The first time I saw Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo (which wasn’t very long ago, I’m ashamed to say), I was left scratching my head. What in the heck was that? I wondered. I didn’t feel like I’d enjoyed it very much, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. When I finally forced E to watch it, she didn’t like it either. But on second viewing, I found I enjoyed it thoroughly. I knew what was coming. I understood the character’s motivations even before they did. And I didn’t expend all of my energy trying to figure out if I was watching a paranormal romance, a thriller, or a whodunit mystery. The truth is, Vertigo is a bit of each. Or none of the above. Watch it yourself, and you’ll see what I mean.

Vertigo is the story of “Scottie” Ferguson (James Stewart, looking a little old, but still swoonworthy), a retired policeman who has a big problem with heights. Since he can barely stand up without getting debilitatingly dizzy, he feels he isn’t good for much until an old friend hires him to do a little private investigating. The friend wants Scottie to follow his wife, Madeline (Kim Novak) around and find out what she’s doing all day…not because she’s cheating, but because he believes she is being possessed by the suicidal spirit of her great-grandmother. Scottie is reluctant at first, but he quickly falls under Madeline’s spell and she under his.

Now, if that doesn’t sound complicated enough, just wait. That’s just setting the scene for the real meat of the film…which I won’t give away here.

The score is amazingly effective and surprisingly subtle (unlike the Psycho score, which is effective but totally unsubtle). This is Hitchcock at the top of his game and definitely a must see (twice!).

China Glaze Bad Landing

This is China Glaze’s Bad Landing, a shocking pink shimmer that applied like a dream (the above picture is 2 coats). If your eyes can stand this much pink, then you need this color. It’s kind of awesome, and I’m not even a pink fan. ~K