Mirror Mirror

When I heard they were doing two Snow White movies last year, I was a little surprised, as Snow White is not my favorite fairy tale. I’m not really a Kristen Stewart fan, but I rather like Julia Roberts, so I elected to see Mirror Mirror in theaters instead of Snow White and the Huntsman (a girl on a tight budget can only shell out the big bucks for so many movies, ya know?). After finally seeing the latter, I knew I had made the right choice with Mirror Mirror. I like a good, epic-type movie as much as the next person, but Mirror Mirror was just so much fun! I know, I know, parts of it are really silly, but other parts are genuinely hysterical (Armie Hammer licking Julia Roberts’ face, comedy gold my friends!).

The story starts off in a pretty familiar vein: Evil queen, beautiful princess, handsome prince, seven dwarves, and a magic mirror. Where this story goes off a little is when the dwarves teach Snow White to fight and she has a really fun battle with the prince. In this version, the queen also decides to marry the much younger prince upon learning of his family’s extreme wealth. Since he’s totally smitten with Snow White, even after she bests him in the forest, the queen has a problem, but not one that a little love potion can’t fix. Unfortunately, the queen gives the prince a puppy love potion, hence the face licking. Luckily for the prince, Snow and the dwarves kidnap him before the queen has a chance to marry him and after many failed attempts, they figure out how to break the spell (hint: it involves lips). Of course good triumphs over evil and Snow gets to rub her happy ending in the queen’s face. There’s also a funny, albeit a slightly odd, Bollywood type sequence at the end.

Although the cast of this movie is absolutely fantastic, the real star is the stunning visuals. The colors of the sets and costumes are incredibly eye-catching; the entire production design is just lovely.

Orly Mirror Mirror

When K told me about Orly’s Once Upon a Time Collection, I was pretty excited, since I love me a good fairy tale. Plus it had a polish called Mirror Mirror, which was perfect for this movie. Then the polish came and I was a little disappointed. A plain old gray cream, with absolutely no sparkles to be seen? I mean, doesn’t everyone know that princesses love things that sparkle?

Well, I put on the polish, and of course I liked it.  I always thought I wasn’t a cream polish person, but apparently I am.  I also didn’t realize I liked gray polishes, but they seem to go really well with my skin tone.  Who knew?  Anyway, this picture is three coats and it definitely needs a third coat to smooth everything out.  Even though it didn’t sparkle, I still liked Orly’s Mirror Mirror. ~E