Isn’t it amazing how you can watch a movie that you’ve seen hundreds of times throughout your life and still discover something new with every viewing? This is how I feel about the movie Labyrinth. Jim Henson really created a wonderful world with this film that I thoroughly enjoy escaping into every once in a while.

The story starts with Sarah (Jennifer Connelly), an imaginative teenager who is forced to babysit her stepbrother, Toby. As Toby cries, Sarah wishes that the goblins would come and take him away, which they promptly do. Sarah is distraught and the Goblin King (David Bowie) comes and offers her a magic crystal as payment for her brother. She refuses and sets off on a journey through the labyrinth to rescue Toby. Along the way she is tempted, tricked and meets many new friends. This is a coming of age story that highlights the challenges of that twilight time between childhood and womanhood–using Muppets.

David Bowie’s creepy wigs and very tight pants aside, he really puts his heart and soul into this performance and comes off appropriately terrifying and alluring. Jennifer is lovely and interacts with the puppets like a pro. But the puppets are the real joy of the film. The performances are wonderful and the designs are intricate and lifelike (much more so than the kind of disturbing puppets in The Dark Crystal). It might come off as a little bit silly on the first viewing, but give Labyrinth a chance and dig a little deeper. You’ll love it as much I do.

Misa Lost to the World

This is Misa’s Lost to the World from their Wanderlust Collection. This is 2 coats of a shimmery brown polish that sort of reminds me of chocolate milk. Not the most original color, but still very pretty. ~K