Brave is Pixar’s first attempt at stepping out of their little boys’ club and giving us a female heroine, and they do a pretty good job.  Is this my favorite Pixar, no.  Did I think Wreck-It Ralph seemed more like a Pixar and Brave more like a Disney, yes.  Either way, the heroine and I both share crazy curly red hair, so I am of course naturally drawn to her story.

Merida is the heroine in question.  She is a fiery tomboy who would much rather spend her time outside shooting arrows than inside having princess lessons with her mother.  Yes, Merida is a Medieval Scottish princess who longs for much more than an arranged marriage to one of the sons of the three other clan leaders (and who can blame her, one is a giant who is totally incomprehensible, a cocky wannabe rock star type that has anger management issues, and a tiny fellow with a penchant for biting).  After a particularly unpleasant fight with her mother, Merida runs away to the woods where she follows the trail of the will-o’-the-wisps to a witch’s cottage (a witch who is posing as a woodcarver).  The witch gives Merida a spell to change her fate that sets in motion one heck of a mother-daughter bonding experience.

I am so happy they got an actual Scottish actress to play the lead.  Kelly MacDonald is terrific as the spirited Merida and Emma Thompson, who is always terrific in just about anything, is her mother Elinor.  Billy Connolly is King Fergus and Julie Walters is the witch in the woods (she has some of the best moments).  Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid to you Harry Potter fans), Kevin McKidd, and Craig Ferguson play the three lords from the different clans.  The real scene stealers in this movie are Merida’s triplet brothers.  They don’t have any lines, but they are hilarious.

China Glaze Red-Curl-Grl

China Glaze’s Red-Curl-Grl seemed like the most fitting polish for this tale of a ginger princess.  The formula was terrific.  It was a little wet, but if you just use a tiny bit at a time, the coverage is spot on.  I probably could have gotten away with only one coat, but I went with two just to be safe.  This polish is a red polish with tons of pink shimmer.  It really is a pretty polish.  My only problem with this polish is that it is red, which I don’t love with my skin tone.

All in all, a nice polish for a really beautiful and fun movie. ~E