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Maverick & Pure Ice Royal Flush


Here’s another of my favorites. Maverick tells the story of Bret Maverick (Mel Gibson) a cowardly card sharp who is in a race against time to win enough money to enter the poker game of a lifetime. On the way, he meets lovely con artist Annabelle (Jodie Foster, who’s never looked lovelier) and aging lawman Coop (James Garner, of course…they couldn’t make a Maverick movie without him), along with a murderous Mexican (Alfred Molina) and scads of other colorful characters.

This comedy makes the Old West seem like a fun and wacky place, a place I wouldn’t mind visiting (except for maybe the corsets). And the actors are having a blast there as well. The banter between Mel, Jodie and James is beyond fantastic and I don’t even mind Randy Newman’s score (it sounds like all of his other scores, of course, but I love this movie too much to care). Keep your eyes out, there are a ton of cameos in this one and several nods to other movies.

Pure Ice Royal Flush

This picture is two coats of Pure Ice’s Royal Flush, one of the dozen purple/gold shimmers I own. This one probably need 3 coats, but it was still nice (and nicely priced too). I would say the quality was comparable to the more expensive brands, so if money is an issue, Royal Flush is your best bet (did you see what I did there?). ~K

The Mummy & Sally Hansen Scarab

The Mummy

I’ve been feeling cold lately, so I thought it was time to watch something warm and as you probably know…I tend to take things to extremes.

The Mummy is the story of Evelyn Carnahan (Rachel Weisz), an accident prone librarian and amateur Egyptologist who dreams of being respected in the archeological community. When her good-for-nothing brother Jonathan (John Hannah), steals an artifact that contains a map to the lost treasure city of the pharaohs, they team up with adventurer Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser, probably never better than here), the original owner of the map, and race against a group of Americans to find the treasure first. Unfortunately, what they find, or rather who they find, is an ancient mummy–a high priest named Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo) who was cursed to bring disaster should he ever be resurrected. And of course, Evelyn manages to do just that.

I had dreams of being an Egyptologist when I was younger, so I have always had a soft spot for this movie (even if the historical accuracy is a little dodgy at times). Something I’m not a fan of however, is all of the gore and burrowing scarabs. I have a thing about bugs and their yuckiness. On the other hand, the acting is first rate and the chemistry between Brendan and Rachel is pretty awesome. The whole thing is just a bit of fun and should be taken as such, but what fun it is!

Sally Hansen Scarab

This is Sally Hansen’s Scarab, a lovely blue green duochrome that has an almost metallic finish and definitely lives up to its name. I used two coats here (plus topcoat) and found the formula to be quite good. There are several lookalike polishes out there, so I’ll have to do a comparison some time. ~K

Sense and Sensibility

Emma Thompson is the coolest. She’s won an acting Oscar and a writing Oscar (a combo Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have been dreaming about for years), and she strikes me as someone who you could hold an intelligent conversation with about pretty much any topic. One of my favorite Emma Thompson movies is her adaptation of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. Not one of Miss Austen’s easiest books to read, but Emma managed to bring the story to life with wit and humor. In it, she plays Elinor Dashwood, a young woman whose family is thrown into instant poverty with the death of her father. Fortunately, Elinor is sensible and manages to economize, while hiding her love for unavailable Edward Ferrars (Hugh Grant, at his adorably bumbling best) and dealing with her overly passionate sister, Marianne (Kate Winslet).

This is a very sumptuous adaptation, with gorgeous locations, costumes and beautiful music courtesy of Patrick Doyle. All of the actors are fabulous (I like to play “Who Played Who in the Harry Potter Movies” while I watch), with special mention going out to Alan Rickman as the brooding, lovestruck Colonel Brandon. I have never found him more attractive than I do in Sense and Sensibility. Another interesting fact about this movie is that both Thompson sisters (Emma and her sister Sophie) found their husbands during filming. Emma later married the actor who played John Willoughby (one of Marianne’s love interests) and Sophie married the actor who played Robert Ferrars (Edward’s younger brother). That’s kismet for you!

