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It’s impossible to be sure, but I think that the first time I saw the Ichabod part of this double feature, is when my love of the macabre began. That chase scene through the cemetery scared the snot out of me…and I loved every minute of it. You all probably know the story of the headless horseman and the scaredy cat schoolmaster, but the comedic elements are really kicked up a notch in this retelling. The rivalry between Ichabod and Brom for the affection of fair Katrina Van Tassel culminates in some pretty hilarious slapstick, what with trapdoors, flying horseshoes and a chubby brunette who just wants to dance. Bing Crosby as the narrator and voice of the two male leads is very funny and obviously having a blast.

And as for the Mr. Toad portion of the film, Basil Rathbone narrates and lends some gravitas (maybe too much?) to the Wind in the Willows story of a toad who just wants a motor car of his very own. This pursuit gets him into all sorts of trouble, but fortunately, Mr. Toad has good friends who help to get him out of the several jams he finds himself in.

Both of these short films are good fun and completely entertaining (unlike some of the older full-length Disney features that I could name…but won’t). There are plenty of laughs and catchy tunes. A definite holiday must.

My polish today is Cirque’s Dark Horse, a very cool glitter polish (it looks holographic, but it’s not) that flashes every color in a black glitter base. This picture is 4 coats (although 3 would have been enough, but I messed up and needed 4 to even things out) plus 2 coats of topcoat to smooth it out. The picture below is without topcoat, and you can see how grainy it is. Another cool thing about this polish is that it smells lovely, kind of a mix between fruity and flowery. So awesome. I can’t stop looking at it…and I don’t want to. ~K

Arsenic and Old Lace is one of the first black and white movies I remember ever seeing.  Since then, I have seen many, many black and white movies, but this is still one of my favorites.  I love Cary Grant.  Not as much as my sister, but I still love him.  This is one of his most hilarious roles.

Imagine, if you will, Halloween in Brooklyn, back in the 1940’s.  Mortimer Brewster, despite being very anti-marriage, has just married Elaine Harper.  His two saintly aunts are thrilled that their successful theater critic nephew has fallen for the girl next door.  On the other hand, Mortimer is horrified to find a dead body in the window seat.  His aunts explain that one of their “charities” is to poison old men who are alone in the world, and this one was number 12.

Mortimer decides he will pin the murders on his brother, who thinks he is Teddy Roosevelt, and starts the process for committing him.  He makes his aunts promise to not let anyone in while he goes to get a judge’s signature.  While he is gone, his brother Jonathon and his accomplice invade the house with intentions of burying their own murder victim in the basement.

Although the plot sounds pretty serious, and murder generally is, it is an incredibly funny film.  The entire cast is terrific, including the two aunts who originated the roles in the Broadway play the film was based on.

Essie’s Lacy-Not-Racy is a beautiful polish. When K mentioned it, I kind of imagined an off-white polish, but it was actually a really pretty, jelly-like burgundy.  This is my first Essie polish, and I am pretty impressed.  The formula is good, but it did take a long time to dry, which is typical for these shimmer-less polishes.  This picture is three coats. ~E

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