To complete my collection of Labyrinth themed polishes, these are listed in alphabetical order. 🙂

Don't Lose Your Head

The Lady Varnishes Don’t Lose Your Head is an orange jelly with iridescent microglitter, white, pink and yellow shreds and pink and orange bar glitter (2 coats + topcoat)

It's Not Fair

The Lady Varnishes It’s Not Fair! is a pale blue/gray with different-sized hexes in white, copper, rose and ice blue. (2 coats + topcoat)

None May Pass

The Lady Varnishes None May Pass is a pale yellow jelly with blue bars, green squares and red and iridescent hexes. (2 coats + topcoat)

Such a Nice Beast

The Lady Varnishes Such a Nice Beast is a red-ish brown with brown microglitter and gold iridescent, brown and gunmetal hexes. (2 coats + topcoat)

Them's My Jewels

The Lady Varnishes Them’s My Jewels! is a deep brown with different shapes and sizes of glitter in purple, lavender, turquoise, burgundy, holographic and iridescent purple. (2 coats + topcoat)

You Remind Me of the Babe

The Lady Varnishes You Remind Me of the Babe is a milky white jelly with red, white and iridescent bars and red and iridescent squares. (2 coats + topcoat)

All of these polishes (and many more!) are available at my etsy shop.