Orly Ingenue

This is Orly’s Ingenue, a pretty plum pink polish with tons of gold shimmer. I put on 2 coats, but I probably could have done another one for complete opacity. I know that these shimmery polishes are a dime a dozen, but I can’t resist them. They are so beautiful on my fingers that I just want to sit an stare at them all day. ~K


A Month By the Lake

I really didn’t like A Month by the Lake. I mean, I didn’t have super high hopes, since it is a film I had never heard of before I saw it at the library and usually, word spreads about good movies. On occasion, you can find a little-known gem, but those are less common than finding little-known time wasters.

The story opens with Miss Bentley (Vanessa Redgrave) at an Italian villa on Lake Como. She and her father used to stay there for a month every year, but since her father has recently died, she is the only English guest. That is until Major Wilshaw arrives and he (or rather his ears) catch Ms. Bentley’s attention. Uma Thurman comes to the villa as a nanny, and she catches Major Wilshaw’s attention.

For being considered a romantic comedy, this movie isn’t very funny. Not only that, it’s confusing. It was difficult to understand anyone’s motivation. Why does Miss Bentley like Major Wilshaw so much when he treats her so terribly? Same goes for Major Wilshaw and Ms. Beaumont (Uma). The story was hard to follow, and it just wasn’t interesting. If I was Miss Bentley, I would have paid a lot more attention to the young and attractive Italian fellow that followed her around like a puppy dog. So much better looking than the major, plus he was totally smitten.

Watching this movie just made me wish I was watching another Vanessa Redgrave in Italy movie, Letters to Juliet, which is by no means the best of the best. It was just a lot more fun than this movie. I will admit that the locations for this movie were incredible, and for Star Wars fans, you might be able to pick out locations from Attack of the Clones, as this is the same area that stood in for the lake country in Naboo.

a-england Lady of the Lake

On the other hand, I absolutely adored a-england’s Lady of the Lake.  This is a purple holographic polish that has a subtle gold shimmer.  The formula was great and this picture is two coats.  It dried nicely and it is just so pretty! ~E

Prelude to a Kiss

Prelude to a Kiss is one of those random movies that I saw once as a child, thought it was supremely entertaining and have kind of wondered why ever since. It’s sort of a difficult show to watch…awkward and a little too voyeuristic, but I can’t help watching.

Alec Baldwin plays Peter, a man with plenty of emotional baggage who meets Rita (Meg Ryan), an insomniac bartender with a bleak outlook on life. They fall head over heels in love and get married, despite their multitude of neuroses. Just after their wedding, an old man (Sydney Walker) wanders into the reception and asks to kiss the bride. Rita accepts and at the moment their lips touch, they switch bodies. Peter, completely unaware of the change, goes off on his honeymoon with a total stranger and quickly becomes suspicious of this new Rita. When they get home, Peter goes off in search of the real Rita and finds the old wedding crasher. That’s where things get awkward, as you can imagine, because Peter has to prove to Rita that he loves her…no matter what (or who) she looks like.

For such a handsome man, Alec has sure done some weird movies. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, and he certainly proves he is up for anything in this one. I just wonder if his film choices reflect a discomfort with the typical leading man status. He’s pretty good here, carrying most of the movie on his shoulders with an hysteric glint in his eye. Meg is beautiful, years before she did whatever awful things she’s done to her face, although I can’t see much of a difference between her character before and after “the change”. Sydney Walker does a great job with a tricky role, and has a lovely speech about the difficulties of life, and its ultimate worthwhileness (yes, I made that word up).

I think Prelude to a Kiss is one you could stand to see at least once. And who knows? You might like it. It has a wonderful message about true love, and that’s a lesson we could all learn more about.

