The Mummy 3

Okay, so maybe a third Mummy movie wasn’t the greatest idea, especially since it doesn’t have Rachel Weisz in it, but when you throw Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh in, does that even the balance? Maybe…because they’re awesome. And don’t get me wrong, Maria Bello is quite good as Evelyn, I just can’t think of her as the same Evelyn, you know? And that changes my perspective on all of the other characters, like Rick and Jonathan and even Alex (although Alex as an adult is a whole other issue).

The mummy this time around is the original Chinese Emperor played by Jet Li (who should never play a villain with that adorable baby face) who, in his search for immortality, seriously pissed off a witch (Michelle Yeoh) and was cursed to become a terracotta monstrosity. Enter the O’Connells who wake him up (as they usually do) and then have to do their best to stop him from destroying the world (all in a days’ work for them).

Despite its best efforts, this is the least funny of the three movies and the father/son conflict between Rick and Alex (how did he grow up so fast???) seems forced and unnecessary. I’m so glad that John Hannah came back for this, because it really wouldn’t be a Mummy movie without Jonathan. All in all, this one is probably a pass because it makes me want to watch other, better movies (like Hero for my Jet Li fix).

BB Couture Dragon's Breath

This is BB Couture’s Dragon’s Breath, a gorgeous fuchsia polish with blue and red glitter. I used 2 coats for this picture and a topcoat (because the glitter makes it just a little bit rough without topcoat). This is so pretty, BB Couture is such a wonderful (is somewhat price-y) company. ~K