Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

E says that I don’t get to review both of the “good” Indiana Jones movies (even though in all fairness I should do) so here I am again to review Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I would say this is my least favorite of Indy’s big screen adventures, but that doesn’t mean it’s a complete stinker. There are some great things here, such as Short Round (Jonathan Ke Quan), and the entire opening scene in Cafe Obi Wan (sans Willie’s surreal musical number) is just awesomeness. There’s also some funny slapstick in the jungle and later in the Maharajah’s palace as Indy and Willie clumsily seduce each other. And the business in the tunnels with the spiky ceiling and the bugs is just classic Indiana Jones (plus, we get the famous hat grabbing scene that has been parodied over and over).

And for those of you who have lived sad, Indiana Jones-less lives, here’s a quick recap of the plot:  Dr. Jones (apparently before he remembered all of that righteous indignation about how ancient artifacts should be in museums) is in Shanghai to sell a relic to a big shot crime boss and very nearly becomes a relic himself. He escapes (of course!), dragging bratty singer Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw, woefully miscast in a badly written part) and miniscule sidekick Short Round along with him for a series of misadventures in India. There are bugs, snakes (naturally), and chilled monkey’s brains, and that’s just dinner.

This movie genuinely scared me as a child, but so did Raiders and Crusade. I think the difference here is that (spoilers!) my trusty Dr. Jones becomes one of the bad guys, and that’s just really depressing, even if it’s short-lived. Unacceptable!

OPI Charmed By a Snake

I couldn’t help myself. This is OPI’s Charmed By a Snake from their India Collection. It’s a gorgeous, caramel brown with tons of gold shimmer. This picture is two coats with a topcoat, and can I just say, I’m in love! ~K