China Glaze Want My Bawdy

For this movie, I picked China Glaze’s Want My Bawdy, a lovely medium blue shimmer from the New Bohemian Collection. The rest of the polishes in this collection were duochromes, so this one was kind of a disappointment in that department, but it still is a nice color. This picture is 3 coats and shows the brushstrokes a little bit. You could probably find a similar color with a better formula. ~K

The Muppet Christmas Carol

If you ask my family, they’ll say I’m a bit of a humbug. I don’t like Christmas music (most of it, anyways), I don’t like Christmas decorations (you have to put them away almost as soon as you get them out) and I detest almost all Christmas movies…a notable exception being The Muppet Christmas Carol. I know, Charles Dickens’ classic tale has been told so many times, we can all retell the plot by heart, but by adding Kermit, Miss Piggy and Gonzo, the same dry material becomes fresh again.

I have to give a lot of credit to Michael Caine. It’s kind of shocking to see a “serious” actor cavorting with Muppets, but he carries it off with his usual aplomb. His Scrooge is particularly sympathetic, even when he’s being a nasty miser. As for the Muppet performers, Gonzo and Rizzo are particularly prominent as the story’s narrators, and both are excellent. Their banter is some of the funniest parts of the movie. Kermit and Piggy as Bob and Mrs. Cratchitt have some funny and surprisingly affecting moments too.

Another highlight of this Christmas Carol is the musical numbers. There are some excellent holiday tunes here, and many of them are quite catchy. My Christmas playlist consists mainly of this movie’s soundtrack (I told you, I’m not big on the Christmas music, right?).

Sinful Colors Winter Wonder

My polish today is Winter Wonder from Sinful Colors winter collection. This was a very popular shade this season, and I can see why. It’s a beautiful grayish blue with tons of gold shimmer. This picture is 3 coats and a topcoat. Application was lovely. I highly recommend it. ~K

Undercover Blues

I love Undercover Blues. Sure, it’s one you’ve probably never heard of, but I assure you, it’s a forgotten gem from the early 90’s and one that is constantly quoted amongst my family.

Kathleen Turner and Dennis Quaid (he’s never been better than here) are Jane and Jeff Blue, an affectionate couple, with a young daughter, on a family vacation in New Orleans. What’s interesting about them is their super espionage skills–and their ability to attract all kinds of trouble. They get involved in stopping a dangerous weapons deal, while evading murderous thugs and meddling detectives.

The plot is ever so slightly dated, but that doesn’t diminish the fun in the least. Stanley Tucci is a scream as Muerte (as in “Death”), a bad-tempered mugger who has it out for Jeff. I also enjoy Fiona Shaw as the main villain, an Eastern European terrorist with a love of cosmetics…and Jeff Blue.

The banter is incredibly witty and the acting is all top notch. If you haven’t seen it, rent Undercover Blues immediately.

Milani Blue for My Baby

My polish today is Milani’s Blue for My Baby, a light blue metallic. This picture is two coats, and the polish applied really well, considering how frosty it is. I’m not a huge fan of metallics, but this one is quite beautiful (and blue is my favorite color), so I’ll give this one a pass. ~K

Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 is a fitting follow-up to a ground-breaking film.  It is just as funny and just as touching as Toy Story.  This time around, Woody is the one who needs some convincing that he is a toy, “a child’s plaything,” and it makes it that much better knowing that nudging comes from Buzz.  I mean, he pretty much quotes Woody word for word from the first movie.

Woody is toy-napped by a greedy collector who, now that he has the main attraction, plans to sell his entire Sheriff Woody collection to a museum in Japan.  Woody meets his Round-up Gang, including Jessie the Yodelin’ Cowgirl, Bullseye (he’s Woody’s horse), and the Ole Prospector, and finds out the truth about his monetary value.  They convince Woody that Andy (his owner), will grow up and abandon him, so he decides to join them on their trip to Japan.

Meanwhile, Buzz and the gang set out to rescue Woody.  They make it to Al’s Toy Barn, where Buzz is captured and replaced by a new Buzz, who is just as deluded as the original Buzz in the first movie.  The new Buzz is able to lead the group to Woody, and the original Buzz shows up just in time to help Woody come to the conclusion that he needs to go home to be with Andy.

