Inspired by my love of Wonderfalls, these polishes are listed in alphabetical order. 🙂

Because You Listen

Because You Listen is a mixture of metallic microfine glitters, including gold, silver, copper and bronze with a smattering of holographic glitter thrown in (2 coats + topcoat)

Destroy Gretchen!

Destroy Gretchen! is a mixture of pink and orange shreds and maroon and fuchsia hexes in a shimmery gold base (2 coats + topcoat, except ring finger which is 1 coat over China Glaze Red Stallion)

Girl Needs a Doughnut

Girls Needs a Donut is a golden shimmer with gold glitter and pink and gold dots (2 coats + topcoat)

Have a Pancake

Have a Pancake has a tan base with large brown hexes and microfine copper and white glitter (2 coats + topcoat)

Let Him Go

Let Him Go is an icy blue shimmer with gold and blue glitter (2 coats + topcoat)

Lick the Lightswitch

Lick the Lightswitch is a black jelly with silver microglitter and holographic bar glitter (2 coats + topcoat)

And as a special bonus for purchasing the entire collection, here is:

Inappropriate Touching

Inappropriate Touching is a glitter topcoat made of large orange hexes and different sized bronze glitters (2 coats + topcoat, except index finger which is 1 coat over Because You Listen)

All of these polishes and more are available at my etsy store: