The Decoy Bride

We are big Doctor Who fans in my family, well at least most of us are.  It seems like most of us fell in love with the show when David Tennant was the Doctor, so he holds a special place in all of our hearts, especially K’s.  When I was picking up something from the library recently, I was quickly scanning the movies as I walked past and The Decoy Bride immediately caught my eye.  There was a movie that has David Tennant and Kelly Macdonald (who I have thought is wonderful ever since the first Nanny McPhee movie)?  How was it possible that none of us had ever seen this movie?  The situation needed to be rectified immediately!

In the movie, Alice Eve is Lara Tyler, one of the biggest stars on the planet, and she is trying to marry author James Arber (David Tenant) in a quiet, paparazzi free ceremony.  Unfortunately, this seems like an almost impossible feat, until Lara decides she wants to get married on the tiny Scottish island of Hegg, which is the setting of James’ one book.  Although the plan seems brilliant, the paparazzi inevitably finds out so a new plan has to be hatched, one involving a decoy bride.

Kelly Macdonald is Katie, a local girl who escaped the island only to return after her fiancé breaks her heart.  She is recruited to be the decoy bride and fool the paparazzi into thinking the wedding has happened so they will leave Lara to get married in peace.  James and Katie end up spending a lot of time together, and James starts to have doubts about his and Lara’s relationship.

I thought this movie would be kind of silly, and it is, but in a good way.  This is mostly thanks to Kelly Macdonald who is an absolute mess, but a totally adorable one.  David doesn’t really have too much to do, but there is a bagpipe scene that is funny and sweet at the same time.  It’s sad that David Tenant is in a movie set in Scotland but didn’t get to use his native Scottish accent.

China Glaze Diva Bride

China Glaze’s Diva Bride is a super light pink cream.  Honestly, I didn’t love this color.  It took four coats to be even close to opaque, and application was rough at best.  The color was cute, but also kind of blasé.  It just wasn’t really worth the effort. ~E