There’s plenty more fun and adventure along the way, including a brush with Emperor Zurg, a crazy airplane ride, and the toys driving a pizza truck.  The cast is all just as wonderful as before, and introduces some fun new talent, including Joan Cusack, Wayne Knight, and Kelsey Grammar.  It must be a total blast to be a voice in a Toy Story movie because they all just keep coming back.

China Glaze Cowgirl Up

In honor of Jessie, I went with China Glaze’s Cowgirl Up.  This is a deep wine color with shimmer, which basically means I loved it.  The coverage was really great and I only needed two coats, plus a top coat.  Because it was a shimmer, it dried pretty quickly as well, which is super important to me.

Before Toy Story 3 came out, I would have had a hard time telling you which Toy Story movie I liked best.  Let me say, there’s no doubt that I love China Glaze’s Cowgirl Up. ~E

Toy Story & Misa Beyond Infinity

Toy Story

I’m surprised at how well Toy Story has aged. I don’t mean the story, which is timeless, but the animation. Yeah, it’s a little bit rough, especially compared to the cutting edge 3D films that are pumped out almost weekly nowadays. But all things considered, the first full-length computer animated movie is still as awesome as it was in 1995. Especially awesome is the voice cast: I don’t think Tim Allen has ever been better than as Buzz Lightyear and Tom Hanks is just as good as Woody. The supporting cast is delightful and I’m glad that they had more to do in the sequels.

Woody is the top toy in Andy’s room until newfangled space toy, Buzz, shows up. In his attempt to take Buzz down, Woody unwittingly sends them both on an adventure full of danger and manly bonding (yes, I just used that expression). Some highlights are the claw game at Pizza Planet and Buzz’s freak out at Sid’s house (drunk on fake tea? hilarious!).

Normally, Randy Newman makes my eyes twitch, but he does a good job with the score and I even enjoy a few of his songs (although I would prefer someone else singing them).

Misa Beyond Infinity

My polish for today is Misa’s Beyond Infinity from the Surreal Escape Collection (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love this collection). Beyond Infinity (doesn’t that name make you want to say Buzz’s famous line, “To infinity…and beyond!”) is a beautiful blue-gray (and anyone who knows me knows that this is my favorite color) shimmer. The formula was great; opaque in two coats and applied like a dream. Definitely a winner. ~K

Noises Off & Orly Take the Plunge

When I was younger, we rented Noises Off all the time. We thought it was the funniest thing ever. And it pretty much is. I guess we just didn’t notice the two F-words. Anyway, this is the story of a group of crazy people putting on a play (and by crazy people I mean theater people…don’t worry, I come from a theatrical family, so I say that with love). And I don’t know if I can give you more of a synopsis than that. Utter chaos ensues, but utter hilarity ensues as well. In each successive performance of the play (which is pretty darn funny on its own), the actors start losing control and backstage drama takes center stage.

The entire cast is great and each has their moment to shine. A particular favorite is Denholm Elliott as Selsdon. He practically steals the movie, and with a cast this talented, that’s saying something. Also great are John Ritter, Mark Linn-Baker and Carol Burnett.

Something a little less funny…as I was watching, I realized that half of the men in the cast are dead, most of them way too soon. Although that makes me sad, I am glad that they were able to make such an entertaining movie (and so many more) before they went. And the following is a personal message going out to Michael Caine:  Dear Michael, Don’t. Ever. Die. Please?

Unless you’ve seen Noises Off as many times as I have, you might not understand the connection between the movie and the name of this nail polish. (It’s one of Carol Burnett’s lines.) Take the Plunge is an extremely sheer purple-gray shimmer. The above picture is three coats, and you can hardly see it. Definitely needs a petticoat, unless you’re looking for something reeeaaalllly subtle. ~K

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