Inspired by my deep and abiding love for Labyrinth, these polishes are listed in alphabetical order. 🙂

As the World Falls Down

The Lady Varnishes As the World Falls Down is a white base with a mix of iridescent and holographic diamond glitter (2 coats + topcoat)

Bog of Eternal Stench

The Lady Varnishes Bog of Eternal Stench is a swampy green base with brown microglitter, iridescent glitter and green and brown hexes (2 coats + topcoat)

Castle Beyond the Goblin City

The Lady Varnishes Castle Beyond the Goblin City is a medium gray base with green microglitter, iridescent glitter and gray and iridescent hexes (2 coats + topcoat)


The Lady Varnishes Oubliette is a black base with iridescent blue/green/purple glitter and a dash of orange gold iridescent glitter (2 coats + topcoat)

That's Close Enough

The Lady Varnishes That’s Close Enough is a vibrant blue base with red microglitter, blue glitter and iridescent orange/gold hexes (2 coats + topcoat)

You Have No Power Over Me

The Lady Varnishes You Have No Power Over Me is a nude pink base with copper, white and iridescent shreds, and copper hexes (2 coats + topcoat)

All of these polishes and more are available at my etsy shop:

Coming Soon: Don’t Lose Your Head, It’s Not Fair, None May Pass, Such a Nice Beast, Them’s My Jewels! and You Remind Me of the Babe