, but luckily she is taken in by Robert (Patrick Dempsey), a soon-to-be engaged divorce attorney and single father. Giselle turns his world upside down and teaches him the meaning of true love.

There’s plenty of inside jokes going on here to keep a Disney fanatic like myself entertained, like cameos by several previous princesses (like Ariel, Belle and Pocahontas…which begs the question, where’s Jasmine?). The musical numbers are all first-rate, although why they cast Idina Menzel (as Robert’s girlfriend, Nancy) and then didn’t give her a song to sing is beyond me. This is such a fun little movie and the cast is all fantastic with special mention going out to Amy Adams and James Marsden, both of whom commit to their characters fully and seem to be having a downright blast doing so (I think Amy was robbed of an Oscar nomination that year). If you haven’t seen Enchanted, stop reading this blog immediately and go watch it. Now!

BB Couture Kiss of True Love

This is BB Couture’s Kiss of a True Love, a shimmery coral pink which isn’t really my style but looks amazing with my pale skin. This picture is two coats and applied wonderfully, like all of the BB Couture polished I’ve tried so far. ~K

The Mummy 3

Okay, so maybe a third Mummy movie wasn’t the greatest idea, especially since it doesn’t have Rachel Weisz in it, but when you throw Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh in, does that even the balance? Maybe…because they’re awesome. And don’t get me wrong, Maria Bello is quite good as Evelyn, I just can’t think of her as the same Evelyn, you know? And that changes my perspective on all of the other characters, like Rick and Jonathan and even Alex (although Alex as an adult is a whole other issue).

The mummy this time around is the original Chinese Emperor played by Jet Li (who should never play a villain with that adorable baby face) who, in his search for immortality, seriously pissed off a witch (Michelle Yeoh) and was cursed to become a terracotta monstrosity. Enter the O’Connells who wake him up (as they usually do) and then have to do their best to stop him from destroying the world (all in a days’ work for them).

Despite its best efforts, this is the least funny of the three movies and the father/son conflict between Rick and Alex (how did he grow up so fast???) seems forced and unnecessary. I’m so glad that John Hannah came back for this, because it really wouldn’t be a Mummy movie without Jonathan. All in all, this one is probably a pass because it makes me want to watch other, better movies (like Hero for my Jet Li fix).

BB Couture Dragon's Breath

This is BB Couture’s Dragon’s Breath, a gorgeous fuchsia polish with blue and red glitter. I used 2 coats for this picture and a topcoat (because the glitter makes it just a little bit rough without topcoat). This is so pretty, BB Couture is such a wonderful (is somewhat price-y) company. ~K

Batman Begins

When I heard they were rebooting the Batman franchise, I was skeptical. I mean, I’m no fan of Joel Schumacher’s atrocities, but Tim Burton’s first two Batman movies were quite good. And it seems like Hollywood is rebooting everything these days. But I should have known better. Christopher Nolan’s vision is dark and brooding and as my brother would say…EPIC!

The first installment of the trilogy, Batman Begins, is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an origin story for the Dark Knight, and as such can drag a little bit in certain places. Yes, Bruce Wayne is a tortured soul…yes, he blames himself for his parents’ death, but can we get to the costumed vigilantism already? Christian Bale is quite good as Bruce, although his Batman voice can be a little grating (but so much fun to mock). Katie Holmes plays Rachel Dawes, a childhood friend of Bruce and his love interest. Katie is cute as a button, but I just don’t think she has the acting chops to inhabit Nolan’s Gotham. Gary Oldman is perfection as Lieutenant Gordon, as is Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox. And don’t even get me started on Michael Caine’s Alfred. He lights up every scene he’s in. Liam Neeson plays Henri Ducard, a sort of mentor figure for Bruce, and Neeson excels at playing mentor figures. As one of the big bads, Cillian Murphy plays Dr. Jonathan Crane, aka The Scarecrow, a character that scared me back when I used to watch Batman cartoons. Cillian is way too adorable to fully scare me, but that crystal blue stare can be a little disconcerting.

The production design is as dark and foreboding as the subject matter, as is the music. All in all, a good and exciting film, even if it is the weakest of the trilogy.

BB Couture Dark Knight

This is BB Couture’s Dark Knight, a black polish with beautiful gold shimmer. This picture is 1 coat!!! (plus topcoat). The polish applied beautifully, which makes me excited to try more BB Couture polishes. ~K

Today I have a comparison of China Glaze’s Cast a Spell (index), BB Couture’s Dark Knight (middle), Kleancolor’s Golden Nightmare (ring) and China Glaze’s Wagon Trail (pinky). This is 2 coats of each.

Cast a Spell and Dark Knight have the best formula, although the shimmer in Cast is larger and more sparkly. Golden Nightmare has small gold shimmer and larger gold glitter, which unfortunately gives it a lumpy finish. Be sure to use plenty of topcoat if you want a smooth nail. Wagon Trail has smaller shimmer, but there’s more than in Dark Knight. Sadly, Wagon had the thinnest formula and needed at least another coat to be fully opaque. I have another color that is similar to these (Maybelline’s Twilight Rays), but I only have so many fingers. I’ll show that one eventually, but for now, Cast a Spell is by far my favorite of this bunch.

Cast a Spell is from the China Glaze Wicked Collection (Halloween 2012)

Dark Knight is from the BB Couture Heroes and Villains Collection (Fall 2009)

I’m not sure when Golden Nightmare came out or what collection it is from…

Wagon Trail is from the China Glaze Rodeo Diva Collection (Fall 2008)

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