When In Rome

When in Rome is sort of a silly movie, but silly isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  The story centers on Beth, a workaholic who thinks finding an internet connection is just as important as attending to her bridesmaid duties at her sister’s Roman wedding.  At said wedding, she meets Nick, a very handsome sports journalist, and she starts to let her walls down.  After seeing what she thinks is him sporting with one of the groom’s relatives, Beth gets drunk and goes dancing in the Fountain of Love.  To spite the fountain, she takes four coins, four individuals’ wishes for love.  Little does Beth know, if you remove a coin from the fountain, the person who threw it into the fountain will instantly fall in love with you.

Enter some very interesting characters, all professing their love for Beth: A tortured Italian artist who sees Beth as his muse (Will Arnett), a sausage magnate (Danny DeVito), and a street magician (Jon Heder).  Nick also re-enters the picture, and even though Beth is awful to him, he keeps coming back.  This leads Beth to be suspicious of his motives and she believes he is the owner of the fourth coin.  To break the spell, Beth has to return each coin to each suitor, but now that she’s fallen in love with Nick, she’s not sure if she wants to give his back.

Like I said, it’s a bit silly, but it’s also a lot of fun.  I have loved Kristen Bell since her Veronica Mars days and Josh Duhamel is incredibly handsome, but goofy at the same time.  Their height difference is a little funny, but it seems like everyone in the cast is having a great time reveling in the silliness of it all.  Silly, but still fun.

OPI All Rose Lead to Rome

OPI’s All Rose Lead to Rome is a super pink polish, which is really not my thing.  Luckily, the polish also has a pink shimmer to it, and I do enjoy a shimmer.  Considering this is an old polish, the formula was still pretty good and this picture is three coats.  I can’t say I love it, but it is a pretty and anyone who likes a hot pink polish might try checking this one out. ~E